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    Hip Hop Comedy Night Hosted by Afronaut, Fautle, and BP Tha Rock Kidd.

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    Michael Freedman of The Florida Reptile Ranch

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    The reptile trade attracts folks of all sorts to its hallowed halls; drawing the interested and sometimes unsuspecting in with the jewel-like living curiosities that fire our senses to a point where we just can't resist keeping them as treasured possessions. Most 'herpers' start their collections with some of the more pedestrian offerings available, then gradually gravitate toward the more challenging and/or pricier fare. However, occasionally somebody seemingly out of nowhere pulls the trigger for the privelege to begin the process with some of the most coveted offerings the market has to offer. In this episode, CK interviews Michael Freedman of The Florida Reptile Ranch and asks him how he managed to build such a potent collection of Ball Python morphs in such a seemingly short period of time. If you enjoy BP morph talk, listen in and get ready for some juicy chatter.


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    Discussion on community based initiatives

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    Zambians around the world are responding to the needs in Zambian communities. New or old, Ichalo Chesu is always excited to highlight these community-based initiatives and the people involved. In this episode, we are having a general discussion on different initiatives. Joining us are Titus Natala, co-founder of ZBTR and Eliz Chilufya Bik. The program airs live at Time 9am EST, 16 hrs. CAT, 22 hrs. AWST. To listen follow the link or call 347-237-4270 to listen or participate. Caller participation highly encouraged.

    Titus Habanji Natala Worked at Air BP 1988/89 and later as a Manager at Natala Family Ranch until 1991. Titus is a resident of Minneapolis Minnesota. He worked at Northwest airlines after finishing college.  Titus is a fund-sponsor for ZCF - Zambia children fund. ZCF deals with street kids in Zambia and is very successful story. Titus also spearheaded an online fundraising for a bypass surgery for a Zambian student in Russia – Cardson Kabwe. Titus majored in Business Management and MIS at Metro state university

    Eliz is a women/children's rights activist: blowing the trumpet on women empowerment in education, social economic status, and politics in that order. She has been an advocate for children's rights since age 16, speaking against child abuse, child labor. Being an activist has opened up many doors for Eliz. She is humbled to be an intermediary between a little girl suffering from a malignant brain tumor in Zambia and her sponsor who just wants to help fulfill her last wish. Currently, she is doing a double major of Bachelor of Science in nursing, and Biology (pre-med). Furthermore, she is the class representative for her schools Americas nurses association. With this organization, they are able to do a lot of community outreach, to the homeless, abused women, as well as volunteer at food pantries, or closets and many more.

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    Ron Johnson: BP Oil Spill coverup continues

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    Ron Johnson returns to continue reporting on his efforts to use the judicial system to hold government and Halliburton and BP Oil, accoutable for the disaster in the Gulf. 
    Why did BP, Halliburton and the federal government refuse to use this technology shown to be 100% effective in controlling and recovering oil spills?
    When asked to explain his oil containment system, Johnson stated, This oil containment system replaces the boom or sea curtin. It corrals the oil and keeps the oil in place at the point of the oil spill allowing for the oil to be removed with skimmers and removed safely, not allowing any oil to reach the coastal shorelines. It will contain 100% of any marine oil spill. It greatly limits the number of fish and wildlife that are usually destroyed because of its design. The best part about this system is... That there are no bio-degradeable chemicals which are all carcinogens used. In short, my system works with the environment. Not against it.

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    Why Communication Fails and What to do About it

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    Denise Griffitts interviews Dianna Booher - Communication Strategies for Leaders

    Dianna Booher is a recognized communication and productivity expert. She is also the bestselling author of 46 books, published in 26 languages, with nearly 4 million copies sold. Her personal development topics include leadership communication, executive presence, writing, and life balance. Her most popular titles include:

    • Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader
    • Communicate With Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition
    • Speak With Confidence

    National media such as Good Morning America, USAToday, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg, Forbes.com, CNN International, NPR, Success, and Entrepreneur have interviewed her for opinions on critical workplace communication issues.

    Clients include IBM, ExxonMobil, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Pepsico, Department of the Navy, just to name a few.

    She has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association. Success Magazine has named her to its list of “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century.”

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    Donna Darzentas - Senior VP - SD & HSE Mol Group

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    Donna Darzentas

    Very early in her career Donna Darzentas was one of the first females within an oil and gas company, a very male dominated sector. She had to face the "prove yourself first concept", that is to say that she had to prove first that she could meet challenges before being compensated equal to her male colleagues. Donna is today Senior VP - SD & HSE at Mol Group, a large international Oil & Gas company whose headquarters are in Hungary. 
    Prior to her current role Donna worked as Vice President in Walter Energy, an international mining company specializing in metallurgical coal production and processing, where she was a key member of the Business Team reporting directly to the President of Canadian and European Operations. Before that she also held several managerial positions in BP, including the position of Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment in BP Global and the position of Health, Safety and Environment Director in TNK-BP (leading Russian oil company specializing in crude oil processing).

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    Guest: Susan Lindner, CEO, Emerging Media

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    Susan Lindner, CEO, Emerging Media

    Emerging Media company helps disruptive clients that struggle with gaining media coverage and establishing a dominant presence within their industry so they can get maximum publicity. Overall, we work with them around the clock to help achieve their end business goal.


    With more than 15 years experience in public relations, Susan has worked with innovative Fortune 500 brands (BP, National City Bank, Xerox), dynamic tech companies (Akamai, XMPIE, Equitrac, PokerStars), more than 40 international startups, and has helped 10 companies to get acquired in the last 10 years. The Holmes Report, Bulldog Reporter, PR News, Golden Bridge Awards, Top PR Agencies and the Stevie Awards have recognized her and her team at Emerging Media among the top ranked agencies, year after year.



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    Indie Books Show #68 (B. P. Gallucci)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 
    Author B.P. Gallucci joins me this week to talk about his psychological thriller: Lexus Sam
    A man, nameless, wakes up in Manhattan in a stranger's apartment with few memories of who he is. He remembers a life in California and the love of a girl named Sarah—memories that don’t match the life he now finds himself in. Losing hold of what he can say for certain about his life, he turns to a doctor who claims he can help recover more memories through hypnotic regression. But when the sessions start to blur the line between what has happened in his past and what merely could have happened, and memories of the past start to occur in the present, his journey to find his past becomes a fight to stay himself and retain his future. "Gallucci builds a remarkable amount of tension in seemingly banal scenes, layering images and psychological states that at times perfectly recreate Lexus’ mind.... A visceral, ambitious debut." – Kirkus Reviews
    Tune in Friday at11AM EST or listen to the archive.
    For more information about B.P. Gallucci:

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    The Guld of Mexico Spill is NOT what you think!  The oil is STILL THERE and its a mess, to the point that it has been reported that the Gulf Stream has slowed to a crawl and some say stopped!  
    BP has infiltrated the Supreme Court and the EPA
    Ask yourself;
    Why Did Halliburton Buy an Oil Cleanup Company 8 Days Before the Oil Spill? Why did 44 Lawmakers sell thier stock before the spill was announced?
    Why did the Chief Executive of BP sell 170 Million in stock before the spill?
    This is a sick abuse that needs to land people in Jail!  Where is your outrage?

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