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    Cinema Geeks – Episode 79 – 2016 Box-Office Predictions

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    Today on Episode 79 of the Cinema Geeks ….. we predict who will reign supreme at the Box-Office in 2016! Main Attraction: 2016 Box-Office Predictions Question: What 5 films do you think will rule the box-office in 2016?


    Kevin @OptimusSolo

    Dan @MovieRevolt

    Amanda @HardCandiMandi

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    The Movie BOOBs: Oscar whiteout, Oscar predictions, and box office forecasts

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    Is the backlack faced by the Academy for the whiteout fair? What will the end result of the controversy be? The Movie BOOBs take a deep look at all the reactions surrounding the whiteout before making their predictions for the Oscar award winners. DiCaprio is a heavy favorite to win his first Oscar, but can The Revenant run down Spotlight for Best Picture.

    Also, The Revenant looks to be the favorite to win the weekend at the box office, but a couple of solid other returners - Ride Along 2 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens - join a trio of new releases - The 5th Wave, Dirty Grandpa, and The Boy - in a battle for second place. Which will it be?

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    Is Terror Going To Get Worse? Media Disservice To WTP & Box Office News

    in Politics

    Bob Maginnis-Lt Col. Robert Maginnis (US Army Ret.), is author of Never Submit: Will The Extermination Of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better? Discusses Terror In The Homeland and POTUS response.

    John Guandolo-Former FBI Agent and Counter Terrorism Expert who implemented the FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training/Education Program says as Jihad Strikes CA: Media Utterly Incoherent as Fox News Promotes Hamas.

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.   

    Carl Gallups-Falwell Gets Backing in Call for Armed Students & Sheriffs Send Message To America: "Get Armed Now."  Gallups is a long-time Senior Pastor, best selling author, former Florida law enforcement officer, and a 10-year conservative talk radio host.

    Ben Newman-Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and highly regarded Performance Coach talks about Your Mental Toughness Playbook.

    Michael Novak-Distinguished visiting professor at Ave Maria University in Florida, after thirty-two years in the chair in religion and public policy at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. asks, "Do students protesting for 'social justice' really know what it means?"

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    Remembering The 1st Thanksgiving, Keystone XL, Hunger Games #1 At Box Office

    in Politics

    Bruce Kauffmann-Remembering When Thanksgiving Started: Capitalism vs Communism.  Bruce is an awarding-winning syndicated columnist, historian, author and speaker and he helps us remember why we should be thankful.

    Sean McGarvey-Top Unions President Sean McGarvey Calls Obama a 'Hypocrite' on Keystone XL Decision.  

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.

    Jennifer Burke-A Tale of Two Scholarship Stories and Two Very Different Media Reactions  as reported by the The Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of PolitiStick.

    Dr. James Kiley & John Walsh-Director from the National Institutes of Health raising awareness about the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.: COPD   

    Luke Adler-The Retired US Deputy Marshal reacts to POTUS’ Perspective on Paris and the Syrian refugees coming to America.

    Jacqueline Klimas-Defense Correspondent for the Washington Examiner reports that Top Dem to Obama: We're running out of time to beat Islamic State.  Where is the urgency?                                         


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    ISIS Retreating?Terror in San Bernardino, CA, Plus The Latest Box Office Results

    in Politics

    Dan Perkins-ISIS Retreating In Syria? Missile System Destroyed, 33 Targets Hit…The Middle East analyst explains.

    Luke Adler-Terror Strikes San Bernardino, CA.  The retired US Marshall who has been the voice of reason and warning gives us an update.

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office.  

    Michael Daugherty-US Retailers experience Black Friday Hack Attack. Daugherty, Senior Writer for Cyber Defense Magazine and Board Member at Snoopwall the powerhouse cyber-security firm reports.

    Phil Kerpen-Leading free-market policy analyst and advocate in Washington & President at American Commitment, Kerpen challenges POTUS, Our Science-Denier-in-Chief.

