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    Boston College Hockey: It's Hate Week

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    Come Saturday, Boston College and Boston University will play each other for their second meeting this season. After a 5-3 Terrier victory at Conte Forum, the series shifts down Comm. Ave. to the home of the red and white.

    The Eagles will board the Green Line and invade BU for round two of the Green Line Rivalry. After five goals in the third period of their last meeting, the blue collar BC squad, hoping to turn around their second half of the season, will take on Jack Eichel and the Terriers, a team vying for a #1 seed in the national tournament.

    We'll have a special edition of BCI Radio, one featuring Eastern Bias's Joe and Shep. We'll set up a great roundtable discussion, with Joe and Grant on one side and Shep and a partner of his choosing on the other. In the middle, reffing the situation, is New Guy - the regular host of BCI Radio and a noted fan of both programs.

    Tune in at 8 PM and deliver your questions for the guys to answer at 646-200-0446. It's a Boston city showdown in the timeless college hockey rivalry!

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    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Boston College Review/Duke Preview

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    Shortly after the Boston College/Syracuse game wraps up, John is joined by Dan and Jared to talk about what we saw and prep for the upcoming disaster vs. Duke.

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    Boston College Hockey: Eastern Bias Takeover!

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    The first half of the college hockey season is nearly in the books, and while the Boston College Eagles struggled through their first run, the Boston University Terriers enjoyed a renaissance to the days when they were one of the most feared brands in Division I.

    Throughout the college hockey season, we've had the privilege of listening to BC Interruption's Joe Grav duke it out with his buddy Shep on the Eastern Bias podcast. Eastern Bias quickly became the preeminent voice of Hockey East, and their list of guests include some of the elite names throughout arguably the nation's best college hockey conference.

    Now Joe and Shep will stage their first ever "takeover" of BCI Radio. With football season in our rearview mirror and the bowl game off on the horizon, our football guys will step aside for a week while the dynamic duo of Massachusetts ice rinks talk college hockey. For the first time, they'll be taking calls, and they'll be doing it on BCI at 646-200-0446.

    So tune in to talk hockey with Shep and Joe as BCI Radio has its first ever Eastern Bias Takeover

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    Boston College Football: BOWL WEEK ENGAGE!

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    We are now less than a week from the big game on Saturday - the 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl between Boston College and Penn State.

    Dan and AJ return to break this one down on the field and look at the matchups between both schools. It'll be a fun chess match on the sidelines between James Franklin and Steve Addazio, but what happens between the stripes? What can we expect? 

    When discussing Penn State, we'll be talking about the controversy swirling around their program this season. When the season began, the Nittany Lions weren't even supposed to be in a bowl game, still serving the ban imposed by the NCAA. Since then, though, the revelations about potential wrongdoing by the governing body in the wake of the horribly tragic scandal in Happy Valley became public, and the bowl ban was lifted. What kind of impact could that have on Saturday, and what are your thoughts on the matter?

    We'll be talking with guests about their thoughts for the bowl game and what to expect out of both the Eagles and Nittany Lions. We'll be taking your calls at 646-200-0446.

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    Boston College Football Preview: Syracuse Orange

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    It was close, but it wasn't meant to be.

    At 6-5, Boston College marches forward to its season finale. The Eagles will play their final home game of 2014 at Alumni Stadium on Saturday when they host the Syracuse Orange. It's the final time to see Tyler Murphy and the ultra-tough offensive line, and it'll come at a time when a win can mean a helluva lot.

    There's absolutely nothing the Eagles can leave on the table come Saturday because of bowl implications, and they'll have a great chance to match last year's 7-5 record when they take on the struggling Orange. 

    We'll answer some of the tough questions surrounding this matchup - how does BC line up against a bad Syracuse team that seems to always play the home team tough? Will Scott Schafer destroy another podium? Is Otto a man, woman, or something kind of in the middle?

