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    Confidence & Strength

    in Entertainment

    This show explores the ideas of Confidence & Strength. How often do we feel unworthy or bad about ourselves? When we have the courage to hold onto beneficial thoughts, it makes all the difference. There is a natural flux of ups & downs, yet things can change with just one new thought.

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    Birth With Confidence

    in Family

    Tonight I will be speaking with Rhea Dempsey, we will be discussing what it takes to give birth with confidence. We will talk about normal physiological birth and pain. Join us live to share stories ask questions or Fan girl over Rhea, goodness knows it will be hard for me not to...

    About Rhea Dempsey

    An educator, speaker, author and birth attendant (doula) with experience at over 1,000 births, Rhea Dempsey is a respected birth practitioner with a reputation as one of the foremost thinkers on the topic of working with pain in childbirth and its connection to normal physiological birthing.

    With three adult daughters of her own and two grandchildren, Rhea’s understanding of birth has been gained during 36 years working with women in home and hospital settings.

    Rhea is a highly sought after speaker and presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops on birth and counselling issues. She regularly addresses pregnant women, their partners and support people; complementary health practitioners; midwives and medical practitioners.

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    Persistent and Confidence

    in The Bible

    Being Persistent In outr Walk with Christ Produces Confidence In Christ. Tune in and see How and what the Lord is Saying

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    The Secret to Kick-Ass Confidence

    in Women

    In just about two and half months we'll step into 2016! WooHoo! Don't you want to step into the new year not just wiser but bolder and richer? I sure do. Well, how do you get richer? You gotta get bolder. You've got to put your BIG woman panties on. You've got to believe in yourself. You've got to grow your frickin' confidence, right? 

    I've invited one of my favorite coaches, speakers, and all-around spectacular women, Janine A. Ingram, to join me on She Struts Radio to talk about growing our confidence. Come, join the conversation. Bring your questions, comments, pearls and wisdom. 

    Janine A Ingram, the author of the powerful book, Born to Be Rich, does Vagina Workshops and teaches people how to manifest with their sexual energy. She, a radio personality, is also the host of The Love Journey, Inc., a prayer, praise & inspiration tele-conference that "airs" Mon - Fri @ 6 AM CST/7 AM EST. To join the call: 712-432-0900, PIN 772719. To reach Janine by email: ingram_janine@yahoo.com. 

    "Follow" She Struts Radio. And I invite you to visit me, your host, DeBora M. Ricks, at www.DeBoraRicks.com.  

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    Confidence in Your Thoughts

    in Self Help

    In today's episode, Pat Council will inspire you to have more confidence in your own thoughts.  Also, learn what maybe interfering with having confident thinking.  The effects of confident thinking can change your world and the world we all live in when we know how to use it. Start learning to discipline your mind and get the things you want for you life. Get some great insight on today's show. Repeat show.

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    The Unshakable Self: How to Develop the Confidence of a Champion

    in Spirituality

    Low self-esteem bringing you down? Guess what: you don't need anyone's affection or approval in order to be good enough. 

    This episode will focus on how you can develop the confidence of a champion for complete control over not just your life, but your destiny! 

    Hosted by KEEN's very own Persian Medium I Am Power.


    Sign up today to get 3 Free Minutes towards your first conversation with an intuitive advisor! 

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    The Confidence Series: How Confidence is Formed and Strengthened

    in Self Help

    Join NIcole Greer, PPCC, aka The Vibrant Coach for a three week series on confidence. In this episode, Nicole will share how confidence is formed and strengthened.

    Confidence is defined as: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

    To build this "feeling", you must take actions that shoot you up the feeling scale!  The key to strengthening this feeling is to take massive action in a positive direction.  Using The S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology™, Nicole will share Strategies, Systems, and Smarts that help you appreciate who you are, your abilities, and qualities.  Through Vibrant Coaching's proven vision process, you'll begin to see that you are packed with potential, full of possibilties, and have a purpose just perfect for you. 


  • The 12 Confidence Strategies!

    in Self Help

    You can be confident. 

    If, you choose it. Choosing confidence requires you to notice, notice, notice what actions take you up the feeling scale.  In this week's episode, the second episode in the confidence series, you'll take away 12 strategies that boost your confidence put you in a "state" of fearlessness. In last week's Confidence Episode, Nicole defined confidence as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

    This week's episode expands that!

