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    Bravo, Max!

    in Music

    “The songs flowed out from within us as though they had been holding their breath inside a smoke filled room, inside a burning house. And finally, the songs broke through us; they learned the feeling of collapsed lungs inflating like balloons and then floated off giving us no time to catch them again.”
    These are the words Johnny Beauford uses to describe the process of recording Dog’s Light, the debut album from Dallas quintet Bravo, Max! They reflect not only the group’s artistry, but also carry hints of the deep and constantly evolving personality of the band. Singer and songwriter Beauford (guitar, harmonica, piano) is joined by his cousin Ben Gastright (bass, mandolin, vocals), who takes the raw frameworks of songs produced by Beauford and nurtures them into adolescence and beyond. Filling out the lineup are Ellie Stevens (accordion, clarinet, vocals); Bob Loshelder (guitar, mandolin, bass) and Jonathan Jackson (drums), whose musical support and creative talents lead each song into full adulthood.

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    Thriller Triple-Header! Joseph Max Lewis,Mike Bond,Joe Goldberg

    in Books

    Tonight we are lucky to host not ONE,not TWO, but three Thriller/Suspense/Action authors!

    Joseph Max Lewis starts the show off, hands the show off to Mike Bond & then Joe Goldberg takes us home!

    Joseph Max Lewis ( www.josephmaxlewis.com ) served as a member of an Operational Detachment in the U.S. Army's Seventh Special Forces Group, the storied Green Berets. During his service Lewis received antiterrorist training and his detachment was tasked to "Special Projects." Afterward, he served as an instructor at the Special Forces Qualification Course. Lewis attended the Pennsylvania State University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, and the University of Pittsburgh, receiving degrees in International Politics and Law while being certified in Middle East Studies.

    Mike Bond:   Best-selling novelist, war and human rights correspondent, environmental activist, award-winning poet and international energy expert, Mike Bond has lived and worked in many dangerous, remote and war-torn regions of the world.

    Bond has published hundreds of articles on human rights, the environment, international finance, the energy industry, and women's rights, and appears frequently on TV and radio to discuss these subjects.


    Joe Goldberg is a former CIA officer who worked for eight years in covert action, information collection, and analysis. During those years, he earned a Meritorious Unit Citation and three Performance Awards. A recipient of numerous other prestigious awards over his thirty years of working in intelligence, Goldberg is a published author and frequent speaker on intelligence subjects.

    He has worked over 20 years in corporate competitive intelligence and as an international political consultant.

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    Riverbed Agrees to be Bought Out by Thoma Bravo

    in News

    Riverbed Technology agreed to be acquired by private-equity firm Thoma Bravo for about $3.6 billion. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    How Did An R & B Legend Inspire Others To Fight Diabetes? Max Szadek Guest

    in Health

    Everyone knows that Luther Vandross was an R & B Legend but he was also Diabetic.  Luther's struggle with the disease has inspired his longtime assistant Max Szadek to team up with Mary Vandross to develop Divabetic and education and outreach program dedicated to the fight against diabetes.  

    "Divabetic", a combination of the word diabetic and the letter V for Vandross, evokes feelings of power and positive attitude associated with the great DIVAS Luther loved like Ms. Patti LaBelle. Divabetic® encourages every woman affected by diabetes to take on a diva's bold sassy personae and posture to help improve the quality of her life. They believe,by empowering the DIVA within you to manage your diabetes properly, you will strive to live life at your best. You may even feel glamorous!

    For more information on Divabetic visit: http://www.divabetic.org/index.php?page=homepage

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    Write on the Edge w/ Max Vos and KC Wells

    in Books

    Join us as we shine the spotlight on the world’s sauciest authors dedicated to the realms of BDSM, GLBT, and Erotica. Write On the Edge asks the questions few dare. It pushes the limits and creates the standard of steamy, intelligent converse. This show is intended for an Adult Audience and is rated R for raw, real and risky subject matter. Are you ready to be …Write on the Edge?

    This week’s Featured Authors are... Max Vox and KC Wells!

    Max Vos is a classically trained chef with over 30 years of food service experience.  After retiring, Max found himself with time on his hands and was urged to turn his talents to writing.  "Cooking English", a short story, was his first published work, and Ravenous Romance has published five more of his short stories.  His novel, My Hero, was a best seller and released in French this year.

    Love Has No Boundaries  Check out his blog

    KC Wells was born and raised in England, and has always loved writing.  In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative.  KC now writes full-time and is loving every minute of her new career.  The laptop still has no idea what hit it...it only knows that it wants a rest, please. 

    Facebook   KC's Website

    Join Author Vicktor Alexander as he hosts every Thursday at 10pm central. OH, THE WOE!

    Write On the Edge is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.org

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    Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conspiracy And Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker

    in Music

    This Week Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker Co-Host....With Our Guest Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conpiracy

    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

    Give Us A Like On Facebook-http://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow

    Official Site-http://theheavymetalmayhemradioshow.com/

    Metal Matinee Bootlegs And Demo-Lition Segment Downloads-http://heavymetalmayhembigcheese.blogspot.com/


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    Phil Bravo

    in Sports

    Phi Bravo, Double Wing Great and Head Football Coach at Monarch High School of Louisville, Colorado will join us tomorrow 5/18/2014 on the Triple Wing Hammer Report. Below is a brief Bio on Coach Bravo. Tune in to hear this great coach.

    272-67 Win Lost Record

    28 years as a head coach

    18 Conference Titles

    5 State Championship appearances

    3 State Championships

    1987 California 605 all star game head coach  

    1996 Colorado all state game head coach 

    2002,Colorado 4a Coach Of The Year

    2012 Denver Bronco Coach of The Year

    2012 Colorado State Coach of The Year

    2013 National Federation of HS FOOTBALL COLORADO COACH OF THE YEAR.   

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    Allan Whitney: Bakersfield CA - Wordpress Pro & IT gives tips for max exposure

    in Business

    Allan Whitney from Bakersfield CA knows more than a thing or two about websites. This IT professional has become a wordpress guru with tips and tricks on his youtube channel. Listen as he shares tips to get you maximum exposure. Visit www.mindvisionmedia.net to see just what we mean..

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    mad max films

    in Movies

    there no other mad max forget tom hardy the true mad max is mel gibson. i can't see anyone else playing him for the new movie. i think it sucks they didn't bring back mel and went with younger guy so that means is it reboot of the films or it leaving off where the third one did. plus we can't forget that car he has omg that car is awesome. nothing can't beat it now there talk about video game of mad max. and it was coming out this year and now it coming out next year around the same year of the new movie. but forget tom hardy movie the true mad max is mel gibson no one can't touch on what he did with the three films he made.

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    Creating Angels with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Do you want to work with Angels more in your life?  Well you just may be working with them and you may not even realize it! Join Max today as he shows you how your THOUGHTS are actually creating angels!

    This will be a fun and empwering show!

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    Saying YES to YOU with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Max Ryan is a Spiritual Teacher, Positive Results Mentor, Certified Coach and Trainer who teaches many spiritual & metaphysical tools and how you can apply them to attract positive results and reduce negative ones. Say YES if that sounds good to you!

    From the details of The Law of Attraction to A Course in Miracles and even angels, Max's depth of knowledge and ability to make complex concepts, simple and applicable has earned him the reputation of being the spiritual "How To" guy. Max will show you how to say YES to life, stop wasting time, move forward and finally live the life that you dream.

    We're gonna have fun at this party, so bring your shining light and join us!

    Sign up for Max's 5 FREE manifesting videos here!


    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and spiritual teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular website, Conscious Cool Chic.com




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