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    Tom Levenson, Bora Zivkovic VS Science

    in Science

    Tom Levenson - filmmaker, author and professor of science writing at MIT - talks with chronobiologist Bora Zivkovic,  Blog Editor at Scientific American, blogger at A Blog Around The Clock, organizer of ScienceOnline conferences, and editor of Open Laboratory anthologies of the best writing on science blogs. Follow @TomLevenson @BoraZ Links: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/ http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/a-blog-around-the-clock/ http://inversesquare.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/reasoning-with-the-blogfather-or-something-fun-to-listen-to-at-6-p-m-est-tonight/ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/virtually-speaking-science/2012/04/12/naomi-oreskes-tom-levenson http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/a-blog-around-the-clock/2012/11/21/the-other-kinds-of-expertise/

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    Javi Bora and Sergio Barros- the Charles Int'l House Music 2-4pm EST Saturdays

    in Radio

    Charles Berrin is the RDJ of Charles International House Music radio program that showcases and features DJs from around the world playing all thea best of HOUSE MUSIC -- Techno, Tribal, Euro, Vocal, Jazz, Ethnic, Progressive, Deep, Minimal, Funky, Soulful, Gospel and more.  Each Saturday from 2 to 4pm (EST) broadcasting from Washington, DC, USA.

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    HONEY HUSH- (Love, Relationship,Sex &Dating ) Relationship Q&A Session-JAN 2015

    in Romance

             Okay, MAN has been on the earth story told longer than woman has, but he was lonely.  AS THE STORY GOES and the Lions and trees weren't enough, nor the fish and the flowers.  He was friendly with the wildlife, and had the beauty of nature, but he has needed the beauty of woman to complete his mission here on this planet.  Now ever since the two of them have been here together what should have been bliss, joy and sexual activity 'til the break of dawn has turned to constant conflict and division.  Are they couples that get along with each other?  Sure they are, but they are not found anywhere.  The days of Ozzie & Harriet (look it up, google it) are gone forever.  We are confronted with THE REAL HOUSEWIVES and BORA BORA and FETCH BOY DEMANDS.  (Neither are shows.......yet, but you get my drift.)  Men are from MARS, Women are from VENUS.  I never got the meaning of that, but here on HONEY HUSH they will explore the possibilities and maybe come up with a fe3w solutions.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo - ARE YOU READY TO GET IT ON AND ON?  347-205-9366.  Stephanie and her crew AWAIT YOU with open Maury Povich arms.  347-205-9366.

  • Conversation and Poetry with ryki zuckerman

    in Poetry

    Welcome to conversation and poetry with ryki zuckerman. ryki zuckerman is a poet, editor, teacher, and artist who is the author of the full-length volume, Looking for Bora Bora , and also the chapbook, body of the work. Her poems have appeared in numerous publications. ryki has been a featured reader at many venues in the Buffalo area, and is the host of the Wordflight poetry reading series. She also curates and hosts the Gray Hair Reading Series. The late Robert Creeley said of her work: "ryki zuckerman practices the lively art of upfront truth-telling with a valid poetic license."

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    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog with Andrea, De'Bora and Faith speaking on "Persevering Through Fath" with Scripture Hebrews 10:22-23.   

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    JESUS....The Only Way Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    JESUS....The Only Way Radio-Blog is having Our Members On, Sis Andrea, Sis De'Bora, Bro Bryant and Sis Faith sharing a piece of Testiomy and what the Lord has placed on their heart and anyone who wants to share are Welcome.

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    The View Up Here talks First Nations, Federal law and the deception on us all

    in Politics

    The View Up Here looks at the avalanche of Federal laws from Emperor and the Corporate Pacification Committee (CPC) aimed specifically at First Nations and indirectly at all Canadians as they try the old divide and conquer game once more. The novelty this time is the dividing is mostly aimed at First Nations themselves in some instances. The attempt to turn non-Indiginous Canadians against First Nations is not new however, far from it.

    First Nations Financial Transparency Act (Bill C-27)

    First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act (Bill C-33)

    Don't these sound noble and enabling? We've seen this act from Emperor consistently. Like the "Fair Elections Act" and the "Protecting Canadians From Online Crime Act". Neither of which do anything like the title claims.

    Joining me will be Rachel Snow, an Indiginous consultant, researcher and analyst who is legally trained with more than 20 years experience involving all matters First Nations related. Also joining me will be Judith Sayers, a former Chief of Hupacaseth First Nation, a professor at University of Victoria, a business and law degree holder (doctorate of law), negotiator, consultant and honored Bora Laskin Fellowship of Human Rights winner.

