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    Brain Injury Awareness Month - Share your story with Craig Sicilia

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    March is brain injury awareness month, there are so many stories, so many successes that survivors have had.  Let us share some of those stories tonight.  Kind of an open mic night about brain injury stories.  Your story could be the story that helps someone through their challenges and hard times so please share your story tonight


    Listen in tonight and make sure you call in and share your individual story, be that voice in the dark of the night be you

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    oH! Shit its brain injury radio, live on location with Craig Sicilia

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    OH Shit

    Hosted by, Craig Sicilia

    Come take a walk on the beach on the pacific ocean, live from the BEST (Brain Energy Support Team) TBI Camp at Dashpoint on the pacific ocean.  I will gather some survivors who want to chat at camp and together with our listeners will take a walk on the beach.

    Finding our happy place is not easy, but we must try and what a better way than talking about the beautiful world around us, live on location from the pacific ocean see or hear you there

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    EVERY BRAIN INJURY MATTERS-awareness campaign - with Craig Sicilia

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    Lots of new shows on brain injury radio, lots of new projects such as “CLOSING THE GAP IN BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS” awareness campaign, and tonight we will feature Mick Beaman, and his upcoming show starting in Feb, Lori Faitel as she shares the new on-line support groups that have been in live testing mode, having the bugs out of it by its launch in February.  Hoping to call in Mia and talk about her newly released book and Maybe we might even hear from racecar extraordinaire Kevin Butterfield.


    So much going on in the world of brain injury, let us talk about the possibilities.  Change is never easy and it begins with us, let us be the change that helps us live a life we can only imagine.

    We are calling 2015  YEAR OF THE SURVIVOR bringing change and awareness to those who actually are living with the effects of brain injury.  Just like it should be, this is a “NO BRAINER” pun intended.



  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

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    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Rise Up after brain injury - And there was awareness - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Rise Up After Brain Injury Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    Being Aware - Creating Awareness - What are people aware of

    Sherry Johnson of TBI Awareness sharing their passion of bringing awareness and spreading the word, about what it means to live with a brain injury as a mother of a child with a brain injury trying to get the word out to who ever she can.

    as Well ( DJ (Dave) Asselin  of Team Hi Level with  a update on rehab in America from the gut of the system, a system that is confusing even for those with out a brain injury.  Our topic how to get your questions answered which is something DJ is not getting as he sits in a Florida rehab center trying to figure out whats going on.

    Do you have something you need to share tonight come on in and join our show for interactive conversation. 

  • Brain Injury Depths of Holiday - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    in Spirituality

    Holidays are a hard time for many survivors, alot of the survivors I have met have lost most of their relationships, careers, homes and any real connection to a community.  So the season being a time were people focus on memories of the past it can be a realy hard thing.  And not always is the the most recent that struggles the most.  What realy seems to be a difficult situation is not the loss but our hardened selfs that close the world out to ourselves.

    We create this cycle of hell, and the holidays seem to be the center of it all to many.  I like many just struggle to make it through this time of year.  We have to shed our losses, and it everyones fault ours included but the new us, the new me have to find a way to feel the glow of life beeming through our bodies.  We may have hard momments, days or weeks but keep trying to see the ray of hope, its all we have never lose faith.

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    Brain Injury Radio NEWS -ALL NEW with Craig Sicilia

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    Brain Injury Radio News  with Craig Sicilia News - what’s new and happening around this blue and green ball we call earth,  our brain injury world, want to  learn what’s really going on then you found the right station, and how does this affect those living with brain injury or do you even care, saying to yourself it just don’t matter, join our new
    For Us By Us… all survivors all the time With commentaries by,
    Craig Sicilia - Community Lessons
    Bill Brown Concussion Monthly
    Thomas Dixon - Toms Tech Talk
    Walter Moryan - Modern Survivor
    And 2 special
    Guest you will
    Have to tune in
    To know
    And more
    Hope you enjoy this new format for the first Monday of each month, have some news you want to share let us know so we can tell the world

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    Brain Injury Radio -The What ever show - with Craig Sicilia

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    Special Edition - THE WHAT EVER SHOW
    Hosted By Craig Sicilia
    Our regualary scheduled show will not be heard tonight or any other night that is tonight. 
    So now its who evers chance to talk about what ever it will be first come first serve, it is a test of the emergency broadcasts of brain injury radio network, like you care - what ever
    so tonight we will talk about the show being full yeah, we will talk about other things but you will never know unless you watch or at least listen- we will have guests but who knows who it is going to be a really really big show folks

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    Prisoner of my mind – Hosted by Craig Sicilia & Cheyrl Green

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    Prisoner of my mind – Hosted by Craig Sicilia  & Cheyrl Green

       Sometimes living with brain injury means living with what we think is the worse of who we are.  Between the disbelieve of the people who are in our lives that we are not ok, that not all is as it appears, we look fine and like who we were but were not.  And what’s worse we don’t even know who we are.  That is the quest to discover who we are but with the pain and of our losses and lack of support.  The journey is hard but with faith, hope and effort we can live a life more fulfilling than the one we had before our brain injury.  Let’s talk about that journey

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    Share your story tonight -7PM Pacific - with Craig Sicilia and Cheryl Green

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    March is brain injury awareness month, let us share our stories tonight and we can share them with everyone, will post the link of our sharing everywhere.  The struggle of self-discovery is one of lots of extreme hardship and no-one understands.  They don’t understand because of many reasons but one that stands out is they cannot see our invisible disability, and people have a hard time believing what they cannot see.  And our struggles sound like excuses to those who can’t relate or right after one of our struggles.  Let us share and help make people understand the best that they can and the best that we can as we describe the journey of discovery for a survivor and their families.  Let us make brain injury awareness about those living with brain injury.

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    HERO'S OF BRAIN INJURY SUPPORT - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    In our TBI community in the last few years so many wonderful survivor and family leaders have emerged to to empower survivors and their families creating support and services that are real and meaningful, but most importantly driven by by those who need them.  For years organizations which have lost their original mission of why they became gave us what they wanted to now we the people the survivors and families affected by brain injury are building real support. 
    In this New Year 90 minute special we will have special guess Rick Franklin co-director of brain injury diologues, DJ Asselin admin of team hi level on facebook, Penny Condoll director of the Brain Energy Support Team, Joe Martin admin from facebooks TBI Survivors Network I, Janet Novenger consultant and trainer for BISGN, David McGuire from run to remember, Patrick Donahue founder of the Sarah Jane Brain Project, Darcy Keith educator and inspirationalist helping those with brain injury, Craig Sears advocate and educator, Tammi Diaz on line support blogs the Cats Meow and much much more this is one show you dont want to miss 
    Click the below link to see brief bios and websites of our HEROES