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    Jean Newell - Makin It - Boomerpreneur

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    Jean Newell is the author of “How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business” as well as a successful entrepreneur /inventor.
    She has effectively self-marketed her products to online stores, gift catalogs, retail chains and QVC. She is a speaker and trainer with the Women's Business Centers and the Florida Small Business Development Center as well as a mentor with NASA’s entrepreneurial training program. Jean and her products have been featured in major media outlets such as: the NY Daily News, The Washington Post, Fox News, The Daily Buzz and most recently Jean was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show during the segment, “Fearless Boomers Starting Over”.
    Jean’s mission is to be an inspiration to those facing the challenge of re-inventing themselves later in life.

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    Business Spotlight-Boomerpreneur Jean Newell

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    Due to the economy I was recently faced with the challenge of starting over. When my 35-year real estate career came to an end I, like so many other millions of Americans, had to re-examine my life. I fit right into the age group most likely to be laid off; Boomers (age 47-63), too young to retire, too old to start over and the nest egg has crumbled.

    What are the options? Living under a bridge? Winning the Lottery? Both had odds I wasn't willing to explore. It seemed so obvious to me. I went back to the basics of American self-reliance? So, without any formal background in business, finance, manufacturing or distribution I decided to "hire myself" and become an entrepreneur/inventor.

    Everyone said it couldn't be done and I wouldn't be able to survive, much less compete with BIG business. But luckily I didn't listen to them. I combined my creative talents, hobbies and passions, with my business expertise and invented and distributed my own line of innovative products. I successfully marketed my inventions to online stores, gift catalogs, major retail chains and yes even to the coveted electronic retailer QVC.

    Not only did I prove the Nay Sayers wrong I also proved to myself that anything is possible. I'm now able to share my story, advice and experience with other Boomers who may be facing unemployment. I have partnered with the Small Business Development Center and the Women's Business Center (all part of the US Small Business Administration) offering mentoring and training to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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    The Indefatigable Entrepreneur

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    Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha is the Executive Director at Retire-At-Home Services in Mississauga and Milton.  She provides personalized in-home health care, from home support services to nursing care, for seniors and their families. Her goal with Retire-At-Home is to ensure safety and independence for seniors, and peace of mind for their families, so that seniors in Mississauga and Milton can truly “retire at home.” Rosanna is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, meaning she’s a passionate advocate for seniors and their families. She volunteers with the Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network and founded the Boomers in Peel and Boomers in Halton multicultural mix groups to provide support and education. She is also committed to fundraising for Canada Cares, ALS Society of Canada, Multicultural Seniors Club and Health Care Organizations.

    That's not all! In 2014 Rosanna launched on March 9, 2104, Absolutely Fabulous Women over Forty with its first event, 40 Over Forty, honored women with outstanding achievements for themselves and for service to others and The Boomerpreneur on March 16, 2014 – this is a community of Boomer Entrepreneurs who owns a small business or starting a business.  The mission of this business networking organization is to bring together Boomers to educate, collaborate,  empower and help them succeed.

    Rosanna - Retire At Home     Boomerpreneur     Rosanna - Twitter

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    I V A Radio Presents...the Return of the Boomerpreneur Jean Newell

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    Great holiday tips from the woman that coined the term boomerpreneur. Entrpreneur Jean Newell returns to the IVA Radio Network to share more of her tips for successful holiday marketing for your business. Don't miss out!!!

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    How to Turn your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business.

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    My guest will be Jean Newell a Boomerpreneur and author of "How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business. Jean who is mature and like so many other unemploed Americans, faced the challenge of starting over later in life. When her 35 year real estate career came to an end she went against the odds and naysayers and became an inventor.
    With no formal training in business, finance or distribution, Jean was able to design, manufacture and successfully self-market her line of wearable organizer bags to major retailers, online stores, gift catalogs and even to the coveted electronic retailer QVC. She has been interviewed in dozens of newspapers, magazines and online publications as well as national radio and television shows. After appearing on the TODAY Show during a "Fearless Bookmers Starting Over" segment, she received a call from NASA to be a mentor with their new entrepreneurial retraining program for their exiting aerospace sngineers. 
    Jean will share her story and inspire you to live your passion please take a look at Jean's Video at http: www.youtube.com/.watch?>v=Jlj2nCGoxFM

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    K I V A Talk Radio Interviews Boomerpreneur Jean Newell!

