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    The Dos and Don'ts of Distribution - Part 3

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    Join us with our special guests: Brian Felson of BookBaby and CDBaby, Jeffrey Kafer of Springbrook Audio and David Niall Wilson of Crossroads Press, as we discuss additional distribution options, such as ebooks and audio books!
    About our guests: Brian Felsen (President, BookBaby / CD Baby / HostBaby) helms BookBaby, which digitally distributes the works of independent authors, poets, memoirists, and publishers, making their eBooks available to digital retailers worldwide (including Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble.com, Sony's Reader Store, and Amazon.com).  He also is the President of CD Baby, the world's largest online distributor of independent music.  
    Jeffrey Kafer is an award-winning voice talent and audiobook producer. Having narrated over 30 books for such publishers as Audible, Studio Now, Mountainland Publishing, and Books in Motion, Jeffrey knows exactly what it takes to make a world-class audiobook. He handles production for all SpringBrook Audio and Perfect Voices titles and post-production for CrossRoad Press titles.    David Niall Wilson has been writing and publishing horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction since the mid-eighties. His novels include Maelstrom, Sins of the Flash, Vintage Soul, The Mote in Andrea’s Eye, Deep Blue, the Grails Covenant Trilogy, Star Trek Voyager: Chrysalis, Except You Go Through Shadow, This is My Blood, and the Dark Ages Vampire clan novel Lasombra, among others. He has over 150 short stories published in five collections, one of which, Defining Moments, was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in 2007. He has won the Bram Stoker Award for his poetry, and his short fiction, and has high hopes of someday writing something remembered as great.

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    Interview with the President of CD Baby, Brian Felsen

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    CD Baby is the largest online distributor of independent music. CDBaby.com is a quaint little record store where it is hoped that you will discover your next favorite independent artist.

    [In•de•pen•dent: (adj.) Not having sold one's life, career, and creative works over to a corporation.]

    If you're a musician, comedian, or an author, CDBaby.com may be a good route for you to take.

    We'll be interviewing the President of CD Baby, Brian Felsen, in this podcast