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    You are your Brand with Suzanne Tulien

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    Full Show Notes: http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/holistic-solopreneur/pdr-52/

    Show Topic: You are your Brand with Suzanne Tulien


    About Suzanne:

    For 26 years, Suzanne has been passionately serving clients by creating corporate identity design solutions packaged with powerful strategic brand consulting, speaking & training. Working with a dynamic marketing and training firm, she helped design and facilitate marketing training workshops across the U.S. Then, as creative project manager for a global consulting firm, she helped manage the internal brand acquisitions of 13 different firms and the acculturation processes to be merged under one corporate entity. 






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    Igniting Your Brilliant Brand or Business for Unparalleled Success

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    Dr. Arlene says, “Create brilliant brands, using my Right Fit Branding Strategies.”

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene asks each listener to “Stop, Visualize, and Listen to the thunderous explosion of your brand. What did you hear? Nothing.”  If you heard nothing, then you need a distinct, intriguing, and recognizable brand for yourself or your business.  Crafting a brilliant brand requires implementing Dr. Arlene’s Unique Standard of the Right Fit, Unique Decision-Making Model the Right Fit Method, and Unique Right Fit Branding Strategies.

    The first step in crafting a brilliant brand is to embrace the mindset of the Right Fit.  The second step is to stop making erroneous assumptions.  Are you thinking:
    I must have a brand because I have…

    a resume or other written marketing materials
    social networking sites
    my own website
    a blog ?

    The latter is a list of communication tools to present a distinctive brand.  Is your brand or business brand clearly articulated on all these tools?  Dr. Arlene will explain how to evaluate your communication tools to determine if you have a brand.  You may be surprised to find out that you are brand-less!   The third step, if you are “brand-less” or your brand, is ineffective is to figure out why you or your business is unique.  Not so easy!  That’s why Dr. Arlene is doing this show to mentor you on how to create a brilliant brand to achieve unparalleled success.  And there’s more…  Tune in to find out!






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    On this episode we would be discussing "BE THE BRAND" Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding lets discuss ways to achieve that on this episode of Designed Life. 


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    #New #Resources #for #your #Brand 6573830757 #Get5StarLive #EWWNRADIO @DONJRCEO

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    While the small business lending landscape has been steadily improving over the past year, challenges still remain, particularly for companies that have less than stellar credit histories. Many banks are not willing to provide capital to small business owners who have below average credit scores.

    There can be valid reasons why a company might have a poor credit history. During the Great Recession of 2009-10, many small businesses fell behind in payments to vendors or simply could not correct their cash flow issues quickly enough. After all, the hardest time to secure credit is when you are desperate for it. The black marks on a company's credit history can take months -- even years --  to erase.

    Fortunately, there are lenders who are willing to take chances on a small business owner who may have run into some short-term financial problems and startup companies that have no credit history whatsoever. However, remember the lenders are usually not "brand names" in the financial services industry; and the interest rates and fees can sometimes be higher than those offered by traditional banks.

    Call 866-824-4164 Visit our websites http://get5starcredit.com and http://crowdfundingreporter.com @CrowdFundingR 

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    Market You: Discovering Your Brand And Your Target Market To Build Your Business

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    Most companies’ marketing efforts are neither efficient nor effective, because they don’t have a strategic basis on which to find a foothold. In other words, their advertising and other marketplace communications are not based on a solid brand strategy--a strategy that will illuminate the “one thing” that makes their offerings better or different or more relevant than the competition.
    Having a solid brand will: deliver your message clearly, establish your business' credibility, connect your business with  your target market, and solidify user loyalty.
    In this episode we will be covering how to discover your brand, and target market.
    Our guest, Lane Ethridge, is an International business owner, National Bestselling author, speaker and trainer, radio personality, and successful entrepreneur.

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    The Coach's Corner 8pm-10pm PST  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

    It's the home of Indie Hip Hop, Brand New Music, Live Interviews, Hip Hop News and More!  With Host: Coach Ali 

    Call (347)-884-8745 

    All Rights Reserved Coast Connected Music Production Music Consulting (c)Copyrite 2014

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    Getting clarity on your brand identity will get you more customers

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    Discover today how important a clear and focused brand identity and personality for your company is in helping you get customers and grow your business

    We welcome our special guest branding super star Jenna Soard

    Jenna shares with us how important it is to know exactly who your ideal customer is and how impactful being specific is on the success of your company.  We discuss how a clearly defined persona for the company allows you to relate to your target market.

