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    Nicholas Bravo

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    We sit down with Actor and Comedian Nicholas Bravo and discuss the new Independent film "Office Man" and acting and life in general. I had some tech issues during the show but overall it was an interesting evening.




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    Veronica Bravo Fancalls

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    Landsdale-raised Bravo came to prominence during the 2012 season of The X Factor, singing for One Direction as part of an all-girl group formed by the judges, and later became a social media hit with more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and 400,000 views of her audition on YouTube.

    Now signed to BMAB Records Veronica has released her new single Warning SIgn which is a huge success and can be purchased on iTunes. Today she is hanging out with her fans here on Fancalls. Want to talk to Veronica? Is there a question you would like to ask? Call in and ask her yourself. On Fancalls its all about the Fans. Join us live and call into 646-929-1325. Veronica just might answer YOUR call.

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    Bert Martinez talks with Pamela Yellen, Juanjo Bravo and Emma Tiebens

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    Emma Tiebens Speaker and Brand Marketing and Monetization Expert, Author of 3 books on Online Brand Marketing and Trusted Authority Positioning, including #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED”.  She’s a Mentor to Experts, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Global Influencers enabling them to gain a V.I.P. Brand with Visibility, Influence and Profits

    Pamela Yellen New York Times best-selling author of THE BANK ON YOURSELF REVOLUTION: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future. Pamela, you talk about the Bank On Yourself revolution and that current financial strategies are broken. What is this revolution and what's wrong with current strategies?

    Juanjo Bravo expert animator that started his career drawing on paper classic 2D animation. He grew up watching Disney 2D animation films and Chuck Jones' TV series. He changed his drawings for digital 3D animation twelve years ago keeping his passion for animation. After working in London  in several projects including 3D TV series for Disney Channel and the BBC, Juanjo returned to Spain to develop personal projects as a visual artist and to settle in Spain. Then he was recruited for the PrimerFrame School pedagogical team as a Project Tutor and Animation teacher



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    Riverbed Agrees to be Bought Out by Thoma Bravo

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    Riverbed Technology agreed to be acquired by private-equity firm Thoma Bravo for about $3.6 billion. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    PODCAST ARCHIVE Guest/Nicholas Bravo 8/23/2013

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    I sit down and talk with Indie actor and comedian Nicholas Bravo about the new independent film "Office Man" and about living in LA and how hard it is to succeed in the entertainment industry.

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    Recording Artist and Actor Nazo Bravo

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    A double threat in Hollywood, Nazo Bravo can be seen on television and his music heard on the big screen. Having produced a tribute song and video marking James Bond's 50th anniversary, Bravo has released a mixtape called Focus on his own music label. 

    His acting credits include guest starring on TNT's "Southland" and TBS's "Conan O'Brian".

    We will talk to Bravo about his new music, his work with other artists, and his booming acting career.

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    Loretta McNary talks to Bravo TV cast member & Fitness Guru Dr. Marisa Silver

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    Loretta McNary Live is a premier blog talk radio show created for an empowered, active, and diverse TV, radio, social media and online listening audience. LML uses a progressive live call in format to target an ever expanding market of online listeners wanting an impressive menu of meaningful, insightful, and authentic conversations in choosing their daily media, theatrical, financial, literacy and entertainment indulgences.

     Our goal is to provide a unique mix of live talk radio interviews with a blend of inspirational, educational and entertainment news, the latest and best information in medicine, fashion, Film, TV, Stage, technology, music, finances, books, and more. Additional topics range from professional and personal development, spiritual growth to important issues relevant to starting, growing and maintaining a successful business. And every topic in between that inspires thought-provoking and action oriented results!

    Our guest today is Dr. Marisa R. Silver.

    Dr. Silver Is the owner of In The Zone Personal Fitness, a private personal training center and Silverspine Chiropractic & Health. She is a New York State Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, certified nutritionist, wellness coach and personal trainer.  Currently a cast member on Bravo’s “Extreme Guide to Parenting” series and a contributing author for multiple fitness and nutrition books located on amazon com. She currently appears her own fitness television program on Cablevision, Long Island.  




    Twitter: bodybysilver

    Instagram: bodybysilver

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    Authors on the Air presents Karna Bodman & "Castle Bravo"

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    Authors on the Air Host Pam Stack welcomes crime fiction author Karma Small Bodman.  Karna's newest book "Castle Bravo" is on shelves now!  Karna had this to say to fans: In each of my thrillers, I focus on a different threat to our national security – but not in a “preachy” way, I want my readers to enjoy a story while also “getting the message” about an important issue – and then, hopefully spread the word that this is something that needs our attention.  Please join us for this discussion by calling 347-633-9609.

    Support is provided by Mike Lowndes and the web design team at http://pmlmedia.com.  Romance Goddess Cherry Adair and her online store, on the web at http://cherryadair.shop.com. Military romance author Lindsay McKenna http://www.lindsaymckenna.com and from J Carson Black, author of this year's thriller to read HARD RETURN. A special thank you to Robert Gregory Browne, author, composer and musician for our theme music.

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  All rights reserved.  On the web at http://authorsontheair.com.  Follow us on Twitter @authorsontheair.



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    Musik Monday: Joya Bravo

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    Wus goood Fam! This week meet the super talented, super hard working "Joya Bravo" Joya  began ballet lessons at the age of three and went on to tap, and gymnastics as the years progressed. At age nine, Bravo picked up her first violin. It was also around this time that Joya started messing around with the radio turning to the alternative rock station or the classical channel.She loved what she calls 'free sound' stating "Free sound is a sound that's not confined by our ideals of perfecton. There is no 'right way' or real format in free art. If art is free, and music is art then music shouldn't sound like its in a box.Learn more about Joya's Journey and more! Let's Go!

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    Bravo Burgers

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    Review of Bravo Burgers & A Movie too!

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