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    Jean Newell the "Boomerpreneur", has held many jobs over 60 plus years, but basically only one career- Real Estate. However the decline of the real estate market forced her to find another vocation. But if you're over 45 what do you do with that 25 year experience in an industry that may no longer exist? She's going to answer that question on this show! See how to get past feeling helpless when you lose a job and get back in the saddle!

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    New Pathway To Healing: An Interview With Charlyn Shelton

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    Charlyn Shelton, Boomerpreneur uses her unparalleled business background to create a life devoted to helping you find happiness, balance and success. As a baby boomer and long time entrepreneur with 25 yrs. experience of several multi-million dollar companies she is now an international speaker helping others to find JOY in life.
    Her true life passion is making a difference in people’s lives through her international speaking to help people do, see and experience what matters most to them.
    Her passion is as Mastermind Facilitator, Mentor and more for the spiritually minded.
    She genuinely loves to be a catalyst to JOY. With her humor and her contagious laugh you too will understand why Charlyn inspires and motivates people to change.
    And for all those interested, she has brought copies of The WHY CAFE for you. She truly appreciates sharing a part of your life with you!

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    Comedian Dan Nainan and Boomerpreneur Jean Newell Share their Wonderful Ah-Ha Moments

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    Comedian Dan Nainan has an impressive list of accomplishments. You may have seen him in one of those fun Apple vs. PC commercials or read about him in the New York Times. He's here to share how comedy became a part of his life and how he is inspiring others in his work.

    As a 35 year veteran real estate agent, every year Newco Enterprises' founder Jean Newell, struggled keeping track of the ever increasing small gizmos and gadgets needed for her business.

    She also heard other Realtors complaining of the same problem, not having a place to keep their: palm pilots, cell phones, reading glasses, pen, lock box key, and Blackberry, etc. Jean decided to hold focus groups to determine what was needed to solve this rapidly growing problem.

    Several months and just as many prototypes later she created the first "high tech" tool belt. With the help of other associates they decided on the name- the PUP (acronym for personal utility pouch).

    Due to the easy access and stylish design, the PUP soon attracted a wide variety of consumers with their own special PUP uses.

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    Pete Peters - Makin' It

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    “Makin’ It” is your opportunity to promote your business, invention, product, start-up or great idea. We are all about giving Boomers in transition a platform to start their new journey.
    You can have a ten minute conversation on “Makin’ It” and you will receive an MP3 of the conversation complete with a musical intro and close.
    You will be able to use as part of your marking efforts via Twitter, Facebook, email or any other social media you use.
    Contact Boomer and The Babe Inc and arrange for your promotional conversation about how you are “Makin’ It”.
    Listen in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9AM Arizona time to learn how others are Makin’ It.

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    INTERVIEW with "Boomerpreneur" JEAN NEWELL: Inventor of PUP (Personal Utility Pouch) & Gizmo

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    Like so many other unemployed Americans, Jean Newell faced the challenge of staring over later in life. When her 35- year real estate career came to an end she went against the nay Sayers and became an inventor. Without any formal training in business, finance or distribution, she was able to design, manufacture and successfully self-market her line of wearable organizer bags to major retailers, online stores, gift catalogs and even to the coveted electronic retailer QVC. She was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show during a "Fearless Boomers Starting Over" segment where she talked about her role as an entrepreneur and how other people can model her story. Learn more @ www.JeanNewell.com and www.newcomarketing.com

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    Jean Newell: Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business!

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    Recession proof your bank account by Turning your PINK slip into a RED hot business with the amazing international sensation - Jean Newell.  You may have seen her on QVC, Fox News, The Daily Buzz, or with Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show.
    Jean Newell the "Boomerpreneur" had many jobs in her 60 plus years, but basically only one career- Real Estate. However, with the decline of the real estate market she knew she had to find another vocation. If you're over 45 you're probably feeling the same way as I did; helpless and hopeless. What do you do with that 25 year experience in an industry that may no longer exist? 

    Or perhaps you're one of the millions of Baby Boomers or seniors who can't live on a retirement check and you've lost your investments. You now need to find other sources of income. 
    Jean will help you find a new direction, a new beginning and best of all a new income producing opportunity.  My forthcoming book "How To Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business" will help the unemployed successfully transition from career employee to entrepreneur.  Email me at Jean@JeanNewell.com for your FREE sneak preview (type Free sneak book preview in the subject line.) 
    Visit Jean at http://www.NewcoMarketing.com