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    Cérémonie du Coeur Supérieur, magie du Merkaba

    in Spirituality

    Aujourd'hui nous continuons avec un message récent d'Almine et un enrégistrement sur les bloquages au Coeur Supérieur, la magie des 24 méridiennes.  Et nous annonçons la Cérémonie du 30 janvier ouverte à tous. Marc nous parle du webinaire pour activer le Merkaba des Dieux. Rien à voir avec le Merkaba tel que cela a été pratiquer avant, qui etait indisociable de la matrisse de la dualité.

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    le Jardin Secret d'Almine, les pouvoirs du Livre des Enchantements

    in Spirituality

    Nous vous présentons le Jardin Secret d'Almine, fragrance du printemps!

    Et marc traduit un entretient important avec Almine sur les pouvoir du Livre des Enchantements, et tout ce que cela peut libérer comme vieux véstiges négatives. Cette liberté nous prépare à vivre la vie au-delà des opposés.

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    JOUR DU SEIGNEUR avec Jeannette Dick/ Pasteur Daniel Goulia

    in Christianity








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    1st Sunday Worship Service-03/01/2015

    in Religion

    Join us for 1st Sunday Service, Communion Services at 12pm-noon. Bishop Hd Haywood presiding Bishop and Overseer Pastor Beverly Haywood

    180 S Military Road, Fond du Lac, WI.

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    The Hushmo Black Forum

    in Current Events

    The Hushmo Black Forum follows current events and news relevant to the African American community. The moderator initiates thought-provoking discussions and conversation for the listing audience throughout cyberspace . Members and guests of Hushmo’s online public forum are diverse individuals who have passionate insights and perspectives on African American issues that range from day-to-day life, politics, media, history, books, sports, entertainment, style, beauty and more.

    The forum features a blog for members to post comments and interact. Writers highlight everything from movies and celebrity fashion to local human interest stories and lifestyle advice.

    The Hushmo Black Forum airs online on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 7pm. On Blog Talk Radio, Hushmo Black has taken  an in-depth look at the prolific African American activist W.E.B Du Bois. Hushmo Black has also reviewed and discussed Jimmy C. Cameron's newly released book “RACISM and HATE: an AMERICAN REALITY” and his first book "The Water Boy: The Life and Trials of Jimmy C. Cameron," which documents the life of Jimmy C Cameron and the Cameron family  history in the state of Georgia covering some 230 years and windup centering on an epiphany he had  when wounded in the Vietnam War in 1966."

    Visit The Hushmo Black Forum and stay up-to-date on the latest in African American culture. When you become a member, you're embracing new friendships and a community to share stories and opinions.

    "Like" The Hushmo Black Forum on Facebook and join "The Watering Hole," the place to quench your knowledge thirst!


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    in The Bible

    Deutéronome 10 :16-17 / Colossiens 2 :11-15 / Luc 2 :21-38 / Jean 10 / Ezéchiel 36 :26-38 / Proverbes 28 :13 / Jérémie 17 :9-10



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    JOUR du SEIGNEUR avec Jeannette Dick/ Docteur MULANGO

    in Christianity

    THEME: LA FAMILLE (le mariage, le divorce, le remariage, les enfants, l'heritage......) 




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    Developmental Delays and 5p-

    in Health

    Mike and Joyce speak with Laura Castillo, Executive Director of FivePMinus.org, helping families affected by Cri du Chat (Cat Cry) Syndrome (CdCs).

    Babies born with CdCs are characterized at birth by a high-pitched cry, low birth weight, poor muscle tone, microcephaly, and potential medical complications.  "5p-" is a term used by geneticists to describe a portion of the short arm of chromosome number five that is missing in these individuals.  Some of the facial characteristics include:

    Round "moon shaped" face
    Small upturned nose at birth
    Small or low set chin (micrognathis)
    Low positioned ears
    Downward slanting of the eyes
    Wide spaced eyes
    Extra skin fold at the inner corner of one or both eyes (epicanthal fold)

    These facial features usually elongate as the child enters adulthood.  Children with CdCs are often also diagnosed with autism since many of the developmental issues are similar.

    There is a great deal of good information on this syndrome on their website.  See especially http://www.fivepminus.org/Development

    Laura shares with us the origins of the 5p- Society, the national family support group for individuals with Cri du Chat Syndrome.  They group shares expeerience and provides support to individuals and families affected by CdCs, sharing strategies for managing the syndrome and supporting their children in achieving his or her maximum potential  Children with Cri du Chat Syndrome can lead full and meaningful lives with love and support.

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    in Art

    *** Calling all Bald Beauties, Permed Divas, and Locked Lovelies !! ***

    Join us this Wednesday, February 25, 2015, from 8:00pm-10:00pm EST, on the Art Of War Network, with Host Earl Simmons, and our Guest Sister Netfah Amina Afia, a fabulous Head Scarf Designer and the Soul Owner/Designer/Creator at Simply Netfah Wholistic Boutique.  Listen in as she teaches some basic techniques, tips and tricks for creating stylish head wraps for everyday wear and more!  Netfah Amina Afia will share the insights of how the use of natural fibers and colors subdues and/or enhances our energy and how to use these tools and resources when adorning our sacred body temples.

    So join us ont he Art of War Network:  347-857-3470, anybodyand everybody is welcome to call in to ask questions, give your comment, or you may want to just listen in to get information.

    Online at www.blogtalkradio.com and enjoy the show!

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    Bean Me Up LLC with host Lisa Camps

    in Cooking

    Join Lisa each week as she discusses the wealth of eating healthy, here in America and many destenations abroad. As a seasoned traveler she will introduce different food and the cultures that inspired her way of cooking. From N.Y. to Europe, Siam to India were she lived and Owned the infamous restaurant called, "Bean Me Up, Soya Station, Salad Bar, were travelers from the World over came to sample International Vegetarian cuisine, owned and operated a village style Tofu and Tempeh factory. She is also a member of the Vegetarian Society of India, a speaker at the " World Vegetarian Congress" and is written about in " The Book of Soy in South Asia.". Included in the eclectic environment of the restaurant was a quaint guest house and boutique. Now living in Florida, Lisa runs Bean Me Up LL Catering.                                  .Feel free to contact Lisa at beyondthebean@hotmail.com  and be sure to stop in and LIKE her face book page https://www.facebook.com/www.beanmeup.corp or give her a call for catering needs and/or show topics, at 352-208-7427

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    Charlotte Marshall-Murray, Christina Fay, Hiibrid Chyld and Cathleen Angelo

    in Entertainment

    Join TUR Radio Live Monday Night 6pst/8cst/9est when we will have some very special guests including the beautiful Author Charlotte Marshall-Murray who will join us at 6pst/8cst/9est to talk about her contributing articles and how her topics are needed to be read.  Christina Fay CEO of Luxiously Gorgeous will be in the studio at 630pst/830cst/930est to talk about her amazing boutique.  The very talented spoken word artist Hiibrid Chyld will join us live at 7pst/9cst/10est to talk about his writing process and Cathleen Angelo CEO of Fighting for Futures will join us at 730pst/930cst/1030est to talk about how she has gone Beyond the Music with her organization and is changing the lives of so many young kids.  This is a show that you won't want to miss!

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