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    Spring Trends

    in Fashion

    Listen in for the hottest trends of the Spring 2015 season. Fringe, pop art, heels and more! Learn how to achieve the no makeup makeup look, and look sassy as it heats up this season. 

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    Black Hair Stereotypes

    in Women

    This show was inspired by Guiliana Rancic's comments about Zendaya at the 2015 Ocars this past weekend. Tune in live & call with your say about Guiliana Racist!

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    Micro Braids; Harmful or helpful

    in Social Networking

    Many people have been told that micro braids are not that helpful to your hair. Many people believe that this is a damaging style, but I am going to give you all of the fact son this style and all of the pluses to having this low maintenece hairstyle.

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    Hair Stories: Managing the Love and Politics in Grooming Black Girls Hair

    in Moms and Family

    If you are the mother of a Black girl, it is highly likely that you have had to think about or pariticipate in some EXTENSIVE discussion about your child's hair - how will you style it, chemicals or no chemicals, braids or loose, coily or heat. For some of us we are still making decisions about our own. There are dozens of sites, blogs, and YouTube channels which address just this issue. Join us as we chat with our guest, blogger, 19 y.o. Chekayla Bradly, with the blog, "Curly in College" about the experiences some Black girls have surroundin their choices of hairstyles. 

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    Salon Grand Opening In Brooklyn plus Isis Brantley Court Victory

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    Welcome to Beauty Chat Radio 

    Guest line up:

    9pm EST, guest Shawanna Anderson

    Shawanna Hairstylist is the proud owner of Shair Elegance salon in Brooklyn. After years of  hard work, tears, fear and prayers she fiinally open her salon and want to encourage other stylists to step out in faith and DREAM. 


    9:30 pm, EST

    Isis Brantley update on Texas Natural Hair Laws:


    Isis Brantley, a Dallas hair-braiding salon owner, with the help of the Institute for Justice, filed the federal lawsuit against Texas in 2013. It argued that she was being forced to jump through unnecessary hoops just to receive the state-mandated license. Brantley felt that the requirements were geared toward and created for barbers, and since she is a hair-braiding stylist, the laws should not have applied to her—or they needed to be tweaked for her specific profession.

    For more please visit: http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2015/01/federal_judge_in_texas_rules_in_favor_of_texas_hair_braiding_stylist_isis.html


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    "Beauty Enhancers, Ugly Outcomes"

    in Entertainment

    Make-up, weave, hair color, natural hair, braids, butt implants, breast implants, face lifts, etc...OMG what is the BIG deal about  enhancing beauty? Is it really a jealousy that's embedded in the minds of people that can't afford to make modifications that truly enhance beauty or is there truly a concern about why we do what we do to look BEST? Perhaps the cheapest form of enhancements that will allow one to act and feel their best is an attitude adjustment.

    I'm opening the airways today and speaking on beauty, ugly, ratchet, ignorance and all the other attributes that in many ways alter our appearance. What are your thoughts?

    Join me today LIVE at at the noon hour as I bring it! Simply call in at 646.200.0995 to be a part of my LIVE studio audience!

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    Natural Hair 'Going From Relaxed Hair To Natural' w/ Sister Glenda Jones

    in Art

    Ladies and Gents, Its prime time for us to find that true someone, within ourselves; that look of the universal you..going 'Natural' Some like wearing the waves, Some the braids..and now the newest look that folks are wearing, are the Dread Locking of the hair. And yet the most popular, and also for what I like to wear for myself, are the hair  Twist. But there are also many simpler ways to just go Natural! and to manage the Natural hair with ease...And, I'm Loving It! Lets welcome our Guest and Hair Consultant, Glenda Jones..


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    Creamy Crack or Kinky Coils... Let's Talk Hair

    in Lifestyle

    Curves In 3D Talks Hair.... Relaxed, Natural, Coils, Locs, Weaved, Braids, Long, Short, Nappy or Straight. What style defines you? We are talking hair tonight so the show can be straight curly (pun intended).  There are many thoughts about the BLACK woman and hair floating out there....

    She a fake babee... said of those who are natural to the weave queens......

    She is too urban... said of those who wear weave to the Natural sistas......

    We will be discussing it All this Thursday night October 30, 2014... Bring your thoughts, your views and your hair.... We are talking hair DIVAS! 

     “Why don’t you wear your hair natural?”  

    First, please don’t think that how Black women wear their hair reflects the acceptance or rejection of their Blackness. There are other reasons: financial, medical or just personal choice. It is not always an attempt to assimilate to white standards of beauty. Psychological tests show people most trust people who look like them. If that means wearing my hair a certain way in order to continue to provide for my family, there is no contest. I will march into a pharmacy or beauty-supply store and proudly ask, “Relaxers are down which aisle?”

