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    What is The DNA Bodytype? Part 2 of 2

    in Lifestyle

    Come join Brian Rassi, Michael Carnevale CHC,CPT "aka"  The DNA Trainer and Greg Harrell former USA Olympian, NFL Football Player "aka" The DNA Athlete. Together Brian, Michael and Greg have introduced , coached and supported for a half a decade, thousands of individuals, hundreds of Doctors, Athletes and Celebrities to their personalized DNA guided Lifestyle.  No longer do you have to guess, now you can assess and personalize your supplements and fitness lifestyle.  All based on your unique DNA, listen and learn about your own DNA Lifestyle, meet Pro Athletes, Scientists, Celebrities and other individuals who living and experiencing fitness from the inside out.  Tune into the DNA Lifestyle Show and we will show you how to tune into yourself.

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    "The Real 'Skinny' On Weight"

    in Health

    On this show we are letting you in on some key nuggets from our Fat Burning Method coaching education. This is not the same old starvation from low calorie dieting and exercising to exhaustion that you've heard about before. You may be surprised to learn how much you did not know about this topic.

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    Episode 10: FASHION! A look at Spring 2012 for EVERY woman!

    in Fashion

    Tired of looking through the glossy magazines and feeling like you could never possibly wear any of the runway looks for your life? Join Margo of Nacho Mama's Blog and guests as we discuss the biggest fashion trends of Spring 2012 and how you can make them work with your bodytype, size and lifestyle-no matter what they may be!
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    How To Dress For Your BodyType

    in Women

    Yes we're all the same, but in different packaging. Learn some key points on how to work yours!