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    Living Life on Purpose: Brian Smith & Jo-Anne Eadie & Heather Masters

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    Living Life on Purpose features expert guests on a wide variety of topics including Sustainability, Spirituality, Optimal Health & Well Being and Inspirational Nonfiction Authors, Musicians and Entertainers.

    My 1st Guest 1:00-1:30pm PST: Brian Smith

    Brian Smith is the Founder of the world famous UGG Australia Brand boots. He has authored the book “The Birth of a Brand – Launching Your Entrepreneurial Passion and Soul”, is a sought after Keynote speaker and mentors small business owners.


    My 2nd Guest 1:30-2:00pm PST: Jo-Anne & Heather

    Jo-Anne Eadie is the founder of the Exhale Weight™ Program, and is a licensed, certified practitioner and trainer of Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band with Hypnosis technique that works with the physical controls of weight loss. 

    Heather Masters is a Nutritional Consultant, Energy Worker, Applied Kinesiologist and Animal Communicator offering distance and personal sessions and rounding out their Exhale weight program which works with the emotional controls of weight loss.

    Check out their radio show: www.blogtalkradio.com/wowfactormedia and www.poweroffreedom.ca

    Be a guest, sponsor, featured author or learn how to promote your book to over ONE MILLION people. www.SuzanneStrisower.com. For Holistic Life Coaching, Suzanne offers a free 20-30 min consultation or coaching session with her. Call 855-4-SUZANN.

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    Books of Excellence with Author Bonnie Kaye

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes guest Michael Williamson who has published the book Secret Betrayal. Willaimson is originally from California, but he currently lives in Montana where he ranches between writing. He is working on his next novel Now is Forever: Indochina which is due out next fall. This will be the first in a series of books on the topic.

    Tonight we will be discussing Secret Betrayal. Here's a summary:

    The desperate act of a young girl, on the cusp of womanhood, to lose herself in the mean streets and cabarets of 1930s Berlin, and years later, the disappearance of a key American general shortly before D-Day in 1944 are links in an ingenious plot to gain the secrets of the Allied invasion.

    Through a series of traumatic events Reichsletter Martin Bormann, the man more than any other that truly ran the German government toward the end of World War II, sets in motion a deadly gambit that ricochets across half the world and gains Bormann possession of the Normandy invasion plans. In the double dealing, back stabbing chaos that was the Nazi inner circle, this climactic information is the currency that will buy Bormann the one thing that he has desired above all others: the right to be the next Fuhrer.

    So unfolds the dynamic pages of Secret Betrayal. This novel is a testament to the redemptive power of love, the evolutionary power of kundalini yoga and the war within a war waged by Reichsletter Martin Bormann and Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler for the mind of and influence over Adolf Hitler.

    This show is a program for independent authors. It was created for the authors in the Books of Excellence Coop found at www.BooksofExcellence.com; however the show welcomes independent authors and entertainers as time permits

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : Wake Up World ️Coffee and Convo with Bonnie

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    Bonnie Albers is a Psychic SPIRIT Medium , RN ,Life Coach , counselor 

    Bonnie is Available for Readings , counseling , life coaching 


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    Bonnie Kaye's Books of Excellence Radio Show with guest Bobbie Bean

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    Tonight I am happy to welcome back Bobbie Bean who is the author of "Shattered Dreams, Broken Patriot," His book tells the tragic story of a vicious attack by a town bully that snowballs into a series of horrific acts by a small Florida town. His family moved to Sebring, Florida, to build their American Dream. Instead, they discovered how selfishness, corruption, and the abuse of power can easily conspire to destroy it.  Bobbie Bean refused to accept the injustices shown to his son, so he fought back by going to the Florida statehouse floor to lobby for accountability, lost lives, and the dramatic passage of what was in 2008 the toughest anti-bullying bill in the nation.

    With more and more news on bullying being exposed and how it destroys lives, Bobbie Bean is a true hero for those who can't fight for themselves. He will help you realize how corrupt government really can be.

    This show is a program for independent authors. It was created for the authors in the Books of Excellence Coop found at www.BooksofExcellence.com; however the show welcomes independent authors and entertainers as time permits


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    Books of Excellence with Author Bonnie Kaye

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye's guest is B. J. Webster, who is originally from Australia and lived in London for almost twenty years Webster is the author of "Wonder Year," a story about the great fire in London during 1666.

    1666 was called “Wonder Year”, despite it being a year of great calamity and disaster in London. The joke was, at least things weren’t worse than they were. Wonder Year is a fast paced historical fiction based around the actual events in 1666 before the Great Fire of London, through the dramatic fire and in the days after the blaze had ended and London wondered at their fate.

    Who really started the Great Fire of London? Nobody knows for certain. Was it an accident or a deliberate act? Wonder Fire assumes the latter is the case and delves into the motives of ambition, illicit affairs, unrequited love and political intrigue, none which was a stranger to the court of King Charles II.
    Feel what it was like to live in 1666 and better understand the intricacies of politics, power and class divide of the time. Be drawn in by the fascinating web of intrigue and how it plays out to create one of the most devastating events in history.

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : ️Dr Ron Cole and Bonnie Astro Tarot YAY

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    Please Join Bonnie Albers and Ron Cole Talking about ?Astrology/Tarot and all that is ??Major Arcana is in the Cards and Sun Moon and ?Planets are in the Sky ????

    Please Visit Bonnie Albers On Air at www.bonniealbersonair.com 

    dr Ron Cole at Livingastro@aol.com 

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    Bonnie Kaye's Straight Wives Talk Show

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes back one of her helpers from the Straight Wives Club, Chris. Chris serves as a support to many of the new women who are part of the group.Tonight, they will talk about the emotional impact that takes its toll on straight women married to gay men who can't tell the truth. She'll also discuss how to start over after an emotionally abusive marriage.

    Bonnie Kaye, international specialist on women who unknowingly marry gay men affecting 4 million women in this country and millions more around the world, hosts this show. Each week she has guests who are experts in this area to help those women who need to move ahead and heal. Kaye is a counselor, author, and founder of the Straight Wives Club. 

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    Bonnie Albers On Air :WAKE UP WORLD with Bonnie ⭐️

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    ?Bonnie Albers is a Psychic SPIRIT Medium , RN , Life Coach , specializing in Love , Romance ,Relationships , Sexual Issues , and Life's Little Issues ??Bonnie Loves SPIRIT , ALL Psychic , Intuitive , and Metaphysics . 

    Bonnie is Available for Readings , Coaching , Mediumship 

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : Wake Up World With Me

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : Bonnie Albers and Special Guests 3/3/15

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    PLEASE join ME and My Guests for a fun Filled Metaphysical 2 Hrs filled wih Fun , Laughter, Tears ,and SPIRIT . Messages , SPIRIT , Channeling  and so much More 


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    Bonnie Albers On Air : Special Guest Grant Colyer UK Medium and Paranormal

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    Please join Bonnie Albers and Grant Colyer for an afternoon of Fun , messages from above and Convo 

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