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    Update on Boatbuilding in China

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    This prerecorded interview with Vic Duppenthaler (Maxi Marine, Zhuhai, China) will cover the changes that have taken place in the boatbuilding community there since ProBoat's coverage of the Pingsha area in 2006.

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    Boatbuilding as a Teaching Tool: For Math!

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    Our guest is Joe Youcha of Building to Teach.  Formerly the education director of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, Youcha now spends his time running a train-the-trainers program for hands-on math instructors.   "For 20 years, I've been using boat building as an educational tool," he tell us. "In Building to Teach, the idea is to tap into groups that use boat building as a teaching tool, as well as volunteers from industry. We're now funded by the Office of Naval Research. "    Youcha is also the co-author of the Carpenters' Union math training materials, used by about 30,000 union apprentices each year.    

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    Boatbuilding in the Pacific Northwest

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    Listen to our discussion about boatbuilding in the Pacific Northwest. Our guests will be Chris Duppenthaler (Northwest Trawlers), Mike Swietzer (Skagit Valley College), and Ann Avary (Northwest Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology).

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    Update on Boatbuilding in China PART TWO

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    Continuing our discussion with Vic Duppenthaler about his experiences working in the Pingsha Yacht Industry District near Zhuhai in Mainland China.

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    Wooden It Be Nice?

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    Co-Host Ann Avary inteviews Ted Pike of Edensaw Woods about how to select lumber for YOUR boatbuilding project. We've had fun before talking to Ted on ProBoat Radio. This should be a great show, too.

    Don't know Ted? With more than a decade of service to the Wooden Boat Foundation and the North West Marine Center Boards, Ted's priority is to keep youth sailing on Port Townsend Bay.

    He represents the WBF across the US in his job as the wooden boat specialist for Edensaw Woods. Ted and wife, Kate has been working with youth and boats for over thirty years.  They own, race and charter their 1956 Lapworth racing sloop, Annie Too.

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    Kit Boats and More

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    For this episode, our special guest is Dudley Dix whose company offers boat plans to take you across the dam or around the world. We design for you to build. Join us for the details!

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    Shiny Boats: Coatings and Paint

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    Remember what Nathanael Herreshoff said: "There are only two colors to paint a boat, black or white. And only a fool would paint a boat black."

    We'll start you thinking about everything you need to know about gelcoat. What it is, how it affects a boat's construction, how to take care of it, how to repair it, and how to bring it back to that high-gloss beauty once it has started to fade.

    But gelcoat isn't the only way to have a shiny hull: There's also paint, varnish, and new materials such as sharkskin.

    Our guest is Mike Swietzer (Skagit Valley College). Mike is Department Chair of the college's Marine Maintenance Technology, located at Anacortes, Washington.

    Barbara Jean promises she will tell us how she learned the finer points of watching paint dry at The WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine. (Not for the faint of heart, she says.) And marine surveyor Pat Kearns will tell you what to look for in the shiny stuff before you fall too deepy in love with that previously own boat.

    For more details, be sure to visit our website.


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    ProBoat Readers Theatre Incident At Half-Way Harbor

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    This year’s offering begins, “Imagine if you will, a time, a place, where men gathered together to lay glass cloth in a mold, slather it with resin, and – the greatest surprise of all – they actually made a living doing it. This noble band of brothers carried on the traditions begun centuries before. Many of them cannot even imagine any other life. And there’s a very good reason for that. This isn’t any ordinary boatyard. The men here will never leave. And they’ll never grow up. “
    Maybe it’s an ordinary boat yard after all. You can be the judge. The Help Wanted sign is always posted at . . . wait for it . . . the Boatyard Zone.

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    Huckins Yachts New Sportfisherman

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    Cindy Purcell of Huckins Yacht Corporation joins us to talk about the company's new 45’ sportfisherman, currently under construction in Jacksonville, Florida. Purcell has been personally involved in all aspects of the design process and will remain hands-on throughout the project, as the company celebrates its 85th year.
    She'll tell us why, from the builder's stand point, she likes this trend toward smaller boats with greater fuel efficiency. And we'll talk about what she thinks the future holds for the yachting industry, too.

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    Carbon Fiber Marine Applications

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    Zoltek's VP of Engineering & Technology Bill Regan joins us to discuss some of the carbon-fiber products that his company will be showcasing at IBEX 2013 in Louisville.   Based in St. Louis, the company has received accolades for its low-cost carbon fiber sheet molding compound (SMC) product for automotive applications, and for its work in the wind-energy industry.    At IBEX, attendees can find out more about what carbon fiber has to offer to builders.

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    John McKnight on EPA Diurnal Emissions Regulations

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    NMMA's John McKnight joins us with a status report on the U.S. E.P.A.'s "Control of Evaporative Emissions from Non Road Spark-Ignition Engines and Equipment" regulations, which include a final-phase compliance date of JULY 31, 2013.
    If you are a boatbuilder who managed to miss every single reminder, the penalties are high, says McKnight, and he urges manufacturers to take steps right now to remedy the situation. Tune in to learn how.