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    Islandunited1009fm.com caribbean radio station

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    Sunday mix

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    Mixture of soca,Dancehall,Calypso,Bouyon,ZOuk
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    Friday madness

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    MUsic from various islands reggae,soca,calypso,chutney

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    Friday bashment

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    Caribbean party music soca,calypso,kompa,zouk,bouyon,merengue,reggae

  • Live: Early Jamaican Deejays of the 60s and 70s such as U-Roy or King Stitt

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     Deejays are not to be confused with disc jockeys from other music genres like hip-hop, where they select and play music. Dancehall/reggae DJs who select riddims to play are called selectors. Deejays who are more likely to sing are sometimes called singjays

    Toasting has been used in various African traditions, such as griots chanting over a drum beat, as well as in Jamaican music forms, such as Ska, reggae, dancehall, and dub. Toasting is also often used in soca and bouyon music. Toasting's mix of talking and chanting may have influenced the development of MCing in US hip hop music. The combination of singing and toasting is known as singjaying.The term deejay came about as a result of the act of some selectors (as they were called) of the 60s and 70s such as U-Roy or King Stitt toasting to the version side of popular records of the time