    Phil Hotsenpiller-Miracles Are Abounding-Are We Missing Our Own Miracle?  Check this out from the Senior Pastor of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, CA.


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    Office Feng Shui - How to Make the Most of your Office Space

    in Self Help

    Join Host Felicia D’Haiti, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® as she walks you through the mental, emotional and physical aspects of creating an office space that lifts your energy, brings you joy and abundance that will spread throughout your entire day and life.

    About Felicia: Felicia D'Haiti is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, holding certification programs in the Washington, DC area. She provides feng shui and space clearing services, both on-site and distant as well as workshops on topics including Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing, and more. Check out her upcoming courses at www.interioralignment.com

    To connect with Felicia: Website - http://www.feliciadhaiti.com, Facebook – http://www.faceboook.com/SoulTransformations

    Twitter – @soul_shift

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    Movies to Make You Think: My European Dream

    in Film

    What would you do if you’re a film maker and everything is fine at first and suddenly things begin to take a turn for the worst!  What would you do if you’re attacked, would you stay and continue the trip?  Now, this move is not for sensitive viewer and you must be over 18 to view.   This movie at first seems light  hearted and fun, but make sure you watch the film all the way through before you pick up the phone.  Tune in for Movies to Love Indie films for a deep discussion of Sorgoi Prakov film. You don’t want to miss this!  Sunday at 6:30 pm.

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    Movies to Make You Think: Menace II Society

    in Film

    What do you do when all is what you see in a neighborhood that traps you? Your parents have issues; you have to go live with your grandparents.  Life for Kaydee seems to just disappear right before his eyes.  Under suspicions for just being who you are, what is life really going to be like for you? Does it really make you think?  Tune in for Movies to Love for a discussion on Menace II Society Sunday at 6:30pm.  Let’s go Deep this month.

  • Unlikeable Hillary, Saving Christians In Iraq & The Latest Box Office News

    in Politics

    Ed Klein-Klein exposes how Hillary Clinton’s arrogant, nasty, untrustworthy, and calculating character that could derail her bid for the White House

    Vernon Brewer-The founder of World Help discusses saving Christians in Iraq-From Tents to Abandoned Malls: Hiding From ISIS.

    Steve Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions. 

    Brendan Bordelon-Lawsuit: Obama Administration Withholding Draft of Clinton Whitewater Indictment & Jim Webb Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race, Hints at Independent Run says Brendan Bordelon, political reporter with National Review.     

    Scott Soefje & Mary Van Dyke-Medical Expert and patient discusses results of National Survey revealing patients are suffering needlessly from Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.  

    Roger Stone-The Clintons' war on women- The Definitive Expose of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as told by an American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party. Stone is currently a member of the Libertarian Party.         

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    America's Mind Blown, Home Team Advantage & Box Office Winners

    in Politics

    Best of Thursday's Show

    David Kupelian-Discusses his latest book, "The Snapping of the American Mind- Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture."  Kupelian is an award-winning American journalist, vice president and managing editor of online news giant WND, editor of Whistleblower magazine, and a widely read columnist. 

    Jeff Kemp-Kemp quarterbacked in the NFL for eleven years, playing for the Rams, the 49ers, the Seahawks, and the Eagles. He and his father, Jack Kemp, were the first father-son quarterbacks in NFL history.  This is his latest installment of his Facing The Blitz series  - Jesus Beat the Blitz...So Can We! & God's Purpose Is Greater Than Your Comfort 

    Steve Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.     

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    Today on ONE FAMILY, ONE FOCUS, Back Office Systems Specialist Samantha Behlke will share basic tips for Hidden Hunger Global Ambassadors on how to navigate the Back Office and Replicated site resources.

    Do you know where to:

    Look for resources, presentations, printable resources and updated materials

    Listen in as Samantha goes over these basics today.

    Remember, you are a part of a movement that is saving lives of children, impacting communities and transforming nations all around the world – HIDDEN HUNGERGLOBAL... One Family, One Focus – SAVE 1 MILLION CHILDREN!