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  • 02:28

    Rehab with Leaf Episode #19 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    Tonights episode is dedicated to the hardest working man in radio, our co-host Harrel! Happy Birthday buddy! Lets hang out and celebrate! We will play Lion King, also Leafs Movie Theatre ( guess the movie line). Also lets talk about Black Friday! Lets go over some deals that are happening this coming Friday! Join us at our new time 6pm! Its the Rehab with Leaf Radio Show, exclusively here on Blog Talk Radio!

  • 02:12

    Rehab with Leaf Episode #18 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's show is going to be super dope!! We are talking pick up lines!! Both boy pick up lines and girl pick up lines! We are even going to test them out! Plus the return of Leafy lines! This is where you guys guess the movie line that Leaf acts out. If you guess correctly you will win! We have tons of prizes in our prize Vault! And we have the nine o'clock nitro! This is where we have a dj come in and spin for nine minutes of fury so that you can get your week started off right! Come hang with us! Weekend isn't over til we say so! Rehab with Leaf tonight at a special time 6pm!! Exclusively on BlogTalkRadio!

  • 02:37

    Rehab with Leaf Episode #17 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    On this episode, we will thank all of our past service men and woman. If you know a vet call end and say thank you or have us do it for you. Also we will count down our favorite war movies of all time. Joining as well willbe very funny National Headliner, Jason Resler from Comedy Central. Before he was a comedian, he served for our country. We will talk to him, and give away a pair of tickets to his up coming Veterans Day Comedy show happening at the Punchline. This will be a very special show, so, please do tune in.

  • 01:36

    Rehab with Leaf Humpday

    in Entertainment

    no topic no agenda just a humpdy with The Rehab W/ Leaf show

    Tune in every sun and now wed for a night of fun.... call in, blog in. just do somthing hang from 8-10 Sunday and now Monday....

  • 02:02

    Rehab with Leaf Episode #14 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    We got a lot for you tonight. Staying with the Halloween theme, we wanna know what some of your favorite scary movies are. Also, what is your go to make out song. Do you have one? Aaand where is the craziest place you have had sex. Tell us! Be part of the show! 929-477-1660
    We are international now!! Shout out to London

  • 02:18

    Humpday With Harrell #4 / Rehab with Leaf

    in Entertainment

    The Honeymoon Stage How lonf does it last?? Why is it so good?? Why does it happen?? When do you know its ovr?? Join me this Wed and every Wed Humpday With Harrell,, call in 929-477-1660 and tell me about your honeymoon stage. Donny Allen from Donny Allen and the Shovelheads Will be dropping by the studio and taling about his latest CD and all his up comming sttff... Tell a friend heck tell two friends...

  • 01:55

    Rehab With Leaf humpday #2

    in Entertainment

    hanging out with RehabWithLeaf on a humpday.....

  • 02:00

    Rehab with Leaf Episode 11# #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    What are you afraid of? We are talking phobias. Some are weird and some not so weird. We wanna know what scares you. Also we have a list of the most expensive burgers in the world. You are not going to believe these prices. We are introducing a new game called Lion King. Come play for a chance to win some prizes. So hang with us. Come spend the last part of your weekend laughing and having fun......and it's free!!! It's the Rehab with Leaf radio show

  • 02:01

    Rehab with Leaf Episode #16 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are talking about sex! That should get your attention! How often do you and your partner engage sexually per week,or is it a per month type issue with you? Also, Leaf is dealing with a ten year old daughter that is experiencing emotions stemmed from her period. Help him out and give him some much needed advice. We need some involvement from you the audience. Call in with your story and advice. 929-477-1660. Of course we aare goping to play some super dope music also to help you close out your weekend. Thank you for hangin with us.

  • Rehab with Leaf Episode #15 #turninganewleaf

    in Entertainment

    TONIGHT WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT... Leafs gone and were gona figure thi crap out. got atopic idea let me no. help me out people....  Lil Momma used to handle this part for me but she is history, she dummped my ass .. Flyin solo agin ladies.... i hate it but wdayado?? maybe thats a topic?? how to sypher womaneese.... impossable id say....men just cant speak it.....tune in...  

  • 02:10

    Exclusive : Will Breazeale to announce bid for SC House 63 seat

    in Politics Conservative


    Florence resident, Airline Pilot, 3 time Iraq War Combat Veteran (Bronze Star) and Seminary Graduate, Will Breazeale will be announcing his bid for the State House District 63 Seat live "In the Pickle Barrel". Mr. Breazeale has had an interesting but controversial past that will be fully explained during the program. Breazeale hopes to get out of "the Pickle Barrel" and into the State House Chamber.  District 63 has experienced some turnover in the past twelve months with the resignation of Dr. Kris Crawford and the special election of local attorney Jay Jordan.

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" as Breazeale makes his announcement and then sits down with us to discuss his past, the present and the future. Your questions and comments are welcomed in the online Chat Room and you are encouraged to call into the program to talk with Breazeale live on air.