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    "Brave New Mind"... A conversation with the author, Dr. Elliott Maynard

    in Self Help

    Co-hosts Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly love to bring to their audience guests who are known to think outside the box and bring us new ways to look at our paradigms of thought and behavior.  Dr. Maynard seems to be at the top of his game in this regard…

    Join us in this fascinating conversation with Elliott Maynard, Ph.D. about his book "Brave New Mind, Living in a Future-Science World".

    For more information about Dr. Maynard's work or to pick up his book, go to: www.arcoscielos.com

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    Feeling Our Feelings: A Brave New World

    in Lifestyle

    While we are active in our addictions, we are numbing all of our feelings.  Although the initial impulse might be to dull the hard emotions - fear, anger, hurt - the actual result is that we dull of our emotions, limiting our experience of joy, contentment, and connection.  When we get sober, we find a crazy new rush of feelings - good and bad - that can be overwhelming.  On this episode, we’ll discuss our experiences with our emotions and techniques for processing them.  Sobriety is a brave new world, which includes the full range of human feelings.  We're glad to be showing up for them all!

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    Be Brave - Barb's Signature Speech

    in Women

    Today we'll run a recap of Barb's signature speech, Be Brave. This is her most popular speech for groups and organizations! (This recording took place at the Business Honoring Spirituality in Lakewood, Colorado)

    Diva Hugs,

    The Trash Talk Show Team



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    Washington Cathedral's Desecration and the One Brave Woman Who Spoke Out!

    in Religion

    Christine Weick will Join me on the Prophecy Zone to talk about her brave actions at the Washington Cathedral. As the church was being use by the islamic faith to do there prayer and services. Christine stood for the Lord and Preached the gospel at a time when most christian would not speak. God use this women to help wake up a sleeping church. Will God use her to help create a bolder church in the coming months and years. Let's welcome Christine to the Prophecy Zone to talk about it.

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    The Power of Living Brave

    in Women

    "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow." ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

    Stand up to life. That's what all the success coaches tell you. But how do you measure up against the stiff competition, glaring odds, and frequent obstacles that life often tosses at you? You might be surprised at what you're capable of, despite these things, when you just give yourself a chance. Maybe it's time to stand up and rally your troop of one. Believe again. Try again. 

    Tune in today as we chat with Kathi Lipp, the celebrated and entertaining author, blogger, and speaker who inspires thousands of women each year to take beneficial steps in their personal, marital, and spiritual lives through purposeful living.

    Call in and join the conversation at 646-716-6910, or log in to our LIVE chat room during the broadcast.

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    A conversation with Dr. Laura Riley author of Tell Me of Brave Women

    in Lifestyle

    It's long been said that behind every great man is a strong woman. Now more than ever women are stepping out in front, unafraid to show their strength and what a powerful role we play in society far beyond the home to the polls and one day soon, the Oval Office.

    A mob of 28 people recently stoned a pregnant woman to death for marrying against her family’s wishes.  Hundreds of schoolgirls were kidnapped last month and were likely sent into slave trade.  A female student was gang raped inside a moving public bus. These horrific acts are not anomalies, but consistent with the ongoing mistreatment of women around this world.  What about  the mistreatment of women in the US?  Does  the media play-up American gender bias and down-play international gender brutality and subjugation?


    Tell Me of Brave Women Written by retired clinical psychologist, Laura Riley, this exciting contemporary novel shares the story of three dynamic women who stand up to old traditions and fight abuse in new ways. Samara, a famous storyteller, creates Secret Sisters, an underground society that shelters battered women in the Middle East.  She’s hunted for her beliefs and stalked for her beauty. Thelma, a tough waitress in Appalachia, witnesses a beating, gets a gun, and changes Samara’s destiny forever.  Evangelina, a South American teen, is forced to be a drug lord’s sex-slave until she’s emboldened to flee to Secret Sisters. To escape, she must use a killers own tactics against him. Through escalating dangers, the three heroic women battle abuse and wage their lives for liberty.



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    Being Brave

    in Entertainment

    Being Brave is like working a muscle, it isn't just something one person has and another person doesn't. 

    Tune-in to our show "Being Brave" and listen as we demystify and re-frame what bravery is. Get ready to Be Courageous EVERYDAY!

    As always we'll be gettin' down to some of the BEST in Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B!

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    Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World with Elliot Maynard

    in Spirituality

    Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World with Elliot Maynard

    Elliott Maynard believes his new master paradigm [Future Science Technology] is the quantum-field science for the future. He is convinced that integrating traditional, linear science with non-linear consciousness technology will yield new breakthrough solutions for the global problems we face as citizens of Planet Earth. Future Science Technology is a unique system which supports the development of a new and superior human mind - a master paradigm containing 25 keys to personal and planetary enlightenment.

    To this end, Dr. Maynard has invented an entirely new paradigm format, which - unlike linear paradigms of the past - is flexible, evolvable and timeless. He calls his living paradigms “enlightened pathways into the future.” Although he admits that opening Pandora’s Box entails accepting responsibility for dealing with the gifts inside, and that any pioneering effort will have its share of detractors and unintended consequences, he quips, “Even the turtle will not get ahead unless he sticks his neck out.”

    Elliott Maynard is a leading-edge consciousness scientist and conceptual designer. His background spans the fields of Zoology, Coral Reef Ecology, Oceanography and Tropical Rainforest Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Consciousness Research and served on the faculties of Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York. He is also a Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM).  Dr. Maynard is Founder and President of Arcos Cielos Foundation in Sedona, Arizona and has been active with the World Future Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and the London-based Humanitad International. 

    For more information visit: http://www.arcoscielos.com/index.php


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    La Crise Haitienne: Quelle Issue?/Ann Pale/1-18-15

    in Family

    "Ann Pale" avec Mr. Gassendy Brave,

    Mr. Brave Est Le Coordonateur Des Délégations et Des Vice-délégations Au Ministère De l’Intérieur Et Des Collectivités Territoriales en Haiti. Il est Aussi Le Coodonateur De L'Organisation MIRAC.
    Pour Ecouter Sur Le Net: http://www.radiocitadelleinter.com/
    Audionow 712-432-2889

    MP3 Version: http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/7/277/show_7277639.mp3
    Berlotte Antoine,
    Présentatrice de L'Emission "Ann Pale"

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    Beautiful and Brave

    in Religion

    We are wonderfully and fearfully maade in the image of God.  Ydou may have trials and tribulations b ut the Name of Yeshua (Jesus) will see you through.

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    Worrying: What Is It Good For?

    in Religion

    Ephesians 6:13, "So use every piece of God's armor to resist the enemy whenever he (satan) attacks, and when it is all over, you will be standing up."

    Almost everyone alive today is experiencing some type of challenges in their lives.  The enemy tries to come and torment you with fear.  The devil wants you to believe that there is no hope in your situation.  The bible says that there is always a way of escape.  We must put on the whole armor of God according to Ephesians 6.

    Join my guest, Marie Barge of Flint, Michigan and myself as we discuss the topic, "Worrying:  What Is It Good For?"

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