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    Self Mastery

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    Self Mastery is simply stated mastering the idea of self? It is about who we are not what we are. What we are is established by the outer world? Who we are is set from the inside out not the outside in? When we establish an identitiy we generally set this by the statndards of the outer world if this is done then your life is not yours it is controlled by the external not the internal self. Liveing externally the we are living a life of indoctrination not the one we intended? An Americn Monk Steven Hairfield and Liara Covert, Ph.D. share their colective knowledge to make a difference in how we live as who not what we are.

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    Base, Cup, Space

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    Dharma Glimpse by Rev. Morris Sekiyo and Dharma Talk by Rev. Koyo Kubose.  Anniversaries of 1942 Japanese Internment, death of Malcom X

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    Spiritual Guidance: Eastern Thought compared to western mentality

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    The topic of today is to introduce the various Eastern schools of thought versus westen scoiety mental. We will discuss and breakdown the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and yoga and other practices that originated in Africa that will pave the path to spiritual enlightenment.


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    Diana Sarah Universal Circle of Creation Centered Spirituality

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    Diana Sarah Universal Circle

    Rev., Dr. Om Prkash

    Winters can be long and hard, but after the winter spring always arrives.  Right now we find ourselves locked in a battle.  We are struggling to keep ourselves warm as the cold winds of fear, hatred and intolerance continually buffet us.  We have been conditioned to accept them.  We have been socialized to accept them and to reach out for others for help, or to join in on the hatred and fear.  The only way to stop this is by remembering who we are and drawing together as a fearless community based on the strength and power of love, instead of a Spirit of Fear.  Join us this week as we discuss the new human being, our new world, and the power that we have as creative beings to walk in love.

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    Self Mastery and Awakening

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    Are you your master or is the external world controlling you? One in reality is more important? If the external world is controlling you then that is your master. If you come from within then you are in control of you and this is the original intention of the human to have direct influence in all that we do. In this manner life is directed by us in all circumstance. Absolutely no one is helpless nor powerless in our reality. We are more powerful than we know or maybe understand or accept. The first step is taking personal responsibility for self then life not life first? This show is about emp[owering people to live the life they choose after it is our choice anyway. We offer life coaching live on the air and offer guidance to live more productive lives while achieving full consicousness. Live with an American Monk Steven Hairfile and Liara Covert, Ph.D. authors and speakers on life and living in truth, Shanti.

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    Blaming Others

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    Dharma Glimpse by Lay Minister Tamu Hoyo Ngina and Dharma Talk by Rev. Koyo Kubose.  Love/Death, Love = 100% + 100%

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    Please go to QigongMasters.com to watch the video versions of this and other interviews with our remarkable guests.

    Lao Da Long began his training in Daoism and Chan Buddhism at a young age. Apprenticed to a Chinese master at the age of 8, he was classically trained in the Daoist philosophy, martial arts, internal cultivation, medical arts of acupuncture and herbs as well as mysticism. Having been raised for 10 years under his Master’s tutelage, Lao left and began a 20 year journey to many different countries learning and sharing with many different esoteric traditions such as Kabbalah, Sufism, Sikhism, Gnosticism, Yoga, and many different indigenous peoples all in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Way. Now along with several close colleagues Lao owns and runs Jade Garden Classical Chinese Medicine and the Four Dragons Institute in Houston, TX.

    Lao Da Long is the President of the Board of Directors and Dao Li Shi (Scholar) of the Dao Li Jiao (an international Daoist organization focusing on the Way of Reason Daoism), a Daoist Abbot and ambassador for the Qingcheng Daoist Temple on Qingcheng mountain, Sichuan China, a Priest in the American Dragon Gate Lineage of Quan Zhen Daoism, a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Texas, a professional member of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) as well as and is ordained as a Priest in Southern Chinese Zheng Yi Daoism.

