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    Great Loop Radio: Proposed Law Would Eliminate Many Anchorages in Florida

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    Join us for important up-to-date information on the attempts in Florida to restrict anchoring!

    Florida Senate Bill 1548 titled “An Act Related to Vessel Safety”, addresses many valid safety issues related to the anchoring of derelict boats.  However, it also contains controversial proposals limiting boaters’ ability to anchor in areas “within 200 feet of developed waterfront property” from one hour past sunset until one hour before sunrise.

    The Seven Seas Cruising Association leads a team that includes AGLCA, BoatUS and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in the fight against pending restrictions on the right to anchor in Florida.

    Joining us to talk about SSCA and their efforts in Florida is Dave Skolnick. Dave is a naval architect and marine engineer, a communications professional, and the immediate Past President of SSCA. He works as a member of the SSCA Concerned Cruisers' Committee (CCC) to support cruisers' rights. Dave owns Auspicious Works in Annapolis, Maryland providing communications and navigation equipment services and delivery support to cruisers.

    We'll also be joined by David Doyle, an AGLCA member who is a waterfront landowner in Florida.  He'll share his opinion on the issue.

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    Mad Mariners MadCast: BoatUS Foundation

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    Mad mariner's MadCast covers all aspects of boats and boating. In today's segment, we interview Chris Edmonston, of the BoatUS Foundation, who has traveled the Gulf Coast and seen first hand the impact of the Gulf oil spill.

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast: Nancy Michelman, CEO of BoatUS

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast covers all aspects of boats and boating. In this segment, we interview Nancy Michelman, the CEO of BoatUS. BoatUS is the largest organization of recreational boaters, and is active in everything from towing an insurance to lobbying Congress. We talk to Michelman about the state of the sport and her organization.

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast: All About Epirbs

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast coveras all aspects of boats and boating. In this segment, we discuss EPIRB technology, and why you might want an EPIRB on your boat, with David Carter, of the BoatUS Foundation.

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast: Ethanol Controversy (Part II)

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast covers all aspects of boats and boating. As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers whether to raise the level of ethanol in blended gasoline from 10 percent to 15 percent, much of the marine industry is opposed. In this segment, we chat with Margaret Podlich, vice president for government affairs at BoatUS, about the industry's objections.

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    Surveyors Roundtable: Resources

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    Before you hit the deck to do an inspection, there are a few things you can do to give yourself and, ultimately, your client important information that is easily gathered on the Internet. A little web research that begins with a Google of, for example, the boat model, will provide useful "heads up" detail that you can have in hand before you ever set foot in the yard. Here are just a few of the areas of published information that you can research to prepare yourself for "meeting" your next patient.

    Boat model
    Check owner's associations, boat owner blogs, etc. (alias, boat gossip, other "experts" and, of course, the
    BoatUS records of complaints
    Warranty information

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast: Bob Adriance, Editor of Seaworthy

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast covers all aspects of boats and boating. In this segment, we interview Bob Adriance, the editor of the BoatUS publication Seaworthy, about why boats sink and how we can protect them.