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    oH! Shit its brain injury radio, live on location with Craig Sicilia

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    OH Shit

    Hosted by, Craig Sicilia

    Come take a walk on the beach on the pacific ocean, live from the BEST (Brain Energy Support Team) TBI Camp at Dashpoint on the pacific ocean.  I will gather some survivors who want to chat at camp and together with our listeners will take a walk on the beach.

    Finding our happy place is not easy, but we must try and what a better way than talking about the beautiful world around us, live on location from the pacific ocean see or hear you there

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    Rise Up after brain injury - And there was awareness - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Rise Up After Brain Injury Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    Being Aware - Creating Awareness - What are people aware of

    Sherry Johnson of TBI Awareness sharing their passion of bringing awareness and spreading the word, about what it means to live with a brain injury as a mother of a child with a brain injury trying to get the word out to who ever she can.

    as Well ( DJ (Dave) Asselin  of Team Hi Level with  a update on rehab in America from the gut of the system, a system that is confusing even for those with out a brain injury.  Our topic how to get your questions answered which is something DJ is not getting as he sits in a Florida rehab center trying to figure out whats going on.

    Do you have something you need to share tonight come on in and join our show for interactive conversation. 

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    Brain Injury Radio NEWS -ALL NEW with Craig Sicilia

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    Brain Injury Radio News  with Craig Sicilia News - what’s new and happening around this blue and green ball we call earth,  our brain injury world, want to  learn what’s really going on then you found the right station, and how does this affect those living with brain injury or do you even care, saying to yourself it just don’t matter, join our new
    For Us By Us… all survivors all the time With commentaries by,
    Craig Sicilia - Community Lessons
    Bill Brown Concussion Monthly
    Thomas Dixon - Toms Tech Talk
    Walter Moryan - Modern Survivor
    And 2 special
    Guest you will
    Have to tune in
    To know
    And more
    Hope you enjoy this new format for the first Monday of each month, have some news you want to share let us know so we can tell the world

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    Brain Injury Radio -The What ever show - with Craig Sicilia

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    Special Edition - THE WHAT EVER SHOW
    Hosted By Craig Sicilia
    Our regualary scheduled show will not be heard tonight or any other night that is tonight. 
    So now its who evers chance to talk about what ever it will be first come first serve, it is a test of the emergency broadcasts of brain injury radio network, like you care - what ever
    so tonight we will talk about the show being full yeah, we will talk about other things but you will never know unless you watch or at least listen- we will have guests but who knows who it is going to be a really really big show folks

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    No Way Out - hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Living with a brain injury has been interesting, harsh and unforgiving.  I have learned more about humanity in the last 7 years than I have all the rest of the years combined.  I had a hope that one day it would be behind me.  All the overwhelmed brain days, all of the headaches, all of the thoughts of self-worthlessness and doubt.  As we approach these days that get shorter each day, the weather getting wet and cooler.  Shorter days and longer nights add to our feeling down.  Holidays are reminders of days past, and people past.  I know for me it takes all my energy to get through them. 

    I try to paint the pretty face for my daughters and people who look to me for support.  It is so hard at times.  I just like everyone else want to crawl under a rock and isolate from the world.  Disappear into the darkness that my mind creates.  And create it does, a never ending race of thoughts that I cannot process because my brain is going faster than I can understand. And sometimes these thoughts get me in trouble, on the wrong path.

    The blessing side of this I have developed a life that accommodates my life, and these over stimulating conditions that can pound me into the group.  And I have had those moments where I thought I could leave it all behind and just blend into society.  Refuse for a short time to time respite from all that has crumbled in my life.  As I rebuild this new me, on I don’t even fully recognize.  I am learning I am trapped inside myself and for the seven years of my fight there has been NO WAY OUT.

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    ANGUISH - LOST IN SIDE-Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Anguish - Lost Inside

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia


    Life is funny, we spend our whole lives building this person we think we know so well.  Ourselves, then all of a sudden in a single instance it crumbles as we watch after a brain injury.  Our friends and family hardly know us little alone have any desire to be around us shortly after.  These experiences happen so quick in what seems to be a blink of an eye.  We have no one in our lives, life seems to lose meaning.  Soon we isolate and lose more of our ability to socialize in a typical world.  Soon we ponder in being who we used to be and even give every ounce of energy and effort trying to be that person we remember.


    Even though none of this perfect life we thought we had no longer exists, we find yourself alone, isolated inside of this vessel our body is no longer recognized by ourselves.  And many may spend the rest of their lives in this state.  How do we change this, how do we embrace and learn to live a life that we truly can love.  One that we have not imagined yet.  Join in tonight as we explore this...

