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    ANDREW EGBER AND FAMILY- From Bravo TV's "The People's Couch

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview ANDREW EGBER AND FAMILY- From  Bravo TV's "The People Couch.

    The People's Couch is an American reality television series which premiered on October 8, 2013 on Bravo.[1] It is based on the British television series. It started as a three-episode limited series that featured real people watching and discussing on popular television shows and news from the past week.[1]

    Bravo later picked up the series for a full 12-episode season,[ and expanded the series into one-hour episodes beginning June 3, 2014.[ Bravo renewed The People's Couch for a second season which premiered on October 7, 2014. The third season premiered on October 6, 2015.


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    GYST DO IT! With Leonardo Bravo of Big City Forum

    in Art

    Leonardo Bravo is the founder of Big City Forum, an independent, interdisciplinary project that encourages explorations and exchanges between various creative disciplines. 

    Big City Forum (BCF), founded in 2008 by Los Angeles-based artist, educator, and activist Leonardo Bravo, explores the intersection between design-based creative disciplines within the context of public space, the built environment, and social engagement.

    Through dozens of symposiums, forums, exhibitions, and special events, held all over the city of Los Angeles, BCF has been providing public access to forward-thinking projects, panels, exhibitions and workshops that has brought hundreds of artists, activists, scholars, architects, urban planners, and creative thinkers together in dialogue and collaborative art making. 

    Follow BCF on Blogspot: http://bigcityforum.blogspot.com and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Big-City-Forum-95125138032/?fref=ts

    GYST DO IT! was created by independent curator Kara Tomé for GYST Radio. GYST-Ink is an artist-run company providing information and technology solutions created by artists for artists. GYST is dedicated to empowering and educating artists so that they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms.

    Visit GYST-Ink.com to explore our products and access hundreds of pages of free information on everything an artist needs to know about the business of art.


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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 10 Upcoming British War Film "Kilo 2 Bravo"

    in Military

    Tonight we will be talking with some of the folks behind the upcoming British War Film "Kilo 2 Bravo" which is the story of a British patrol caught in a minefield in Afghanistan with wounded and the daring rescue to save them!

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    Phil Bravo

    in Sports

    Phi Bravo, Double Wing Great and Head Football Coach at Monarch High School of Louisville, Colorado will join us tomorrow 5/18/2014 on the Triple Wing Hammer Report. Below is a brief Bio on Coach Bravo. Tune in to hear this great coach.

    272-67 Win Lost Record

    28 years as a head coach

    18 Conference Titles

    5 State Championship appearances

    3 State Championships

    1987 California 605 all star game head coach  

    1996 Colorado all state game head coach 

    2002,Colorado 4a Coach Of The Year

    2012 Denver Bronco Coach of The Year

    2012 Colorado State Coach of The Year

    2013 National Federation of HS FOOTBALL COLORADO COACH OF THE YEAR.   

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    Guest BRAVO BEATS dropping info for Independent Artists| Managers| Producers

    in Entertainment

    Bravo is on MDR RADIO dropping some vital information for all the artists, managers and producers who want to get heard. Great promotional, marketing package to fit all your needs. Listen LIVE!!!!


    If you need the information were speaking of tonight please read below:

    THIS IS IT! The time is here! Rappers, Singers, musicians...you wanted the hook up, I got the hook up! Laid Back films, Inner Pain Music, and Bravo Beats have teamed up to bring you, "W.O.T.S"( Word On The Streets), a mini documentary about you and your struggle! We are offering a chance for you to be heard! An investment in yourself is a step toward the dream! With many connections in the music business, Laid Back Films, and Inner Pain Music are looking to promote your talen...t! Let us work for you! With 20 slots available originally, we are now down to 10 slots! Who's ready to take it to the next level!? $250 gets you the push you are looking for, via your own music video, an interview to let people know who you are, and the promotion you need to get your music career headed in the right direction, all which will be featured in this documentary! Also includes a professoinal photo shoot! How can you go wrong!? W.O.T.S is your vehicle to stardom! This is a limited time offer, and won't last long! Let's show the world how we put on! FMI contact: Chatt (706)412-9914 or Bravo (706)415-0696! Be a part of history! Stop dreaming about it, be about it!!

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    Nicholas Bravo

    in Radio

    We sit down with Actor and Comedian Nicholas Bravo and discuss the new Independent film "Office Man" and acting and life in general. I had some tech issues during the show but overall it was an interesting evening.




