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    #25 - Milana Vayntrub (@MintMilana) shows Josh her Sqirl

    in Comedy

    Josh meets up with new friend and comedian Milana Vayntrub at her favorite hipster SilverLake breakfast spot, Sqirl - spoiler alert, they don’t have squirrel. We’re in Guerrilla podcast mode in Josh’s car and we can’t seem to get the temperature right. Josh immediately lays into Milana for her cliche Los Angeles ordering at breakfast. Josh doesn’t want to feel too welcome in restaurants, which makes him the Good Son. Milana calls out Josh for stealing Seinfeld’s show and turning it into a podcast, and how he sounds different when the mics are on. It’s time for real talk, and we descend into a world of the psychology behind why people are animals, and whether or not they’re worth saving. Basically, Josh is a terrible person, but you already know this.

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    #24 (2 of 2) - Josh Eats Everything in Sight

    in Comedy

    We pick up where we left off, and where we usually leave off - with racism. Josh talks about how it wouldn’t take a zombie apocalypse for us to reach “Walking Dead” status. Josh hates liberals that want free everything. Josh has regrets on not eating enough. We attempt to set up Sean’s tinder strategy, which apparently is very explicit. Josh describes how quickly a simple fisting can get out of hand, and you end up becoming Ray Rice. Josh wants to become a Ray Donovan type for Hollywood’s creepy sexual stuff. Josh blames the current economy on “trying to fuck.” We dig into what kind of women Sean likes, and open Pandora’s creepy box, which involves creating a dating app for little people.

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    You Say Tooth Fairy, But We Smell a Rat...

    in Dads and Family

    In this episode Pat and Eric dig into the business of discarded children's teeth... yup we are looking at the myth of the tooth fairy and why this sprite has become a fixture in our culture.

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    Black History Month & Bob Marovich: Chicago and The Birthplace of Gospel Music!

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! It's Black History Month---and its time to learn about the Birthplace of Gospel Music!

    Gospel Music Historian, Author, and Radio Host Bob Marovich joins me as we KICK OFF Black History Month!  He'll be telling us about his latest book release, "A CITY CALLED HEAVEN: CHICAGO AND THE BIRTHPLACE OF GOSPEL MUSIC!" Join us--to learn MORE about the music you love--there's no other MUSIC like it in THE WORLD! 

    Plus, [as always--like, FOR REAL-FOR REAL!] the BEST in gospel music by artists that you ACTUALLY know [wowsa!], news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! 

    LaQuita--our resident ''ghetto'' chef, has been playing around with a couple different recipes!  Be sure to join us--as Bob Marovich will no doubt be her ''guinea pig!'' LOL!! 

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    Supah Bowl Suckas!

    in Comedy

    Daniel Day Lewis starts for the Broncos this week for his record 4th Academy Award!

    Daniel Day Lewis is in the remake of the Godfather as Don Vito Plainview.

    Cast Robert DeNiro as Vito in the remake!

    Tommy Chong wants Bernie Sanders as our next president. And he wants to make bong water our national beverage.

    Hoverboards don't really hover. They're just a way for heavy people to get around. Problem is, we're so fat that they catch on fire.

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he had a bottle of wing sauce up his ass.

    Everyone hates Donald Trump because he said that criminals are coming across the border with non-criminals. It's his guinea pig hair that we should be mad at.

    The guy that threw tomatoes at Donald Trump is now labeled a hero. I'm sure if that phsychotic liberal tomato thrower, was able to purchase a gun but can't because he has a mental defect, he would have shot the Don and blamed it on twinkies.

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    in Social Networking

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for life Styles. 


    All our live listeners around our world you are tunning to Life Styles on Monday's. Maria interviewewing Kahha Kapata her life experiences as we hear her stories also her son life experiences and as a mother with her autistic son, her learning of autism. Kahha Kazakhstan is a Vice President of a Charity Fund that helps people with autism and other diabilities. This ear she has started a new project, she has opened a Ski Resort, next year she is planning to involve adaptive skiing there for people with disabilities. Instructors on her skiing resort has already trained two children with autism. Her daughter Alua Karatay is going to be translator for her mom. I am not a published writer yet, I am only on my second year at University, but I did my own talk show in , it lasted for one and a half hour. I am the oldest child from five children, I live in Los Angeles and my major is journalism

