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    Brandi Johnson

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    Brandi discusses Powder Blu

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    Brandi Auset author of The Goddess Guide {TGDR 28}

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    Interview with a REAL Goddess 
    In this episode of The Goddess Diaries Radio, I interview Priestess Brandi Auset. You may be familiar with her book,  The Goddess Guide: Exploring the Attributes and Correspondences of the Divine Feminine. If you are wondering how to find your Goddess, I recommend you get yourself a copy of this book because it is THE go-to guide and reference source for researching various Goddess energies. Everything from colors, seasons, archetypes  --  it's covered in this book! "This reference book deserves a spot on every serious practitioner’s bookshelf."

    Also, be sure to check out her eCourse, The Sensual Self: Falling in Love with Your Divine Feminine Nature. The next course begins March 15. 

    Find details about the course and her book here: http://brandiauset.com/workshops/thesensualself/

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    Look who's dropping by REAL TALK tonight... BRANDI MITCHELL (Visual Brand Strategist, Author, Director, Speaker)

    LOOK THE PART TO GET THE ROLE www.brandimitchell.com

    The normal cast will be dropping Neicy G with What's Goin On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts.

    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or at www.michaelmcfadden.com


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    Holistic Health From the Edge

    in Politics

    Hang out with Kenny and Kory as they cover for Brandi tonight so she can be a mover and a shaker in her community. Return next Monday for her regularly scheduled programming.

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    Launching the Alessandro Brandi, From L.A.S.D.

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    Max Millionz Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. and Max Millionz of Brazil Proudly presents Alessandro Brandi and His Heavy metal Band L.A.S.D. The'll record their first CD in November and December for Their Launching Here in Brazil in january, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. The L.A.S.D. Band 's a Heavy Metal band from Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. They'll make a premiere show here in Latin America, Beginin' in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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    The Druth About: Counties in Revolt

    in Politics

    Join Brandi Medeina tonight as she sits in for Dru and discusses a potential solution for out of control legislators. What do you see where you live? Is you local government standing up to the lawmakers who would erode your rights? Tonight we chat about counties and municipalities rising up and saying "NO, we will NOT enforce any unjust laws". Maybe it's a resolution, an intiative, a measure. What does your county sheriff believe? He/she is the highest law enforcer in the land. Also on the lineup, I want to hear your views on Utah's land reclamation, and the State Of Jefferson. Will the feds just let a new state be born? How do we circumvent negative responses? How do we garner support? Is revolution the only way?

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    Holistic Health From The Edge: The Ominivore's Dilemma

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    Join me tonight on We Resisters Radio as Dru Forseti and  I discuss Michael Pollan's book: The Omnivore's Dilemma. Mr. Pollan takes us from the inception to the consumption of four American meals. The first is fast food, highly processed, eaten on the run. Listen as we discuss corn, feedlots, and big food in America. The next meal is BIG ORGANIC. Learn the difference between large organic food companies (usually subsidiaries of conventional food companies) and local, responsible treatment of food. Then he takes us to Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms. Joel is a grass farmer, who raises animals for food. If the grass is healthy, so are the animals. Lastly Mr. Pollan examines a meal for which he has foraged. Through it all he discussed our disconnect from food, and how important it is that we get it back.

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    The Return of Women's Roller Derby: Tough Women On Wheels

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    Rez and Andy explore the Hell on Wheels world of Women's Roller Derby with special guests LIVE from the Derby World. 

    Guests for the show include Erica Vanstone, Director of Broadcast Operations for the WFTDA, the international membership orgnization for Women's Flat Track Roller Derby.  The WFTDA develops and maintains the rules and safety standards for the sport, sanctions play between member leagues, maintains the official rankings of member leagues and organizes annual Playoff and Championship tournaments. Erica is a skater for the Philly Rollergirls, as well as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, founder of WFTDA.tv, and sports broadcast announcer.

    What does it take to be a Derby Girl?  We'll find out from the Extreme Derby Girls themselves, Whitney "Gingeraffe" Meyer and Brandi "RaRa" Elder from the Lilac City Roller Girls, and Macie "Wombpunch" Breach and Coach Naomi "Sweetart" from the Spokannibals. 

    Naomi "Sweetart" will also share the details for the upcoming 3rd Annual Spokarnage Tournament, August 14th-16th 2015 in Spokane, WA. Two Tracks. Twenty-Four Teams. Total Derby Mayhem!

    Women's Roller Derby is bringing back the 50's with a new millenium, edgy flare and these ladies are having a blast.

    You Tube Clip from WFTDA.tv: Championships 2014 Gotham Girls Roller Derby VS London Rollergirls


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    #STONERCHICKSUNDAZE: Episode 1.1- "Try Again"

    in Current Events

    Join your host Breezy tonight and every Sunday as she highlights another week in the Cannabis Community. 

    Tonight on #StonerChickSUNDAZE:

    Top Stories

     Alaska and DC's new Recreational Marijuana policies

    Latest drama between DC Mayor and Republicans 

    Minor traffic stop that lead to the biggest drug bust in HISTORY 

    Winners & Losers Of The Week

    Join us as we discuss the top 3 winners of the week in the Cannabis Industry

    Agree or Disagree

    Ohio wants $28 million dollars for grow companies; was the amount amount too excessive? is this a reasonable ?

    Andrew Sadek lost his life over 4 Grams...Who was wrong?

    Women are more conservative when it comes to smoking Marijuana...True or False?

    #FREEMARYJANE Updates w/Derty

    Tune in every Sunday 10pm CST  (Chicago) and listen to Brandi from TheStonerChicks.com

    Disclaimer: This content is for mature adults only. Must be 18 years of age or older to listen. We do not promote the illegal cultivation or sale of Marijuana in any form. This show is for educational purposes only. 





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    The Druth About... The Heirs Of Patrick Henry, Northwest Rally

    in Politics

    This week on "The Druth About..." Brandi and I will continue to discuss the events of the pro-rights rally held at the state capitol building in Salem, Oregon.  We will play interviews with several of the speakers, some politicians, crowd participants and even Ronnie Daniels, the winner of the raffled AR-15.  Members of the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard who provided security for the event will be calling into the show to discuss their experiences.  If we are lucky, there will be a surprise appearance by the Heirs of Patrick Henry, Northwest board President himself, to discuss the group's plans for the future. 

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    The Druth About... the New World Order

    in Politics

    This week on "The Druth About..." the discussion will be on the New World Order and how the banks, United Nations and other organizations are working together to make it happen. 

    The New World Order is a loosly defined secretive group of organizations and wealthy people intent on enslaving the world for some unknown reason.  What is their end game?  What happens if they achieve their goal?  Does the world end or erupt into war, famine and chaos?  Does the Anti-christ rule?  Who knows?  I am interested in knowing your thoughts and opinions on the matter. 

    Listensers are encouraged to call in to the show and offer their opinions on the subject by calling into the show at (347) 857-3497. 

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