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    in Fitness


    Brief history, Circa 1978...the concept of home based business first appeared in 1978.  The phrase was coined by Marion Behr, the orginator of a study to find out what businesses women throughout America were carrying on in their homes.

    CIRCA 2015...Imagine fulfilling your life's dream...INVEST IN YOU.  Imagine creating wealth without investing huge capital...Imagine getting the most out of your endeavors day after day, year after year.



    Days of getting wealthy working for...etc.

    More profits, less risk...etc.

    HBB works for all ages/genders...etc.

    Job Market is driving older workers to...etc.



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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 12, Kilo Two Bravo Part Two, Pech River Boys

    in Military

    Tonight is MOVIE NIGHT!

    We have a very special guest from the soon to be released Kilo Two Bravo film will be on to follow up on our first interview about this awesome movie. Paul Katis (Director/Producer) is an extremely versatile award-winning director with extensive experience of a wide range of genres. He has worked in TV & commercial film production for over 25 years, and in that time has amassed a wealth of credits and experience. After initially editing then producing commercials, he has moved on to direct over 50 commercials before concentrating on longer form production. Learn more about this movie that will be out next week at http://www.kilotwobravomovie.com.

    We will also be talking to Jason from another soon to be released indie film, Pech River Boys. In May 2010, Bravo Company / 3rd Platoon / 1-327IN of the legendary 101st Airborne Division was deployed to the Pech River Valley located in Afghanistan's Kunar province.  They were stationed at COP Michigan in the mouth of the deadly Korengal Valley.  Pech River Boys: Tales From Afghanistan will be a documentary film to preserve the events that these men experienced and to remember their fallen brother Spc Brian Tabada.This film is still being funded on gofundme.com and more info about the film can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pechriverboys. 

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    Keeping It Real With S'LaShay With S'LaShay And Ms.P Welcomes Jay Bravo

    in Hip Hop Music

    Growing up in Alexandria VA, Jay Bravo love for music began at the age of seven. He gained his early influences listing to Jay Z, Tupac and more. After years of studying his favorite MCs, he began to find a passion for artistry and created his own sound. Gaining inspiration from the night's sky and all its mysteries; he would start 'Space Ghost Music.' With his catch phrase, "beam us up, never look down," the galactic sound of Jay Bravo is what the industry has been waiting for!"

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    Your Family Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island - Kenneth A. Bravo, JD

    in History

    Why the New York Times is Wrong – Using Basic Genealogy Tools and Methods to Show that Your Family Name Was Not Changed At Ellis Island.

    There is a common misconception, call it an old wives tale or an urban legend, that family names were often changed at Ellis Island.  Such myths gain a great deal of credibility when newspapers such as the New York Times, the country’s “paper of record”, perpetuates these myths by repeating them, in this case in obituaries.

    When Kenneth saw one of these obituaries a few years ago, he wrote to the Times pointing out their error and suggesting sources that they could check to verify what he was saying.  When they seemed to ignore him, he did the research on the family of the person named in the obituary and was able to show what the name was when the family immigrated and how the family name changed as they adapted to life in the United States.  He sent all of the proof to the Times and was still ignored.  Finally the Times responded.  They were not going to do anything to correct the erroneous obituary but suggested they might do a news story on the issue.  The experience led him to do a search of other Times obituaries with the Ellis Island story.  He located about half a dozen.  After doing the research on each, he was able to show the original name for each of them.

    Kenneth A. Bravo received his JD from The Ohio State University, College of Law and his B.A. degree in Economics from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  He is Vice President of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and, the former president and current member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.  Bravo has lectured on a number of genealogical topics.

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    Veronica Bravo Fancalls

    in Entertainment

    Landsdale-raised Bravo came to prominence during the 2012 season of The X Factor, singing for One Direction as part of an all-girl group formed by the judges, and later became a social media hit with more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and 400,000 views of her audition on YouTube.

    Now signed to BMAB Records Veronica has released her new single Warning SIgn which is a huge success and can be purchased on iTunes. Today she is hanging out with her fans here on Fancalls. Want to talk to Veronica? Is there a question you would like to ask? Call in and ask her yourself. On Fancalls its all about the Fans. Join us live and call into 646-929-1325. Veronica just might answer YOUR call.