    I have also lived in Hamilton, Canada for two years at a boarding school with your Director Manager, your Host Maria Iliou for Life Styles

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    A Measure Of Truth, With Author of Born Of Sin, Pamela Hart Vines

    in Radio

    Twelve-year-old Jacob Dewitt suffers deeply at the hands of his resentful stepfather. In the midst of family chaos, he's shipped off to boarding school. Years later, when the school expels him, sixteen-year-old Jacob believes he can't go back home. Alone on the streets of Pittsburgh, Jacob lies about his age and assumes a new identity. Intelligent and ambitious, he soon gets recruited by the city's crime organization. Yearning for acceptance, Jacob embraces his new family and street life. He grows up fast. It doesn't take long for the big boss to discover Jacob's talents. Despite his rising status, Jacob yearns for a righteousness the streets can't provide. To fill the void, he attends the local university and uses his gifted knowledge about the Bible to encourage his crew. Word of mouth spreads and miraculous things happen to the people he helps. Unfortunately, Jacob discovers that church and crime are an unholy union. Alternating between the fictional town of Edgeboro, North Carolina in 1976 and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the early 1980's, Jacob must choose between leaving the street family that embraced him and seeking a legitimate life with the family that disowned him.

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    #24 (1 of 2) - Josh Eats Everything in Sight

    in Comedy

    Josh is home in Philadelphia for the holidays, and he is joined by two of his oldest friends Sean & Rich. Josh hasn’t had a release in a while and he’s pretty wired up. Josh explains how relationships ruin lives using Mighty Ducks references. Philadelphia is depressing enough to cheer up anyone. Josh talks about his blessed Thanksgiving, and gives the women of the world great business advice and starts off his parenting book on Rich’s daughter. This one is loaded with hilarious tangents, OJ stories, and plenty of silly. Enjoy!

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    KNOT: An Interview with T'ana Phelice

    in Romance

    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT

    Like us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/knotyourtypicalradiotalk

    Call in at 661-449-9318

    Join us as we chat with our highly anticipated guest, author, playwrite, and philanthropist T'ana Phelice. T'ana is releasing her second book, titled Pigs & Pearls on January 30, 2016 - and it will make you laugh, cry, rejoice in cheer, and provide a wealth of topics for those deep discussions on relationships, careers, parenting, and so much more. Visit her website: http://www.tanaphelice.com/home.html where you can find more information to help you become more familiar with her. However, rest assusred, we will also do an in-depth interview with her to get the river of information flowing on all things T'ana. So buckle up and get ready for the motivational styles of T'ana Phelice!

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    Episode 3138 - Do you like your pigs - John Goguen

    in Spirituality

    Episode 3138 - Do you like your pigs 
    Pastor John Goguen  www.agapebible.org
    Recorded 12-23-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com

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    HR Examiner Radio: Joe Gerstandt, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

    in Business

    Joe Gerstandt brings new clarity and fresh practices to diversity and inclusion work.

    Joe has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, small non-profits, and everything in between. He speaks at numerous conferences and summits, and blogs at www.joegerstandt.com. He is a featured contributor for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Forum and his insights have been published in Diversity Best Practices, Diversity Executive, HR Executive, The Diversity Factor, The American Diversity Report, the Corporate Recruiting Leadership Journal, Associations Now, other print and on-line journals and he co-authored the book Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.

    Joe grew up on a family farm in NW Iowa, served four years in the United States Marine Corps, including participation in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, attended Iowa State University and then spent 6 years working in management and business development for technology and communication companies. He then made a career change and went to work for a grassroots non-profit organization where he found himself drawn to issues related to diversity and inclusion and then became actively involved in that work.

    Today, Joe believes that we can ill afford to continue applying a 20th century approach to an increasingly critical set of 21st century issues. A strong advocate for resetting the diversity and inclusion conversation, Joe sees diversity and inclusion as poorly understood and often misunderstood. His keynote messages and interactive workshops bring greater clarity, energy, and application to diversity and inclusion work.

    Joe lives in Omaha, Nebraska (the middle of everywhere) with his patient, kind, patient, loving and patient wife, two daughters, a son, a dog, a frog, and a guinea pig.