    Nicole experienced being coached with Dan Sullivan's incredible definition of confidence. He states, "Confidence is the ability to transform fear into focused and relaxed thinking, communication, and action--with a result that dangers become opportunities, obstacles become innovations, weaknesses become advantages, and setbacks become breakthroughs." This robust definition at its heart implores you to examine your circumstances, create a right thought that creates a positive feeling that propels you into Next Right Steps that give you serious results.  Again, in this episode we'll dive deeply into the self-coaching model:

    C - Circumstances

    T - Thought

    F - Feeling

    A - Actions

    R - Results

    And explore 12 Strategies that will create optimum circumstances in your life! 




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    Morning Connection - Confidence And How To Be Popular

    in Motivation

    HERE'S THE OFFER I MADE DURING THIS LIVE VIDEO - RANDOM COACHING CALLS - Send me an email at skip@skiplacour.com or private message me here on this

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    These podcasts are done live on video every morning at 10 am (Eastern) / 7 am (Pacific) at www.facebook.com/SkipLaCourPage and simultaneously on Periscope @skiplacoour.

    Or, go here and fill out this form: www.skiplacourcoaching.com/mc.

    Skip La Cour helps ambitious men understand and execute effective leadership and influence strategies to reach their goals in life with more clarity and confidence.

    Visit the MANformation Confidence and Leadership website at www.MANformation.com.

    Do you have a challenge you need some help solving? If your question is selected to be answered during one of these daily videos, you'll win a free follow up coaching call for a deeper explanation of your details, greater insight, and more clarity.

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    The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership with Carol Sankar

    in Management

    Let's have some conversation with today's leading women in leadership and high level CEO's to learn how they claimed their Confidence Factor. The visionary behind this movement, Carol Sankar, commenced the Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership research in 2011 after a long successful career in real estate and law, yet taking note of the lack of powerful women in profitable industries.

    Sankar developed a private group of 100 women and asked the difficult questions about profit, asking for more, and gaining access to elevated opportunities in their career and business for 4 consecutive years and measured their growth. As a result, she took her findings and started the Confidence Factor movement and round-table series for high achieving women who feel the "plateau" of success. She realized the reason why women plateaued was due to lack of confidence

    .Her first book, The Confidence Factor for Women in Business, became an international bestseller. The new book, The Confidence Factor for Women: Conversations with Women CEO's, includes personal and professional stories from leaders. Readers will understand the obstacles that all women face in their journey, including Carol's journey breaking through the boundaries of women in real estate investing.

    What you'll glean from this conversation: The clarity to focus on leadership; The confidence to face the obstacles; The tools to access elevated opportunities and MORE!

      Carol Sankar has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show, CNNMoney.com, TEDx, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine.

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    Live Interview With LaQuisha Hall CEO & Founder of Couture'd Confidence

    in Christianity

    Who empowers her community through mentoring girls, uplifting abuse survivors and blogging about looking and feeling great while living life on purpose?

    LaQuisha Hall, the “Unbothered Queen” of Confidence, goes far beyond what is expected of her. There was a time in LaQuisha’s life where she was not confident in much. She struggled through low self-esteem due to being naturally thin, witnessed domestic violence as a child and was sexually abused by clergy as a teen. Now an international advocate for herself and others, LaQuisha actively works to empower women and youth to overcome catastrophe through Coutured Confidence.

    LaQuisha is a force to be reckoned with in communities. She is an award winning community service leader  winning regional, state and national pageant titles including Mrs. Essence 2013.  She founded the SheRose Awards to give a platform to abuse survivors to share their own stories. Beginning her skills in mentoring at age 16, LaQuisha also spends hours locally and abroad mentoring via her nonprofit program, Queendom T.E.A. (The Etiquette Academy), committed to encouraging and teaching teen girls about personal safety, feminine etiquette and positive self-esteem. She is the author of a self-esteem journal for young girls, Positively Bodyful, and the coauthor of additional books. LaQuisha also enjoys keeping her look fresh while inspiring others as the natural hair and fashion guru behind Corner Curl Girl.

    Her “survive, then conquer” philosophy teaches communities to not only overcome catastrophe, but to support others in doing the same. LaQuisha has empowered others to empower others for over a decade and has no plans of stopping!

    Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery host of The Man IN The Mirror and co-host Nichelle Johnson as we welcome this AWESOME, I can't wait till we speack to her woman to our show.  You're jaw will drop after hearing what she has to say.

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