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    Pvt. Bradley Manning Verdict

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    Today climaxes the controversy behind Private First CLass Bradley Manning. Adding to the captivating narrative is the admission that Manning has been maltreated by the US Government leading some to see Manning as a hero of the people, exposing the crimes of a corrupt American government. Others accuse Manning of subversion, anarchy, and treason for providing confidential documents to WikiLeaks that MAY have put US soldiers at risk of danger. Join us as we discuss this case. 

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    PWN Brief: Facebook & Bradley Manning

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    In this edition of the News in Brief, RevKess relates information from the Covenant of the Goddess and Lady Liberty League regarding a page and a group on Facebook that were recently removed because of their advocacy for violence against "witches" and "wizards" and reviews the sentencing of Bradley Manning.

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    College Football Playoffs and Peyton Manning

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    The controversy around the old BCS continues with its successor, the Selection Committee, after it posted the final four teams for the inaugural football playoffs. We will talk about how the committees' choices and how they arrived at their conclusion.

    We will also talk about Peyton Manning after almost three years since he joined the Broncos and what impact he has made.

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    College Football Playoffs and Peyton Manning

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    The controversy of the BCS continues with the new College Football Playoff system as the Selection Committee made its final rankings of the four playoffs teams of the inuagural playoffs on New Years as Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State.

    We'll also talk Peyton Manning has he been a success in his almost three years as the Broncos signal caller? How do we rate John Elway and John Fox as they are in the fourth year of their rebuilding plan?

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    Pastor James David Manning on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

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    You've heard him... or heard of him. He's the founder and host of the very popular Manning Report heard weekdays from 3:00-6:00 PM ET.  The Honorable James David Manning is a man of God who cuts through the cloud of confusion to bring to his listeners the truth about what is happening in America and around the world. A dynamic personality, Pastor Manning was (and continues to be) at the tip of the spear to expose Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama) for the fraud that he is, from his constructed "legend" to his current actions of destroying our nation from within.
    Pastor Manning joins us for the first hour of our program tonight, talking about issues ranging from the tension and orchestrated events (past and future) in Ferguson to the deliberate destruction of the U.S. as a Constitutional Republic from within.

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    Is Peyton Manning the Greatest Ever?

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    Plenty of fireworks on and off the football field for the Diehard Football Radio panelists to discuss and debate.  Is Peyton Manning the greatest ever?  Are the Seattle Seahawks crazy for trading Percy Harvin in season?  Is Brandon Marshall right for calling out Chicago Bears teammates after yet another Soldier Field loss?  Will Florida State and Jameis Winston ever lose?  We'll look back on week 7 in the NFL and week 8 in college football plus the Homer Report & a whole lot more.  

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    PFC Bradley Manning faces 130 years

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    A military court today found Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history, not guilty of aiding the enemy. The verdict from the judge overseeing Manning’s court-martial means he dodged a life sentence. He has already pleaded guilty to nearly a dozen lesser charges that could carry a sentence of up to 20 years behind bars.
    Authorities accused Manning of delivering three-quarters of 1 million pages of classified documents and videos to the secret-sharing site WikiLeaks -- which has never confirmed the soldier was the source of its information. The material covered aspects of U.S. military strategy in Iraq, gave what some called a ground view of events in the Afghanistan war and revealed the inner workings of U.S. State Department diplomacy in leaked cables.
    Plus Alex Jones has lined up some new talent,I think will be interesting.Also 10 foods to never eat,and my question tonight with all this information about toxic food being sold to Americans,why are these companies still allow to sell to Americans when many of their products are banned overseas.

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    Freshly Booked w/ April Manning

    in Books

    Join us as we interview authors just beginning their literary journey. It doesn't matter how their book is published, the world agrees being a published author is a big step. We want to celebrate and spotlight these writers whose words were brought into the hands of readers. Listen in as they talk about their new experiences. Join us in jubilation, for those who are . . . Freshly Booked!

    This week’s Featured Author is . . . April Manning!

    The intent and vision for the Neighborwood series is to connect children with nature to teach Earth Literacy to them.  Earth Literacy provides interdisciplinary learning which fosters the capacity to understand the natural world in order to ensure sustainability of the planet as a habitat for life. 

    The Neighborwood series consists of sets of books that illustrate various earth literacy themes, such as the importance of diversity, recycling, and sense of place.  The animals that reside in the Neighborwood are the characters that will be learning the themes along with the reader.   The guide through the journey will be the Neighborwood land ambassador, Lamb.

    Check it out on Facebook  Buy on Amazon

    Join authors Tricia Andersen and Heidi Sieverding as they interview newly published authors who have turned their dream of becoming published into reality.

    Freshly Booked is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.org They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet

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    Music Monday: Charles Bradley - Victim of Love

    in Indie Music

    Monday at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's Music Monday.

    Who:  Charles Bradley

    What:  Victim of Love

    When:  2.Apr.2013

    Where:  Daptone Records

    Strictly Reserved For You
    You Put The Flame On It
    Let Love Stand A Chance
    Victim of Love
    Love Bug Blues
    Dusty Blue
    Where Do We Go From Here?
    Crying In The Chapel
    Through The Storm

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    Is Bradley Manning a traitor or hero? Albert Navarra.

    in Politics

    Bradley Manning is on trial in Maryland for leaking 250,000 secret documents to Wikileaks.  He is being court marshaled and could face life in prison.  Many people think he is a hero for outing secrets the public should know about its government.  What does the Constitution say?  Albert Navarra joins us to answer that question and yours. This is a classic Fainress Radio program whisle I am on vacation.
    A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, Fairness Radio is a daily one-hour on-line and on-air radio show featuring liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interviewing national guests from across the political spectrum.  Patrick talks with everyone from conservative Senator Jim DeMint to former Democratic Party Chairman Governor Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides in a civil conversation that focuses on idea, not gotcha’s.  With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else.

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