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    How to overcome Boredom (Colossians 3:1-17; Psalm 137:6)

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    Is being bored a sin?  What does it mean to be bored?

    Torah:  Gen. 18:1–22:24

    Haftarah (Prophets):  2 Kings 4:1–37

    Apostolic Scriptures:  Luke 2:1-38


  • friday night boredom killer

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    call now lets talk nothing off limits 

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    Randomness + Boredom = X

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    No clue UR guess is as good as mineZ! 



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    Tween Talk- Boredom in kids

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    Today, I will be starting a discussion on  boredom. Meaning we should stop be bored in school, and you should never ever show that your bored. Christina wants tweens to know that they should show respect and understand that not everything in life will be their way. If you have any questions, comments or concerns let me know by calling (646)478-0296.
    Enjoy the show!
    Christina- TweenTalk show host.

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    Boredom + Randomness = X

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    Whats on the brain? 
    It has been a hot minute since i have broadcasted. 
    -Shout outs
    -Moments of clarity
    -Struggles to attain those moments
    -concluding everything must have some reason for playing out the way it does, will or has.....
    -In the blink of an eye
    -Irritating Thoughts
    Everyone have a safe halloween...!
    Hope to see you back!

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    Boredom + Family = Good Times

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    Welcome! Last nights show was a little chaotic and misjudged.  So I apologize the racket/distorted audio that was a result from the background noise. 

    I have high hopes that tonights show will be how I envisioned last nights show to be.

    Multiple guests throughout the show, and multiple random topics that will be discussed briefly, and possibly in depth.

    Things on the brain right now as I type this description:

    -Stalkers- when is enough too much and too much not enough?

    -Less sugar coating and more grabbing the bull by the balls.

    -What really really works my nerves.


    -Relationships- Open verses Faithful verses double lives.

    -In closing...

    Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you back!

    S o l i d

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    Boredom + Randomness(squared) = X

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                             Welcome Back Everyone!! 
    This is your host, One Beat One Pulse, Solid Ground, and today is Tuesday October 22,2013..   ***Please ollow me @ twitter: truckstoptommy facebook: OneBeatOnePulse SolidGround and of course here at: www.blogtalkradio.com/solidground*** Before we get started.... Have you ever been asked by someone i they could give you a "reading...?" Or maybe ask to read your palm, or even just have an individual claim to have the ability to see in your future, and maybe even having the ability to contact the dead and give and or receive messages...? I would like to skim these topics and from personal experiences and information shared from friends of mine I have drawn my own strong and a little complex theory on the matter....   Other topics that may come up thats on my mind: -Online datine.... -Manifestations -Addiction -Misleading or as I  like to say False Advertising -Misc ***Please ollow me @ twitter: truckstoptommy facebook: OneBeatOnePulse SolidGround and of course here at www.blogtalkradio.com/solidground*** Hope you enjoy the show and remember any feedback is highly appreciated...Hope to see you again... S o l i d
    ***Please ollow me @ twitter: truckstoptommy facebook: OneBeatOnePulse SolidGround and of course here at: ww.blogtalkradio.com/solidground***  

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    Was it Discernment or Boredom That Made Them Walk Away?

    in Health

    What was the hidden agenda that caused many people, even reporters, to walk out of Obama's recent "support the candidate" speech in Maryland?  Has the tenets of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling finally been able to help people discern who is telling the truth, or not?

    Join us we exam the topics and reveal the hidden agendas and real motivations of at least one president.

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    Boredom + Randomness = X

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    Welcome this is another test for audio and a kindof rough draft of the ultimate show coming in the near future...
    Whats on the brain right now...?
    -Gettin Silly
    Myths that are actually proven true.
    Some facts not commonly known about sex.
    Bizzar Facts and or world records.
    -Phone call(s)
    Some more emails from you about what really works your ******* nerve.
    Hope you enjoy and hope to see you back :)
    S o l i d

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    Boredom + Randomness = X

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    Welcome back everyone, I hope all had a fun and safe Halloween.
    Whats on the brain tonight?
    -Who decides whats appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to a doctors professionalism or lack of...
    -You know what really works my nerve.
    -I am not sure I like this twitter.
    -Sex, Drugs, and...
    -How this all started.
    -Q&A emails received on what really works ones nerves, and an open invite to send in what really works your nerves.
    Hope you enjoy and hope to see you back...

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    The Reason for Adultery | K8084

    in Relationships

    Complimentary - Antidoteforall.com

    This is the best program of September 2001, part 2,
    originally broadcast as the Tape of the Month.
    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed boredom means not wanting to be still and be saved from your problem.

    Calls include: a man asks what would cause a wife to commit adultery, a woman gambles to get
    excitement and the pressure to function, what boredom means, and a man who was wrongfully arrested.

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K150128.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Check Out - FhuEngland.com

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