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    ClearHeartLife w GodIs ShaniAsantewaa: The Battle for Our Own Clear Thoughts 4

    in Self Help

    HOW TO STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. How to stay out of their clutches~~

    Nefarious Forces are using EVERY avenue in a full court press to control, scramble, fog, muddy & suppress Our Own Clear Thoughts & Self Expression! Special Guest Godis A-Me EDUCATES us as to what technologies are at work in The Battle for Our Own Clear Thoughts.  Isaiah 54:17


    ClearHeartLife w/ Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers. Practically APPLY metaphysical techniques to AFFIRM LIFE, Health, Wealth, Relations, Creative Self-Expression, Community, Effective Strategic ACTION. No lamentations nor mere observations. Cultivating Self LOVE, we Graciously Accept our blissful Divine Inheritance; Illuminate events of the day to derive metaphysical messages, lessons, blissings & solutions that enlighten; Speak our Holy Word INVENTING our NOW of Respect Honor Grace & Prosperity & Resume our duties as earthkeepers, powerbrokers & game changers.

    Book Renaissance Woman~Yogini Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers Mother of 4, Metaphysician, Psychic Surgeon, Civil Engineer (MIT '84), Belly Dance Therapist, Environmentalist, Organic Coop Cofounder, Chef, Artist, Permaculturist, Inventor, Prepper, Culture Doyenne, Manufacturer of Natural Compounds, Lecturer & Author now  215.253.2134

    #blacklivesmatter #bpnow #statebp #ferguson #Handsupdontshoot #Icantbreathe #mikebrown #occupy

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    Goddess Alive Radio with Author Sandy Boucher on the Goddess Kwan Yin

    in Spirituality

    Goddess Alive Radio welcomes Author and Teacher, Sandy Boucher to chat with us about her amazing new book on the Goddess Kwan Yin - She Appears: Encounters with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.  The book, She Appears, was just released on February 2 by Goddess Ink Books and is filled with powerful Kwan Yin encounters described in essays, poems, stories, and art work

    Sandy Boucher, writer/teacher/consultant, participated wholeheartedly in the Women’s Liberation and antinuclear movements. Twenty-five years ago she entered upon a Buddhist path and soon became a spokesperson for Buddhist women in America, as well as a teacher and meditation retreat leader. In 2006, she was named an “Outstanding Woman in Buddhism” at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Author of eight books and recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in Literature, she earned a Masters degree in the History and Phenomenology of Religion at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for four decades, Sandy offers her expertise and wisdom in retreats and private consultations.

    Connect with Sandy on her site SandyBoucher.net

    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore & Tracey Paradiso of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today. Priestesses, Practitioners, Healers, and Shamans will be joining us to discuss their practices and experiences with the Goddess. 

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    Project Empowerment - Gregg Krech

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    Project Empowerment is delighted to have on author, poet, and one of the leading authorities on Japanese Psychology in North America, Gregg Krech. 

    His work has been featured in THE SUN magazine, Tricycle, SELF, Utne Reader, Counseling Today, Cosmopolitan and Experience Life.  He is also the Director of the ToDo Institute.  We’ll be discussing his newest book, The Art of Taking Action:  Lessons From Japanese Psychology.

    This beautiful book draws on Easter philosophy, Buddhism, Japanese Psychology, Zen, and Martial Arts to offer an approach to ACTION that goes beyond productivity and time management.  He addresses practical issues such as procrastination, stress, anxiety and indecision through the lens of classic Eastern wisdom.  It’s not just about getting things, done, but about what you do, how you do it and impact your action (and inaction) on the world around you.  Your karma.  Your legacy. 

    To learn more about his work, please visit his website at todoinstitute.org

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    Diana Sarah Universal Circle of Creation Spirituality

    in Religion

    Drawing on the teachings of Mystical Unitarian Universalism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mystical Christianity, and the Sat Yogic Tradition, we explore the essence of truth and spirituality. We realize that the miracle does not have to appear somewhere up there, in the sky.  The miracle is as close as your heart.  It is as close as the blood pumping through your body.  Youare the miracle for which you have been waiting and a connection with the Divine, but whatever name you use, is totally possible.  We we awaken to reality and see the way the world really is, we cannot help but to become our divine selves again.  We cannot help to become one with God.  Join us each and every Sunday morning.  This service will be available at 10AM.

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