    We'll be joined by the guys from Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician to talk Orange Eagle Trophy and bowl implications. It's the last chance to talk BC football this regular season as well, so call in at 646-200-0446

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    Negative Late Winter Boston Sports Talk

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    The Boston Bruins are officially terrible.  How to fix them?  Lots of ideas, and an approaching trade deadline, so maybe we'll see some answers.  Tune into Felix and Annie to hear their thoughts, and call in with your own.  Pitchers and catchers have reported for the Boston Red Sox, so we can officially talk spring training despite our 1000th snow storm in the past month.  The Celtics made a move this week, but doubtful that will be discussed, but you can call in to break it down if you would like. Tune in Sunday night at 8pm for sports hijinx!  Call the show at 914-338-1623.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - March 5, 2015

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    Tonight I will be breaking down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech given to a joint session of Congress. I will also talk about the growing unrest in the country, as well as give a tribute for someone special and a shout out to someone who had a baby this past week. All this and more on The Ed Boston Podcast. 

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    Boston College Athletics: Bowl Coverage Begins...And We'll Talk Some Hoops

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    We're under two weeks away from Boston College vs. Penn State in the 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl. We're also in the middle of a basketball season that's been pleasantly surprising. How could we choose which sport to cover?

    Easy. We couldn't. So we're going to do both.

    With the shadow and the excitement of the bowl game hanging over BC, we couldn't just turn that away, but at the same time, we can't avoid talking about the encouraging start by the hoopsters. So we're going to talk both on BCI Radio!

    Be sure to tune in as we talk attendance, marketing, and excitement surrounding the bowl game. We'll analyze how this bowl game has been different from the rest, how the efforts of the administration are totally different, and what we can expect from both fan bases as we get ready for the bowl game.

    We'll then transition to the hardwoods to start gearing up for the BC-USC game on Sunday. Hey, remember the last time these two schools met in any sport? That was exciting.

    We'll have our guests on to talk this one through, and be sure to call in and voice your opinion at 646-200-0446!

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - February 19th 2015

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    Lots going on with the Ed Boston brand. Tonight on the show, a new chapter in the podcast begins ...... Can you say video simulcast? Gives opportunity to show articles referenced and other features that I'm really excited about. 

    As for topics, I plan to discuss the EdBoston.com site outage and other internet security "issues", this podcast having had over a quarter of a million listens AND celebrating 7 years on the air. 

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    Boston College Football Preview: Florida State Seminoles

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    Following a week layoff following the loss to Louisville, the Eagles are back for what might be their best and strongest opponent of the season - Florida State.

    Few teams need no introduction in the way FSU does. The Seminoles are the defending national champions, their star starting quarterback as controversial as he is talented, the defending Heisman Trophy. Their team, well coached, is among the best in the nation, and they're in the running for a shot at the national championship's inaugural College Football Playoff.

    On the other hand, there's much to talk about with regards to BC. Tyler Murphy will need to bounce back from his worst performance of the year, and the offense will need to get back to its basics. We're at the stage of the year where we know what we're looking for from the Eagles, and this gives us the chance to reset how it can work against a team like FSU.

    With Dan visiting the sunny Caribbean sun, AJ takes over the reigns of the BCI Radio Show. Give him a call and rub it in about how much better he does than Dan at 646-200-0446. Also be sure to razz whoever is grabbing the cohost chair or weigh in with thoughts shared from our guests.

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    Boston College Basketball: 30 for 30 and "Playing For The Mob"

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    ESPN's critically acclaimed "30 for 30" series premieres this Tuesday with Playing for the Mob.  The story details the Boston College point shaving scandal of 1978-1979, its players, characters, and how the mob bought college basketball.

    In 1978, Henry Hill, a noted gangster from the Lucchese crime family in New York City, teamed up with Rocco and Tony Perla from Pittsburgh to buy Boston College basketball.  Hill, the protagonist from the movie Goodfellas who passed away last year, the Perlas, and BC basketball player Rick Kuhn spearheaded an effort for the Eagles to fix games by shaving points.

    With teammates involved, Kuhn orchestrated point shaving games across nine games between December and February, 1978-1979.  What started as a simple scheme became a story of high stake gambling, the Mafia, and Boston College.  The scheme remained a secret until Hill turned informant in 1980.

    We will spearhead a discussion of the story, its impact on college sports, and the prospect of match fixing as it continues today.  We'll be joined by a panel of guests throughout the night, and we'll help get you ready for Boston College basketball season, the first under recently appointed head coach Jim Christian.

    This is going to be one helluva show, and like so many before it, one you won't want to miss!  So tune in and talk BC basketball and Goodfellas as we gear up for Tuesday's premiere of Playing for the Mob!

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