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    We are going to interview her, 4 times winner of next face contest!



    Heaven Hightower / Professional Runway, Print Model

    9 year old Heaven Hightower better known as Model Heaven has modeled for two years has trained with the best industry professionals Olando Ceo of Multi4orce and Tina B learning different techniques .She also takes acting classes with Cassi Simmons and Mykel Coleman at the Mykel Coleman studio's ..She is in training and on the way as a star.

    For bookings and to follow click at these links:


    Instagram -Modelheaven1

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    Poetic Baby Boomer to Sci-Fi author...his smooth transition dealing with change!

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    Another great show y'all! Tonight is all about Royer's!  Do not even know if they are kin, but both have excellent works!  Tonight is also our first "Ask Mama Char" segment and it's a doozie...y'all do not want to miss my answer to this question!

    We will talk with author, Daniel B. Royer, about his books "The Biography of an American Poet: Written in poetic script.", "Poetic Biography of an American Baby Boomer" and his latest sci-fi "Secrets of the Egoles Nest, Book 1".  We are going to listen to his story of how he wrote biographies in poetic formatting and making everything rhyme to his transition into science-fiction. Check him out on Amazon and Goodreads.  

    Our musical guest is Glen Royer with his single "Change is now here"...great vibe and uplifting lyrics.  Listen to Glen's songs on CBC Music and on YouTube (I love his handle TrueBeatlePeople).

    And as always, I would love to hear from y'all at MamaChar.com and on all social medias @MamaCharBlessed.  Drop me a line and ask your question or comment on the show.



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    Corrine Dayman, International, Model and Spokesperson

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     Corrine Dayman,

    President, TAP International, Model and Spokesperson

    As I embark on my 10th year of being a female entrepreneur in the marketing and public relations biz, I ask myself one simple question….. What the hell was I thinking? A lone wolf in the woods where the predators are men and the game is to keep your wits about you, your credibly in check and your shirt on is one that I was certainly not expecting.

    Looking back, I recall finding myself in various situations where I would wonder – how exactly did I get myself here? Walking a fine line between business associate and friendly colleague, the daily challenge is to stay afloat and keep the client satisfied, while not giving in to his suggestion of something more…..

    Ah yes, something more….an obvious distraction that no one likes to talk about but is oh so relevant in the world of small business. A constant dance of sexual tension, mixed with blatant come ons with a hint of flirtation. Just add alcohol and you have yourself a disaster waiting to happen.

    If only I were warned that being a female in business could be so demeaning. Fortunately, like many of you, I have personal standards and a code of ethics that I run my life by. Sure, I can go head to head with the “big boys” and come out relatively unscathed, but it doesn’t mean that this protects me from the natural predator vs. prey condition that hides in the corner at every business meeting.

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    Cindy Joseph, The Boomer Super Model

    in Women

    Cindy Joseph is both a model and a role model for women over 50. Turning “ageless” into “agefull,” Cindy is revolutionizing the look of aging with her both her line of cosmetics, Boom!, and her philosophy, “It’s time to throw out the anti-age view and step into the powerful realization that every woman can have fun passion, sensuality, wisdom, and beauty throughout her life… not just halfway through it.”
    So—if this sounds good to you—you’ll want to be sure to catch this lively discussion all about what Cindy calls: The Pro-Age Revolution!

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    Woman2Woman Wednesdays The Model Idea

    in Entertainment

    Hosted By Danaya Azure and Diva EbonyB

    Guests Ms United Nations Ambassador/Founder of Live Out Loud Charity/Editor in Chief of Tiara Magazine Sherrie Gearheart Producer/Singer/SongWriter/Actor John Hill  Brand Ambasador f House of Byfield/Owner of M and M Modelig Magazine Michael Anthony Richardson

    The Model Idea is new TV Series starring Michael Anthony, Co-Starring Sherrie Gearheart
    and Executive Produced by John Hill is auditioning for 30 models for the show. Winner will recieve the opportunity to walk New York Fashion Week .That will air on SPTV

    Follow us on Twitter @danayaazure @divaebonyb @divaspotradio

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

     Rich is a State of Mind ! The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show our guest will definitely share some great tips as well as help educate savers & investors. We're still in the first month of the year, and many people have still not written down their New Years resolutions, while many others have already forgotten about theirs, and returned to business as usual. Are you well on your way to becoming Wealthy? Are there some obstacles on that path? Is your level of Wealth DNA high enough to make it to your ultimate goal?