    It's ALL about the hair.... A Womans CROWN and GLORY!  You may leave a comment or join us for the show at 9pm est.


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    STEVE MORNINGCHILD: CREE First Nations Bundle Dance Leader

    in Religion

    STEVE MORNINGCHILD, Keeper of Bigfoot's Pipe.

    Omikwoneeo Awasis a/k/a STEVE MORNINGCHILD: "Greetings from the neeheeyawuk [cree] in the fictional province of Saskatchewan in the fictional country of Canada"

    I deeply comment from the bottom of my heart on you`re endeaver to get your land back.We still have our ( TRIBAL CUSTOM and USAGE ) here. With the CREATOR,GREAT SPIRITS blessings we will succeed, with our ceremonies which we still do we will keep you in our prayers. The foundations to international law are, overseas its the palladium of troy treaty, noahs ark treaty and the seal of Solomon treaty, in the north and south Americas, its the WAMPUM BELT TREATY,CANES of AUTHORITY treaty and THE PEACE PIPE treaty, the peace pipe treaty is where we reside in. with that my brothers and sisters as we are all the CREATOR,GREAT SPIRITS children, be it be black white yellow and red ahow eekusi thank you I can be reached at stevemorningchild@gmail.com my real name is omikwoneeo awasis or (winged child)

    There's a lot of folklore and stories about the round dance of the Plains Cree. Also called the tea dance and braid bundle dance, the question is whether it is a fairly modern part of Aboriginal celebrations or as ancient as time itself.

    The first known round dances took place in a long lodge called nanapawnikamovikamik, or "night singing tipi," as part of small tribal camp gatherings.

    The braids of deceased relatives, kept in sacred bundles, were central to the meaning of the round dance ceremonies, which also included pipe, food and cloth offerings for the spirits of the dead.

    Special honor songs were sung and prayers offered as the drums were passed through the sweetgrass smoke. A young sappling was set up in the centre of the lodge to be hung with cloth offerings, and a large stone is placed at its base.


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    Domestic Violences and Natural Hair Connection

    in Motivation

    Welcome To Beauty Chat Radio:

    Tonight's guest Madam Marci Walker discussions on her upcoming event for children/Natural hair and her passion for continuing with her vision for her Braids & Lockery School. We will talk about Domestic Violences and if your suffering from this painful experiences tune in and call in with your questions. Call in number to comment is 818-495-6973


    About Madam Marci Walker:

    Mrs. Walker is the owner of Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School located in Temple Hills, MD and Founder/Executive Director of the S.E.L.F. Image Awards Inc. a non-profit organization that supports victims and survivors of domestic violence with a myriad of empowerment seminars, workshops and events that culminate with a biennial Black Tie Event that donates proceeds to education scholarships in natural hair care.  Walker is married to James Walker and is a proud Mother of two Sons, Shanti (her partner in business) and Kareem.


    If you're suffering with Domestic VIolences issues there's help. One  organization that I support and highly recommend is www.safehorizon.org


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    in Entertainment

    Devoted, Hard-working, Transcendent are just a few adjectives to describe this Publisher, Fashion, Hair & Beauty industry connoisseur who continues to set trends in the publishing, fashion, hair & beauty world still to date. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Marilyn Bell has carved out a successful career behind the scenes for more than 16 years. Marilyn Bell started as Creative Fashion Director for popular media which consisted of coordinating photo shoots and publicity. Serving as Editor in Chief for a variety of worldwide noted Hair & Beauty Magazines such as Black Celebrity Hair Styles 101, Celebrity Styles, Natural Hair & Braids, Black Radiance and Hairstyles; In May of 2004 Marilyn helped put a deal together to purchase Black Elegance from Flash Publishing which made Black Elegance (BE) Magazine 100 PERCENT AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNED. Marilyn transformed a once declining magazine into a muse in the publishing world. But Marilyn wasn't always sure of her position in the arduous world of publishing, fashion, hair & beauty."The Publishing, Fashion, Beauty & Hair industry can be cut throat and resistant to Black Women" she continues, “You have to plant your feet with certainty and work hard to gain respect.” Not shortly after emerging on the scene, Marilyn made an influential imprint for many women of color to prevail. Credited for lending her expertise as Hair & Beauty Editor for MOC Radio Magazine, and worked with famed celebrities such as John Legend, P. Diddy, Brandy, Lil Kim, Keyshia Cole, and Robin Givens, just to name a few. Devoted to helping budding talent hone their crafts, Marilyn is currently developing an online media boutique for artistic creative talent, The Marilyn Bell Agency (MBA).