    Discover how to grow your business by not trying to please everyone, but rather by having a specific niche audience your company can find success. Learn how this specific focus can help take your business to the next level.

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    Learn To-Evolve Into Your Signiture Brand

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    Hi there, and welcome to Evolve Into your signature brand, I’m Teresa Maron, the Learn 2 Queen.  The niche and passion of my expertise is teaching, and I have a conscious content creation system for professionals just like you, who want to get started with their very own podcast. And it’s a great decision! In part one of my training we will talk about theme, style, title, tagline and how that becomes your message, and then evolves into your signature brand.


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    Attorney Shaunette Stokes: How To Build a Brand

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    Are you trying to Build a Brand? Don't know what a "Brand" is? Well you really need to listen to this show and learn not only what it is but HOW to Build a Brand the LEGAL way!

    Dre and Crystal welcome Attorney Shaunette Stokes who is a practicing attorney who is licensed in the state of Florida. She graduated in 2013 from North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham, NC. Prior to law school, Shaunette earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, FL. She subsequently obtained her master’s degree in Public Administration from Florida A &M, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her background in Political Science and Public Administration has afforded her exemplary research and analytical skills, which she employs proficiently.

    Shaunette has substantial experience in contract law, corporate law, business transactions, and intellectual property law. She began her relevant experience while serving as a Student Attorney at NCCU in both the Small Business and the Trademark Clinic.  Currently, she works with a diverse group of clients, assisting them in understanding and navigating the law so that they can effectively manage their respective businesses.

    New York Rapper Hershey Doll joins the show to showcase her new single "Mind Ya BI" Check her out on Soundcloud 

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    Black Women The New Brand-Commodity on Reality Shows. Why?

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    Shalom everyone, I'm back after a extended vacation from social media. Sometimes the level of degeneracy I view on SM is so infecting that I simply have to leave and go DETOX myself so that I can stay germ and perversion free. I know this may sound like a joke but trust me I am not joking. To much negativity in any form will eventually infect those who continue to voluntarily expose themselves to it. Similar to watching all of these Black dysfunctional un-REALITY shows where if (you) continue to view them, you will subconsciously begin to resent, hate and or dislike those who reflect and represent those images you constantly see on these shows. Now this is exactly what the Jewish creators and directors of these shows want, so the evil machine of Propaganda against the feared and hated Blk race is never ending where whites and their confederacy is concerned. However the unsuspecting Blk public masses continue to watch these shows because they become overy absorbed and fascinated watching those they perceive to have MONEY turn out to be just as *uked up, ratchett or psychologically damaged as those without it, The evil genuises of Hollywood and propaganda flood our oversized Flat screens with reality shows about BLACK women from all walks of life. All of a sudden the Black women is in high demand in Hollywood but as we can see, it is not in a positive way.What we should be asking ourselve is what is jewish whites up to now that SISTARS are such a hot commodity on all of their reality shows? Are we once again selling our souls for $ and fame now being labeled as selling a BRAND? Were not Blakslaves (branded) during chattel slavery? So are'nt we still allowing ourselves to be branded but just in another form? Isay we are. Will we renamed Black Americans ever learn on how (not) to be 4 SALE for paper fiat $, and what is it going to take? smdh

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    Having a healthy relationship with God and man is important to every Christians walk in life.  Yet, when sin sets in, it ruins your relationships with others, and with God.  But guess what? Jesus is still there - waiting to create a new you, and your relationships - Brand New!  This lesson will seek to remind you from Scripture, what's still brand new - about YOU!  All this and more, next, on the EYIC Radio Network airing Saturday, 11/29/14 from 8pm to 10pm EST. The call in number is (949) 272-9514; press 1 to speak with host. Listen from your cell or computer by clicking on http://tobtr.com/s/7140921. If our teaching ministry on Christian relationships has blessed you, please, help support our broadcasting costs by donating to http://www.gofundme.com/loveattheroot

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