           For those who have not yet achieved financial independence, or concerned you'll never make it – our guest will share some down home common sense suggestions. As most of us have noticed, Voltaire was right - common sense is not as common as it used to be ! Very often financial advisors recommend complicated investments to make it seem that you couldn't be successful without their help. During this show we'll step back to some of the fundamentals and basics of investing. We'll also hear some good financial New Year's resolutions ... regardless of where you are on your journey to becoming wealthy/

           Our special guest is Robert Gignac, Owner of Taynac & Associates, and author of  the best selling book "Rich is a State of Mind". This book is in a rare breed, written as a novel, and thus uses a story to explain what many people consider a dry and complicated topic. If you've started to read many books on finance, and only finished the ones written as stories: "The Richest man in Babylon" and maybe "Rich Dad - Poor Dad", this book should be on your reading list this year. So grab a cup of coffee, or glass of wine and join us for some fun and financial education…

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    The Boomer Man's Guide to Sexuality

    in Relationships

    Ken Solin has been writing about boomer sex, dating, and relationships for The Huffington Post, AARP, About.com and other sites for 10 years. On January 1st, his new boomer dating book will be published, The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online. It's based on Ken's vast dating experience and the experiences of tens of thousands of readers who comment on his articles. He counsels men all over the country via Skype about relationships, sexuality, anger, and other topics men struggle with. Join us for an exciting discussion about how sex changes after 50, and how men can maintain a youthful sexual performance level.

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    Janice Bishops-Carter SWOT Analysis Model to transform all relational conflicts!

    in Business

    Janice E Bishop Carter is the founder of Arm Communications Group, LLC, an Advocacy, Research and Marketing business with: Cooperative Economics, Corporate Responsibility and Community Inclusion the essence of her platform. www.armcommunications.com
    She is a twenty-nine year retiree of the criminal justice system. The former public servant for Public Safety, she managed the communications and telecommunications center, communicating with local, state and federal agencies. As a Telecommunications Professional, she dealt with diverse types of emergencies and conflict. She was one of the first women to be elected for the FBI Southern Region Policy Board.
    She has other first time leadership roles in here community. In 1998 she was the second female elected to hold office, as a three term six years President, of the Louisville Branch NAACP; the oldest civil rights organization in the nation. She has experienced many memorable moments; however, she’ll never forget what she was doing September 1, 2001 when all of America and public safety was under attack.
    ( She has developed The Phantom Family Model & SWOT Analysis Model)
    SWOT Analysis manages the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to a family’s unit and sustainability, as a business and its organizational structure.
    Master in Business Administration and Master’s in Conflict Management.; lives in Louisville Kentucky 

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    Secrets Of A Super Model

    in Health

    On this episode of Tuesdays at 2 with Dr. Gail Jackson and Special Guest Super Model… Beverly Johnson. Don't forget to join us on January 15th at the Luxe on Sunset for the LIVE taping of our web TV show "Let's Talk Hormones" & ask any questions you may have.

    Gail Jackson is Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is on staff at the Cedars-Sinai medical center. She has done extensive research in the area of bio-identical hormone balancing and holistic medicine.  Her success in hormone balancing has allowed her to transition her practice and focus exclusively on keeping 40 to 65 year old women phenomenally fabulous.

    For a Complimentary Consultation Please CLICK HERE to Join Our Contact List.

    Join Us For Our Next Fun Live Event By Clicking Here!!!

    Office Contact Info:

    Website: www.drgailjackson.com

    Office Number: 310-451-2300

    1333 Ocean Avenue. Santa Monica. Ca. 90401

    Email Us at: info@drgailjackson.com

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    Model Railroading in the 21st Century

    in Hobbies

    Model Railroading has been a popular hobby for many decades. This week, Kansas City Nathan, a model railroader himself, will be discussing the Model Railroading in the 21st Century.

    Long gone are the cracker-jack boxcars or half-hearted attempts to create quality locomotives and other rolling stock. Today, we have highly detailed models that are ready-to-run and highly detailed, to the point that rivet-counters are drooling! A newcomer to the hobby is 3D printing.

    This and much more will be discussed, we invite you to join in the conversation by calling 646-716-7106.

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    Tracey Birdsall- Award-winning Model and Actress

    in Entertainment

    Tracey Birdsall

    Award-winning Model and actress

    One of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the world, Tracey Birdsall (FAMILY TIES, DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON, LOVING) is doing press this month.

    Birdsall, known for both her modeling work and for playing Amy Sanders on the classic soap LOVING, has become a major force in independent film. She walked away with the Maverick award in 2014 for her performance in the new thriller DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON.

    A model during her Malibu teen years, Birdsall was one of only 10 finalists nationwide to make it into the prestigious Wilhelmina “40+” modeling/runaway competition in recent times. “I grew up modeling and doing print work,” Birdsall-Smith said. “Then you hit your mid-to-late twenties and you think your career is over.”

    As a teen, she won the Miss Teeny Bikini title and appeared in commercials for Sunkist and Coors Light, while performing in plays in the meantime.

    Birdsall is available to talk about her long career in front of the camera – making the transition from modeling to acting, working on classics like Family Ties with Michael J.Fox, and some of her new films, including Dawn of the Crescent Moon, the family comedy The Grounded, and the upcoming science-fiction film Death Machine, in which she voices the role of a HAL-like computer.


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