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    State of The Union Your Place Style

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    Welcome to another show at Your Place.  When this show first started we took efforts to take on the hard topics that many stay away from, or try to push their agenda without really pushing the bounderies.  We have had a lot of people asking us why we have strayed so far from doing this. For those that have been watching news highlights you have seen the unusual weather patterns, and more shootings in public places.  We have noticed the big push to force feed the public.  Same sex marriages in venues that have nothing to do with marriage.  While at the same time trying to discount faith based agenda as an enemy of the public good.  So know that like many of you we are aware of all that is happening around the world.  Wild Bill felt that the best response was to hand pick some positive sermons to help people of faith remember where to keep their priority.  With that said, Wild Bill wanted to let people know that he is not running scared from taking on the tough topics.  So we are going to bring you the State of The Union Address in our own style.  As always we do not claim to be the experts on the topics discussed.  You have a chance to share your voice and thoughts so that you can be heard and put on the record for all to hear.  We think that we all learn when we take the time to really listen to both sides and come up with an educated opion with all of the facts.  

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         God is calling us to pray beyond the bounderies of our lives and churches. HE wants us to pray our way into the lives and circumstances of those who He is working to redeem. Therefore, prayer becomes more than a technique to add GOD'S blessing to our lives and affairs. Pray is GOD's way of inviting us into HIS mission. We are called to pray our way into the ongoing stories of life. I invite you to join us for live prayer today at 6:00 AM. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    Literary Diva Presents: Eshe (Original Member Of Arrested Development)!

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    Join us as we welcome "Eshe!"


    Eshe is one of the original members of the multiply-platium group, "Arrested Development."


    Her love of music and dance stretches far back and continues to cross bounderies in music, theatre and television right here today. Her creativity is one to be desired as she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. 


    When it comes to her voice, it's masterful and very smooth as she keeps you coming back wanting to hear more and more.


    Eshe's passion and love for her music is truly amazing as it can be seen and heard everywhere.


    Tune in as we chat with Eshe about her new single "So Gone" and so much more!


    Stay tuned and keep it locked.





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    REFLECTIONS, EVALUATIONS & PREPARATIONS: Final Judgment Consultations by Khalifa

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    It is Sunday, January 5, 2014...Final Judgment has been made, we are now going about the business of doing what the Self-Realized, now an Ausar in all his or her divine glory, does after they have mastered all of the Universal Laws of Creation. 
            Since it is unlikely that any Humans reached the Ultimate for Humans during this partiular Solar Cycle, The Final Judgment will have unveiled reasons why the Conscious Solar Cycle Journey treveler didn't make it this time around. This in a "nutshell" is what we will be trying to correct in the coming Solar Cycle Journey. Since the present one is not up yet, what we do during the next three months is conserve energy, expend what is needed to prepare for the next, and serve others to the limit of our bounderies (#30 states on the 42 Principles of MAAT: "I have not overstepped my Bounderies of Conern.") Remember to enjoy yourself, if you are not enjoying the journey that is an indication that something is amiss...

    We wound down the harvest in Great Shape. All hopes and expectations for the Harvest were certainly not realized - BUT The 2013 Solar Cycle Journey is not over yet. The Final Judgment is the culmination of our Reflections, Evaluations and Preparations for the coming Year. The JUDGE at the Final Judgment is YOU, the best qualified to determine how well you have carried out your duties and your respnsibilities during 2013

    My Final Judgment Work includes consultations with  others who have worked, or plan to work in KKVV. KKVV means Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. This is a 123 acres of the Birth Land of Nat Turner. Opportunities are here to grow wholesome food, herbs and grow strong trees to build structures.we are at 26070 Barhams Hills Road - Drewryville, Virginia 23844 Call 434-378-2140 3am to 3pm. google Kujichagulia Village for directions


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    The Bully Effect

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    His name is Roland Alvardo, he is the CEO/Founder of Rosco Red Positive Gear. Their company is a t-shirt lifestyle brand (Based in San Antonio, TX) that is all about SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE and DIVERSITY. They are "a new brand for a BRAND NEW generation", and they are committed to ending generations of violence, discrimination and hate through their universal message of "RED Connects Us ALL" which crosses all barriers and bounderies, like race, color, creed, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion. They are getting ready to launch a campaign called the "RED Connects Us ALL" Project that is all about "bringing people together and breaking down barriers". Their Rosco Red Brand offers an anti bullying program called "Stop the Ignorance" to middle schools. They do this to work toward their mission of Education, Empowering the next generation to respect themselves and others and not engage in negative behaviors like bullying and racism. Rosco Red encourages people to be themselves and promotes the message of "Be Happy, Be Different, BE YOU"...
    Roland is a counselor with The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans.  He is a former member of The San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drus Abuse. Along with be a professional public speaker..
    Hosted By: Penny Jean
    Co Hosted By: Chrissy Wolf
    Be a Voice,

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    Howard Brockman

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    Our  guest Howard Brockman is with us today to talk about his new book "Essential Self Care for Caregivers and Helpers".  We will talk about protecting   ourselves from energy vampires and  creating healthy bounderies.

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    Part Two On Keith Green

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    Last week we played a few of Keith Greens songs and shared a few moments from his life.  The people you are hearing from last week and this week is his wife and some of his close friends.  Wild Bill tried to get us to stop and think about the time that Keith Green lived.  In so many ways it is so different then today...but in other ways it is exactly the same.  This all has to do with our perception.  Then if you were alive you were probably a lot younger and looking to find your own personal identity and pushing your own bounderies.  Today you may be older and one of the people who if you are not careful are resenting the younger people trying to find their own identity and some of the bounderies they are pushing and bringing into your church.  We hope and pray for all of you to remember that it is not about you but about God! We are still asking people to send us your audio files with the music of your church.  We are going to be presenting a couple of shows later this year where we play nothing but the worship songs that are submitted.  You will not want to miss out on being part of this show. We are also taking request for guest speakers and topics for future shows.  We would like to have more live input but we do understand that it is hard to find time in the life we live today to add something into your schedule.  We are pleased that our archived listens are up and we appreciate you making this show part of your life.

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    Howard Brockman talks about Self Care for Caregivers

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    Our  guest Howard Brockman is with us today to talk about his new book "Essential Self Care for Caregivers and Helpers".  We will talk about protecting   ourselves from energy vampires and  creating healthy bounderies. 

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    Alana Nicole Author of Hung in the Middle & Bobbie her wife.

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    stay tune for a great interview with these most amazing ladies who have shown that love has no bounderies or gender.
    Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery is a memoir by Kentucky transgender Author, Alana Nicole Sholar, published by EWH Press released in May 2012.   She pulls no punches as she shares a very frank and honest portrayal of her bittersweet journey of struggle with gender identity, sexuality, self-acceptance, and love.

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    How to Set Healthy Dating/Relationship Boundaries.

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    HOW do you set authentic dating/relationship bounderies that support you HAVING the relationship of YOUR dreams? Join me  for, not only the answer BUT an actual PLAN (aka ACTION STEPS)! OMGosh! This show is going to be one informative, eye opening episode! If you are ready for change, you DON'T want to miss this! 

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    Make or Break that Date - What makes you say OH HELL NO!

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    Love is always something people want to talk about. When it comes to dating we have to have some bounderies. If we dont then the relationships we get into are not going to be strong postive ones. What are some things you look out for that tell you. This is not someone you want to date?

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