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    (Podiobooks) Branded Black Publishing

    in Books

    Author Sean Chandler discusses how to increase the profitability of your written content by turning it into a PodioBook! We will go through the steps that will make you successful as well as give you a short example of what one should sound like.

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    (Introductions) The Branded Black Literature Show

    in Books

    Introductions to the format of the show, plus next weeks topic.

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    (The Successful Bookfair) The Branded Black Literature Show

    in Books

    We will be discussing ways to be successful at that bookfair you have decided to attend. From placement to attractions to bring people to your booth.

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    (Building your website) The Branded Black Literature Show

    in Books

    Join us as we discuss building and promoting your publishing website. Call in number is (646)595-3205 for questions or come by for the live chat feature.

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    (What is Copyright) The Branded Black Literature Show

    in Books

    We will discuss the question "What is Copyright?"Guest call in number is (646) 595-3205 if you would like to listen in on the show. You can also find my website at www.brandedblackpublishing.com for great information about our books.

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    (Claim your Genre) The Branded Black Literature Show

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    Claim your Genre. Write with knowledge about your genre. We will discuss researching your genre to make you the expert you should be! Guest call in number is (646) 595-3205 if you would like to listen in on the show. You can also find my website at www.brandedblackpublishing.com for great information about our books.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Crystal-Miller, Founder, Branded Strategies

    in Business

    Crystal Miller is the Chief Strategy Officer and founder of Branded Strategies and has over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands. She has worked with start-ups to Fortune 15 companies at the intersection of HR & marketing; creating employer branding and recruitment marketing strategies that solve business problems, tell compelling corporate stories and share the meaning of work in engaging ways that drive results. In addition, she has led both the internal HR function for a regional $350MM business and the largest real estate recruiting practice for the leading single-site search firm in the United States.

    She has been a reliable expert source on the topics of talent attraction, talent acquisition, talent management, and digital strategy for multiple media outlets including CBS, Hanley-Wood, Mashable, and ABC. As an industry leader, she is recognized for expertise in employer branding, recruitment strategy & marketing, social media, community building, digital strategic solutions and speaks globally on the same.

    Follow Crystal on Twitter @TheOneCrystal or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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    Value of a Private Branded Social Community

    in Technology

    This week Deb Evans and Jack Monson will talk with Kyle Roberts, Director of Franchise Development at Higher Logic. IFA has a branded private community, FranSocial which has a new look and feel. Kyle will share how FranSocial is a "frictionless user experience".

    Join the conversation on Facebook

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    Follow Deb and Jack on Twitter: @DebCE and @JackMonson

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    THE LADIES LOUNGE with Kathy B, Chisa PennixBrown, Darlene Brown

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!! Join us tonight for the Ladies Lounge as Kathy B welcomes two amazing guests into the studio.

    At 6:15, Darlene Brown, the CEO of Divine Empowerment, established the organization in 2007 to provide training and coaching services to women and families with emphasis on personal development, healing and transformation.

    A published author, Darlene is featured in the collaborative book, The HLIC - Head Ladies in Charge book which was released in June of 2015 and also featured in The HLIC - Head Ladies in Charge film documentary released in August 2015. Darlene is currently completing her first solo book, “The F Word: finding Freedom thru Forgiveness”; which will be released in the spring of 2016.

    At 7:15, Chisa PennixBrown  

    Chisa began her professional career managing artists and planning events before emerging into entrepreneurship. Today, she is a business trainer and speaker, sharing her corporate experiences throughout the East Coast. She offers “makeovers” as a provider of business development classes and training for companies that want to be re-branded. In keeping tune with today’s business demands, Chisa also provides event production, social media management, and "Bizness Blueprints" for companies that need a clear marketing plan. Chisa teaches her own Bizness branding classes as the Social Media Concierge to aid small businesses in creating their online presence.  

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Crystal Miller - CEO and Founder - Branded Strategies

    in Business

    Crystal has been a source of inspiration in the Recruitment Marketing community for 19 years.

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    Get an A in COUNTRY: you and me in the WHITE HOUSE

    in Elections

    I was not born to be President. I did not grow up thinking about being President. I did not live for being President. THEN it HAPPENED, 1000s of Americans were dead and 1000s of our Soldiers were being injured and killed. I could not take it no more and so i set out on BLOG TALK RADIO and how it happened was a miracle, at least to me - it was a day in my life when a path to the WHITE HOUSE was granted. Not the winning of the WHITE HOUSE, but a chance for it. Ask me about it and see how the Lord or Karma or Fate moves in mysterious fashions and ways. Now is a chance to heal, better ourselves and gain respect and a new quality of life. I am all for it. I have no great resume or work experience. i have been out of full time employment for over 26 years. Some of it was my fault for not signing off on receipt of a shipment of contaminated raw materials and not firing a simple person for wearing his smelly socks that he put back on after going through ponds to retrieve newspaper bundles tossed there by cheating carriers. Some of it was my fault for discovering check kite'ng and tellingmy supervisor about it, who just happened to be in on it, and not staying with McDonalds for being told to wash the French Fries grills with cold water and you can't do it and so i didn't - grease doesn't wash off in soapy cold water. And then there was the time, Friday pay day when I was told by RET to charge my time to clients accounts when i didn't work and clients accounts. I should have gone to the newspapers - but who was i and i would be branded a liar,,  Now I gave a chance to right so many wrongs in our Country and the World and drown Politics with fair minded people. Help me...