    What does the future hold for the Assembly of First Nations? Has self-governance for First Nations gotten closer or further from reality under the Harper regime? What role does the Federal Court and the Supreme Court have in the scheme of things? We will talk about all these things and where the CPC gang is trying to steer Turtle Island and all of its inhabitants. There is only one group left that has any say over the air, land and water. And that group is First Nations.

    The View Up Here looks forward to comment from two such highly qualified guests. And you are invited to join us. Listen in, join the chat room, or call in and contribute. Miigwetch.

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    Social Media and Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Queenfg

    in Relationships

    Let's have candid, open, and real conversations about Love, Lies and Relationships!  Join your host Queenfg Dointhedayummost for an open forum about Social Media and Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    At a glance:

    There are many social-media offenses that can lead your senses astray when evaluating a potential mate. Maybe your new man has perfected the art of portraying himself as a lover of travel or has multiple pictures of himself carrying the cutest kids you've ever seen on his shoulders. It would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with this catalog husband on your computer screen. So before you even sit down to dinner, visions of your perfect children and your exotic honeymoon to Bora Bora are already swimming around your brain. The problem with falling in love with someone's two-dimensional Facebook profile is that you never know what lies beyond that sparkling smile in front of the Taj Mahal.

    Then there are those rare occasions where you meet someone through that archaic medium for interaction: in person. He is charming and makes you laugh, and you leave him excited to learn more. But you just can't wait until he returns from his work trip, so you decide to perform a harmless little Internet search on him, and like many attractive guys, he's just not very photogenic. All of a sudden you are questioning the real connection you had with him because you are having trouble picturing your wedding photos. Or maybe his status updates leave a little to be desired. Forget being witty in person; his interests utterly bore you. So even though your first impression of him was solid, your little date with his social-media presence leaves you second-guessing your connection.

    (source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tyler-curry/how-social-media-are-ruining-your-love-life_b_4317987.html)

    We'd love to hear your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences...

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    movie review: Final: The rapture

    in News

    In Los Angeles, Colin Nelson desperately attempts to flee to Bora Bora. Keenly aware that he's in the Tribulation period, his only hope is in a mysterious man. In Tokyo, a journalist, Masashi, tries to unravel the ...

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    QUEENS: Celebrates the triumphs of De'Bora Brown on "A Touch of Grace"

    in Spirituality

    QUEENS: Celebrates the  triumphs of De'Bora Brown on "A Touch of Grace," Saturday, 1/25/2014, at 1:30PM [Pacific Standard Time]. To listen into the show click the link,or on the date of the show call the call in number to the show: (347) 215-7169.

    Her Story:

    “Letting Go”

    18 years ago, on this day I was incarcerated in the County Jail. Looking, waiting to spend 10-15 years in jail. I had been arrested on July 24th, and new I had played my last hand. There was no more fight in me. I was done! I had called out to God, and His response was for me to be where I was. For the 1st time in years, I was ready and willing to accept the consequences of my behavior. What a revelation! I was so tired, so afraid, so raggedy that being in jail was a step up. Of course, I had no idea what His plans for me were {Jeremiah 29:11}, but I knew it was better than anything I could come up with. Should I shout now, or ya’ll wanna here more? Well, needless to say I was sitting there amongst other women who were cussing, fussing, who were of course “innocent”, and this time I was not joining in. Wow! I didn’t call my family{I should have}, because I didn’t want a lawyer, I had no more lies or excuses in me, so I isolated from the outside world. I had not seen my oldest boys in years, and my youngest in months. How wretched I felt, but again, I could not/would not blame anyone else…not this time. I sat in the County for 89 days, before I got indicted. I knew I had open cases, and probation violations and it was expected, I still had peace. I was at last safe...

    full story: http://author2be.wordpress.com/?s=De%27Bora+Brown-Brooks


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    NFM Now Faith Ministries Radioblog

    in Religion

    NFM Now Faith Ministries is believeing in the integrity of God despite what things look like and is the basis of the entire Christine Life and is based on the Foundation of Hebrews 11:1-6, Salvation, the accepting of Christ Jesus and in this Radioblog, NFM as a group will be a witness to others as we share what God has done in each and every one of our lives and Our First Member and Administrator De'Bora Brown-Brooks will be our Witness of what God has done in her like through her Testimony.

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