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    Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing- The Source Codes For High Frequency

    in Self Help

    The world is always in need of more love, kindness, compassion, integrity and forgiveness. The ancient Egyptians were known for their advances in medicine as well as celestial healing. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to author, Tracey Ash about Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing- The Source Codes For High Frequency. Learn about Tracey’s journey to consciousness and what she recommends for promoting your own well-being and tranquility. Stay tuned.

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    Recognizing the Source of Your Inspiration

    in Spirituality

    Many people in doing personal growth have considerable talents and attractive qualities. In an effort to ‘give back’ to their communities, their command of the spotlight accomplishes more than most. But, how do you bring your gifts to the public and not get lost in the ego of it all. Tune in this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss how we can only be as successful as our opportunities allow. We are not islands onto ourselves. Any brilliance we achieve is closely linked to the people with whom we relate. Recognizing the source of your inspiration and energy is part of a conscious effort to keep these universal forces in balance. Tonight’s show is about how to be very "aware" of the world beyond the self. Who is giving you the chance to shine? Where is the source of your energy coming from? Acknowledge these helpful phenomena. Take time to understand and realize the universal integration of things and it will contribute immensely to your own evolution. This discussion offers the perspective of ‘appreciation’ regarding your life and circumstances. 

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    The Boxing Source Radio Show

    in Sports

    On this week's edition of The Boxing Source Radio Show, we will preview the heavyweight fight between Antonio Tarver and Steve Cunningham that will be on August 14th. Will the winner get on the inside track to challenge either Deontay Wilder or Wladimir Klitschko for their titles?

    The announcement has been made that Floyd Mayweather will face Andre Berto on September 12th. We will go over that plus the undercard matches that have been announced so far...

    There also has been a lot of talk about different fighters in the welterweight division...When will they all fight each other?????

    Call in at 347-237-5539 to talk live.

  • Why Ahmen(God) The Supreme Being Is The Source And Only True Force That Will Be

    in Lifestyle

    Why Ahmen(God) The Supreme Being Is The Source  And Only True Force That Will Be With A Select Chosen Few. We Must Know The Difference Source And Force. The Source Of Everything Is Ahmen, And A Vessel Is He Who Houses The Force Of The Source. The Definition Of The Word "God" Simply Means One Possessing Force And Power. He Who HasTechnology Is Looked Upon As A God Beside The Source. He Who Is Setting The Laws, Has The Money, And The Power Around The World Is Not The Source. That Beast That It Was Said In The Book Of Revelation 13:15 That Many Would Worship The Image Of The Beast. The Black Man Was The Original Vessel To House The Source And Weild The Force That Is The Real Source Of Every Thing. The Beast Came After And The Beast Has Become Blind, Deaf And Dumb To That Which They Worship Beside Ahmen.

  • OUReality ,,, Survival ... With Eva and Kitty Wolf

    in Higher Education

    PLEASE ,,, Join Eva and Kitty Wolf as they discuss and share Survival Skills.  The Skills you need to know ... not if, but when the SHTF.  If your idea of roughing it, is running out of toilet paper while at the Hilton, you've never had to poop in the woods!  You'll learn the basic skills of, building a fire, to the more complex skills of hunting and storing food, all the way to the art of building your own shelter.

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    ☼ Communing With Source and Community ☼

    in Spirituality

    Justice Bartlett of Embodyme and Doubly Divine Radio will be sharing with us in honor of the  Pisces Full Moon on the different ways and forms we communicate with one another.  Heather Muse Rouge, Katsura Balanza and Justice have noticed a common theme rememinding us the value of community support.  Connecting with community, moving past insignificant insecurities that create a disconnect, and remembering the love that connects. While it is vital for us to connect with one another it is equally of value and importance that we remember to take time to connect with nature, taking moments to "unplug." Then when we step into our communication with communtiy we are fully present with one another. 

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    OUReality with Hosts Eva and Kitty Wolf

    in Higher Education

    PLEASE ,,, Welcome back Miss Kitty Wolf, as she joins me for another exciting show, on OUReality.  Tonights topic will be Censorship ... The varing degrees of acceptance today.  Why it matters today more than ever! 


    1.  The act, process of censoring.

    2.  The office or authority of a Roman censor.

    3.  Psychology Prevention of disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings from reaching consciousness except in a disguised form.


    Roman censor

    The censor was an officer in ancient Rome who was responsible for maintaining the census, supervising public morality, and overseeing certian aspects of government's finances.

    The censors` regulation of public morality is the origin of the modern meaning of the words "censor" and "censorship".

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    The Boxing Source Radio Show

    in Sports

    Leo Santa Cruz was able to defeat Abner Mares in a great fight on August 29th...what is next for "El Terrimoto"?

    We are two weeks away until Floyd Mayweather's 49th fight which will be against Andre Berto...will Berto be able to pull off the upset? Will he be able to even make it a close fight?

    A few other cards are coming up before the Mayweather-Berto PPV...We will touch on that to see who to watch out for...

    These topics and more will be discussed this week on The Boxing Source Radio Show tonight at 7:30PM Eastern Time

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    Infinite Source Broadcast Network: Kickoff Party with Truth Emerges Radio

    in Entertainment

    4/25/15...... Join us TONIGHT as we kickoff the new network, INFINITE SOURCE BROADCAST NETWORK!! We will be doing a simulcast with Truth Emerges Radio to
    celebrate this event!! Going to be a fun time with loads of laughs, music and so much more!! When, The Coalition has a
    party, we amp it up!!!... Show starts @ 9pm ET, 6pm PT. Listen live over the net, or listen live over the phone! Call in number is,
    347-850-8229. Press 1 to notify us that you would like to join the show! Hope to have you join us!

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    The Open Source Report 03 August 2015

    in Software

    We cover the news in the Open Source Movement in software and hardware development for the good of the humanity.The people and ideas that make this Movement great.
    Cubrimos las noticias en el Movimiento de Código Abierto en el desarrollo de software y hardware para el bien del pueblo humanity.The e ideas que hacen de este gran movimiento.

    he Free Software Foundation urges everyone to reject Windows 10 and join us in the world of free software. Like all proprietary software, Windows 10 puts those that use it under the thumb of its owner. Free software like the GNU/Linux operating system treats users as equals and gives them control over their digital lives.

    One of the more controversial features of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system, which recently began its official phased roll out, is the inclusion of Wi-Fi Sense. Previously an obscure feature of Windows Phone, it sends Wi-Fi passwords in encrypted form to all of your contacts, automatically, without asking you, unless you opt out.

    Today, we're excited to announce a new initiative, a collaboration between the Library Freedom Project and Tor Project



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    The Boxing Source Radio Show

    in Sports

    We saw Deonay Wilder defend his chamionship against Johann Duhapas yesterday in Alabama. Is he a valid champion or does he have too many flaws to your liking?

    Next week has two of the 140lb titles be up for grabs on two separate networks. Which fight are you more interested in seeing?

    Wlad Klitschko has injured himself in training, delaying the title fight against Tyson Fury. We will discuss what that means in the heavyweight scene.

    Call in live at 347-237-5539 to talk live

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