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    Dan Crete and Saltworks Marine

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    Dan Crete is a lifetime all-things-boats guy, and he’s translated that love of the water into a specialty for providing service of the highest quality to the recreational boating/yacht market. At IBEX 2012, Dan Crete talked about maximizing customer service during his time at Burr Brothers Boats. For this episode of ProBoat Radio, he’ll talk about his new endeavor, Saltworks Marine, based in Marion, Massachusetts. Saltworks is a small, family-oriented and -operated boatyard. Crete says the company offers year round care, including storage, comprehensive service covering everything from paint to metal fabrication. He’s also offering extensive training to yacht owners in areas from systems education to boat handling. Why start a new boatyard in today’s economy? Join us to find out.

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    Surveyors Roundtable on Fire Protection

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    John McDevitt (Gasonville, Maryland) joins us once again, this time to talk about what surveyors should look for in terms of fire protection when they are investigating a claim on a damaged boat or evaluating one that's for sale.
    John has been a fire-fighter, fire officer, and instructor who also holds a fire protection degree. He's active with the NFPA and ABYC and is a member of NFPA 303 Marinas and Boatyards and serves as Chairman of the NFPA 302 Pleasure and Commercial Watercraft Committee. 

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    Surveyors and DIYers

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    ProBoat Radio Surveyors Roundtable member Pat Kearns says a marine surveyor can be a DIYer's best friend, so for this show, we'll talk about the role of the surveyor in a DIY project. What are the advantages to taking on this type of survey work? And what are the red flags? (This is the second show in a three part series, begun with Do-It-Yourselfers in the Boatyard on March 13. We'll close on April 17 with some of the legal aspects, presented by attorney Todd Lochner.)

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    Analyze This: Working with Market Intelligence

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    This week, we'll interview Survey Advantage CEO Michael Casey to learn how comprehensive market intelligence can pay off for you in terms of company performance and better relationships with your customers.
    Since 2001, Survey Advantage has been creating customized online feedback solutions for a variety of businesses, including boatyards and marinas. Tune in to find out how surveys can help you analyze your business, make decisions based on accurate data, and improve customer satisfaction.

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    IBEX 2011 Innovation Award Winners

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    This week, our show is a walk around the IBEX 2011 trade-show  floor with Ann Avary and Pat Kearns, who was one of the judges for this year's  industry innovation awards.  Organized by NMMA and judged by Boating Writers International, these awards recognize those products that show the most benefit  in terms of practicality, cost-effectiveness, and availability to the consumer  within 60 days of award receipt. A total of 65 new products were entered in this  year’s program, of which 13 were honored at IBEX. We'll give you a commentary on  several of the winners. 

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    Surveyors Roundtable: Fiberglass Boats

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    When inspecting fiberglass boats, what should a competent surveyor know about fiberglass hulls and decks? Certainly surveyors need to know how they’re built, how and why they fail, and how they’re best repaired. But what about federal regulations and ABYC and NFPA standards? How well do they apply to fiberglass moldings?
    Our guest panelist is Susan Canfield, who teaches "Inspecting Fiberglass Boats" at The WoodenBoat School (Brooklin, Maine) each summer.  Join us to find out more about where  surveyors can go to learn what they need to know about fiberglass, including specific books, magazines, websites, formal training courses, boat builders, boatyards, and more.

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    Safety on the Job

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    Fall protection and respirator standards are two top areas where OSHA inspectors find violations in boatyards, marinas, and production boatbuilding shops. Do you know how these regulations apply to your facility?
    At IBEX 2011, Kellie Thornell-Crete (Ink Inc.) will review all the steps that you need to take to be in compliance. On this show, she’ll give us an overview, tell you how the standards protect your workforce, and explain how a simple violation can spiral into a costly experience if you aren’t prepared.

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