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    HERO'S OF BRAIN INJURY SUPPORT - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    In our TBI community in the last few years so many wonderful survivor and family leaders have emerged to to empower survivors and their families creating support and services that are real and meaningful, but most importantly driven by by those who need them.  For years organizations which have lost their original mission of why they became gave us what they wanted to now we the people the survivors and families affected by brain injury are building real support. 
    In this New Year 90 minute special we will have special guess Rick Franklin co-director of brain injury diologues, DJ Asselin admin of team hi level on facebook, Penny Condoll director of the Brain Energy Support Team, Joe Martin admin from facebooks TBI Survivors Network I, Janet Novenger consultant and trainer for BISGN, David McGuire from run to remember, Patrick Donahue founder of the Sarah Jane Brain Project, Darcy Keith educator and inspirationalist helping those with brain injury, Craig Sears advocate and educator, Tammi Diaz on line support blogs the Cats Meow and much much more this is one show you dont want to miss 
    Click the below link to see brief bios and websites of our HEROES

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    Hyperbaric - How it helps brain injury - with Craig Sicilia

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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Craig Sicilia will be interviewing Dr. Schmidt from Tennessee hyperbaric and what it can do for brain injury and what you can expect
    Dr. Schmidt will discuss hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment for traumatic brain injury on this talk show.
    During hyperbaric oxygen therapy at THC, patients relax in a six-person chamber and breathe 100% oxygen under pressure. This drives oxygen into cells, reviving them or helping them function. The Tennessee Hyperbaric Center uses 100% medical grade oxygen and is certified by the State of Tennessee. The staff is led by Medical Director Dr. Roy Schmidt. HBOT is the only non-hormonal treatment approved by the FDA for biologically repairing and regenerating human tissue.
    The Tennessee Hyperbaric Center, under direction of board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Roy Schmidt, offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for a variety of health issues. Learn more at www.hyperbaricoxygentherapies.com.

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    STEPS OF ISOLATION - With Craig Sicilia and special co-host Cheryl Green

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    WITH: Craig Sicilia and Special Co-host Cheryl Green

    Thanksgiving not only is the beginning to Black Friday but the beginning for many to a dark, harsh hell.  So much pain and regret for many as well as disappointment of epic proportions.  So much so that many find it hard to trust and reach out to others little alone accept anything from any one.

    As televisions blasts shows about family and friendship and the good old days, this brings so many reminders of losses not only in our friends and family but our own personal communities.  And this is just one of many emotions going through someone’s head who has survived a brain injury.  Then you add the fact of those organizations who profit and say they serve us really don’t want much to do with us unless it makes them look good or profit they bottom line or on some spreadsheet representing data so they can make more money off our pain and injury

    Then adding in that 80% plus of those living with a brain injury are brought into poverty and kept there, and as their children hope for great gifts (as seen on tv) this emotional toll puts the weight of the world on their shoulders and weighs their heart down to a deep dark place.  The miracle is that any of us that go through this is we make it through, but at what cost.

    We must step out, reach out and find out, a life that has purpose and sustaining purpose for it is truly that purpose that gets each of us through this time.

    Join us with your ways of dealing with this, the struggles, the successes the story..

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    To Empower or Enable with Craig Sicilia

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    Do you Empower or are you an Enabler

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    To Empower means letting go, teach the skill and step away, why bother teaching if you don't.  Grass roots involves many leaders working together for the same goal, to bring real change takes real leaders, not puppets, those who settle for what is given, and buy into what every the system tells us,  A grass roots movement is only for those who want to change this system.  Are you happy or do you want to be part of a better tomorrow for all of us.  Empower each other

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    Stressed Out - With Craig Sicilia and special guest co-host Cheryl Green

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    STRESSED OUT - with Craig Sicilia and special co-host Cheryl Green

    Life is full of stress, with the normal hustle and bustle of things, then you add the holidays to it which magnifies it, then a brain injury on top of it, I know sometimes I just want to bury my head in the ground like an Ostrich and hope the world just passes me by, which I have it only adds more stress.  And letting the world pass you by actually only adds more stress and isolation.  What do or can we do.

    Tonight we are going to talk about strategies and methods that some self-advocates living with brain injury have and are using to deal with the deadly stress and the holiday blues than many live through year after year. 

    We will talk about passions and consuming our time with positive constructive things that make all the difference in many lives of survivors around the world.  There is good stress and bad stress both can overwhelm us in a flash, so it is important to manage both.  Finding that balance that each of us can live a happy productive fulfilling life.  A life quite possibly more fulfilling than the life we had before our brain injuries.

    With a special segments with the amazing Cheryl Green and T-Dog and as well a new episode of Phone Zapp

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