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    Source Material #027 - Iron Man "Demon In A Bottle"

    in Books

    TONIGHT at 10 pm!  We welcome the Patriarch of the RiBN, Mark Radulich to the show!  It is Avengers week here on the RiBN and we are going to talk a story involving one of Iron Man's fiercest yet, oh so subtle foes.  "Demon In A Bottle" shows us that there are plenty of heroes whose toughest villain can sometimes be themselves.

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    One Of Those Weekends, You Know?

    in Entertainment

    I get to tell you how my weekend went. Yeah, it may have been a little crazy and surprising. At least it wasn't boring, right? I also talk about looking over my show's history. What a change!

    Don't forget. It's Dancing Monday! It's still the random stuff, but don't be afraid to join. Grab your bottle and move those feet. We are partying today! Whoa!

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    OTG: It’s a Scream-athon and YOU are invited!

    in Current Events

    Don’t you love getting the 3:00 am phone call from an old sweetheart, who’s on the second bottle of wine and wants to take a walk down memory lane?

    How about kids that are allowed to run all over restaurants and act out?  How about the parents that run all over the restaurants, and act out? 

    Know someone who is always 30 minutes late to your events?  That is, if they show at all?

    How about the Spouse of a close friend that make a pass at YOU … and then you just happen to see him cozied up with another friend, somewhere?  (Talk about a two-timer!)

    And then there is the neighbor who decides to mow the lawn, or do a little tree trimming at 7:00 pm Sunday night, just as you have fired up the grill and are ready for a nice Sunday dinner on the Patio?

    And … the people in Facebook!  Just wait until you hear what makes us scream about some of the people in Facebook!

    Debbie Barth, Lynn Bensy, and Linda J Alexander are talking about what makes them want to Screaaaaaam … and they want to know what makes YOU want to scream?   Oh yeah .... there will be politics!

    Call in at 323-792-3071 and let us know what makes YOU want to scream.  You family and friends may not listen to you, but we will!  Well … probably we will … so ..

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    Going The Full Christian Route Once More

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Show Time, Radio Time once more! As we party on to a capella Christian music, I explain more of what I was raised with. Not to mention all that crazy stuff we're so used to seeing these days. Well, that I know of at least. I'm not one who stays updated with the "real world."

    Remember to keep those feet moving and a water bottle handy. I don't want you getting dehydrated now. We should be grooving to the music!

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    Short & Junk: I'm Going On An Adventure

    in Entertainment

    Penumbria asks: What kind of process do you go through when writing in a new fandom? How do you pick it? What kind of canon research do you do? I know you just started writing Hobbit this year. How do you make that decision? At what point do you usually decide how much of canon you are ignoring and what you want to change, major and minor?

    Time in a Bottle by Astolat

    Freedom is Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by synecdochic

    Imperfections by Dasha

    Carving by Sunryder

    Flowers for Yavanna by Soaba

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    A Little Bit of Random Never Hurt Anybody

    in Entertainment

    As I play more music, possibly the same stuff, I discuss plenty of things. Especially old baggage I don't normally talk about. Whoa, wait. Am I really going that low? What's happening? Am I becoming human?

    A reminder that it is, of course, Dancing Monday. Yay! Be sure to have a water bottle handy. I don't want you dehydrated. It is time to boogie oogie! Are you ready to dance your feet off? Join the party with me! 

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    Surviving on Shoestrings - Top 10 Trash Items to Reuse

    in Prepping

    Brought to you by PREPARE Magazine - Visit & Sign up for your FREE Digital Subscription!

    There are things around everyone's home that usually just get tossed in the trash without thinking.  But if you're on a tight budget, you may want to rethink, reuse, repurpose and recycle those items that would easily go into the garbage into items you would have spent hard earned money to replace.  

    Here are the items:

    Plastic Produce Bags
    Mesh Produce Bags
    Produce Baskets
    Coffee Grounds
    Empty Tin Cans
    Cardboard Tubes 
    Desecant or Silica Packets
    Plastic Newspaper Sleeve
    Any Bottle with an Eyedropper
    Used Dryer Sheets

    I always keep all of these items and more to use in multple ways.  It keeps me from spending money on other disposable items.  

    You'll have to listen to the show to hear how I use these!

    Have fun and enJOY the journey!


    Come like our Surviving On Shoestrings Facebook Page for more tips!

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    Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, Interview with Author Cal Wilson

    in Prepping

    Doctor Prepper™ interviews a new author in the preparedness non-fiction genre, Cal Wilson.

    Cal is a Christian, a patriot, a gun-owner, and a prepper. He is also a practicing attorney and has been involved in law enforcement for more than 20 years. He lives in an undisclosed location west of the Mississippi River with his wife and various family members.

    Wilson’s first book is entitled Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, which has been a very successful seller inpaperback and in Kindle formats. The complete title is: Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping: Cheap Stuff You Can Stockpile Now That Will Be Extremely Valuable When SHTF.

    Dirt Cheap… assumes the average family will not be able to stockpile everything needed for enduring a worst-case scenario. Rather, it suggests increasing the amounts of certain items for barter for other needed items when the need arises.

    Prepping needn't be expensive. By knowing some of the tricks of the prepping “trade,” you can save lots of money by just being aware of some of these tips:

    Dryer lint––makes an easy fire starter component so you can cook, purify water, or take a bath
    Salt––one of the most common kitchen products, but is worth its weight in gold in making food tasty and preserving meats when there is no refrigeration
    Bottled water––essential for short-term disasters when there is no tap water
    Used milk containers––use for non-potable water storage, such as flushing toilets or watering plants
    Used bottle drink containers––use for potable water storage, or for storing dried foods
    Addiction items––what items (tobacco, liquor, etc.) to store for barter in case of a longer-term disaster


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    IWS Radio: Saying Goodbye To Season Five

    in Comedy

    Grab a bottle of your favorite booze and crank up the volume because Jay, Matt, and everyone at IWS Radio are celebrating five years on the BlogTalkRadio network. After five years, 300+ episodes, and nearly 1.8 million listens since the painful C-section birth of IWS Radio, it's time for a podcast party of comedic proportions.

    Jay, Matt, and the rest of the IWS Radio team reflect on the best and worst of season five, while dignitaries such as Bill Clinton, John McCain, Donald Trump, Keith Olbermann, and many others chime in about the less than profound effect IWS Radio has had on their lives.

    So join Jay, Matt, Bobby Kraft, Guy Ahnyurdyck, Rev. Moneymaker, Jamie MapleLeaf, Schmoop, Slyder Balzcock and the rest of the gang along with your phone calls at 661.244.9852, as IWS Radio presents: Saying Goodbye To Season Five. 

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    Message in a bottle! " instead of a Seed"

    in The Bible

    This message will be talking about the Seeds that we plant and how they grow or blow away.  Being obedient to sowing like God says to sow.  This is the reason some are not Blessed, Some are waiting on a Ship to come in and all they sent was a message in a bottle.