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  • 01:57

    Episode Forty-five...Scott Hughes the Highlander of gaming...

    in Hobbies


    Did you ever meet someone and just kind of know that they've got their sh*t together.  I mean it all makes sense.  The right attitude, the location, that french word, what is it, Je ne sais quoi and all the other stuff...Well tonight, our special guest Mr. Scott Hughes owner and operator of not one but TWO, that's right two very successful Geek havens is here to talk to us about why he does what he does and how he does it well.  We get the insight into the mind of a guy who is a geek and yet wants his people to have fun while still making a living at it.  You definately do not want to miss this interview...

    Then of course we will cover the usual.  How sexy are hosts are, Star Wars hype, the Apple watch for the techies out there along with some interesting thoughts from Jess regarding Bosom Bands, a new fad in Japan.  Yes, I said Bosom... it's a real word so I can't get in trouble for it...

    So pull up a chair, settle in and let's get ready for another great episode of the Den...

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    Episode Forty-three...America Land of Free...except perhaps in Indiana...

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    In this day and age, in the greatest nation on earth the fact we have to sit here and discuss this issue is INSANITY to us.  Indiana's Govenor has passed a piece of legislation so crazy that the whole internet is buzzing about it and kids...so are we.  As majority members of what was once a counter culture we owe it to our brothers and sisters to understand this new law and help decide if it is something we as comsumers can live with?  Many major corporations are saying no...what about you.  

    And don't panic.  We've got news about National Tabletop day, what's going on at stores near and around you. We are also going to speak about the new practice of early release and what does the word "early" really mean plus a shit load of other stuff....so you know what to do.  Get in your yoga pants...and, and, well...let's talk about that after the show...Until then...It's time for the Wolfs Den! 

  • 01:53

    Card, Board (Cardboard!?) Games: An In-Depth Focus

    in Video Games

    Ever wonder what goes into making a card game? Ever wonder what goes into a board game? Ever wonder what goes into a cardboard game!?

    Well, the latter we, sadly, won't be covering next week. However, The GCR Crew WILL talk more in-depth about card games and board games. We'll tear open the proverbial booster pack, move the pieces into position, and decipher the different card -- and board -- games we see today and even the different types of card -- and board -- gamers that exist.

    Also don't miss out on another pix-elating Impromptu Game Review of: Pixel Lincoln, by Island Officials LLC and Game Salute.

  • 01:53

    Episode Twenty-three... Hello's, Goodbye's and a few Oh Myyyyy's

    in Hobbies

    In this episode, we will be saying good bye to some old friends who have been with us since the beginning of the show and introducing some new hosts to help keep us moving forward and working to entertain you our listenership with news, reviews and opinions on all things Chic in Geek.  We admit that this change over will not be easy for us but we are committed to continue this show and hopefully keep spreading the good word (which in this case is "gamer") so that one day we will be your only podcast of choice, okay how about in your top 5!!!

    So pull up a chair and strap yourselves in because the Wolf Den just got a whole lot edge-ier and since we are all from New Jersey we figured, "Hey more edge is probably a good thing."  See you all Inside....

  • 01:13

    Episode Twenty One... Mutants, Gods and Steampunks...

    in Hobbies

    What a show we have for you this week...We have news from GW and Privateer Press, battle reports, GenCon scheduling updates and what you can expect at a big convention, a game review, store news and if that wasn't enough, two big Movie rants and an interview with some attentdees from the east coasts largest Steampunk gathering, World's Fair.

    This show is just packed with coolness so come on in, grab an ale take a seat and relax, its time for your hosts to take you on another journey into the very dark heart of geekdom here at Live Inside the Wolfs Den.

  • 01:52

    Episode Twenty...If you could live in any realm, which would you choose...

    in Hobbies

    Tonight's show is going to be all about where and more importantly When would you live if you had the chance to choose.  Would you wish to live in the Federation?  Or, perhaps in Water deep?  Would you fit in better to a time of mages and heros or Droids and Wookies?  Everyone is different and each fantasy realm has it's pluses and minuses.  So, strap on your thinking caps and lets talk about the best worlds to live in from our favorite movies, books, game or television show.

    And as always, we will have a new game review, some battle reports and news from around the geek world.

  • 01:59

    Episode Nineteen... It's time to talk about Rivals

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    Let's face it gamers, rivals and rivalries are a big part of why we enjoy playing certain games.  The bittersweet taste of defeat gets down right gruesome when the person you loose to a lot beats you by a single dice roll which decides the entire outcome of the game.  But let's alos think about the positives that our rivals bring out in us.  The desire to play our best, to focus, to try new tactics or strategies and when we finally win the greatest lesson of all, sportsmanship and the idea of being a graceful winner. 

    Tonight, the gang at the Wolfs Den will talk about how they are affected by rivalries, which ones they are most passionate about and how they overcome the urge to dance naked in the street when they finally win a BIG game.  So, kick your feet up and let's talk about the people we love to beat...our Rivals.

  • 01:56

    Episode Seventeen.... RPG Oooops.....Take 2!!!

    in Hobbies

    Well kids, we are back from the brink of extinction due to the rancid stomach plague that has swept through New Jersey and are ready to bring you this hysterical episode of Oopps, Awe sh*ts, No Waaaays and Fark Me's!!!  Tonight and with some help from a few friends the hosts are going to share some of their worst RPG moments from many different gaming genres they've experienced throughout the years.

    So,if you've been looking for a cheap laugh, come on in, this one is guarenteed to remind you of the funniest moments from your gaming history and let's face it, war stories are always an awesome thing to share especially when they make us laugh.  See you in the Den...

  • 02:00

    Episode V: Yammering Lew with Gavin: Lewis Strikes back!

    in Comedy

    Lewis attempts to act like a normal person for an entire 2 hour show.  How far do you think he will get???  As usual Lewis has around 100 topics which Gavin will parse down to around 8 or so.  Some of the things we will talk about include Lewis' continued tech SUPERIORITY over Gavin (Lewis is ALL up in dat Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify now), Gavin getting upset cuz Lewis shared a pic of his of wine and cheese on Instagram (What REALLY? why would he care???).  Other topics will be Lewis talking about his yoga SUPREMACY over Gavin and his cheesie yoga X.  Lewis will discuss how he just did Yoga session #2 with Jen.  Also, there will be talk of  a fitness battle between Gavin and Lewis.  Lew is ALL about EASIN IN on his lifting program, whereas Gavin likes to do P90x for a few months and then not do anything for a year after.  HE HAW.  Also, we will talk of Lewis' plan to walk his way to unfat.  Him and Ma just purchased a new DOPE treadmill.  Also, Lew will discuss his attending a boardgaming singles event in Burbank.  Also, he will be happy to report back on a night of drinking and using Lyft on Sat night.  THere will of course be many more topics discussed, as well as RANT and sub RANTS and sub sub RANTS by Lew.  We look forward to  seeing you all here for Yammering Lew with Gavin Episode V.  

  • 01:34

    Episode Thirteen...It's time for Hobby

    in Hobbies

    So tonight the guys have a bunch of big announcements to cover along with some rumor squashing.  If you've been watching the net you know the kinda of stuff we mean.  Well, with any luck, the boys will cover those items of interest and smash open what they've learned over the last two weeks.

    Come inside the den cause it may be cold out but it always hobby in here!


  • 01:42

    Episode Twelve...Talking Dreamation with VP Avonelle Wing

    in Hobbies

    Tuesday's show is one of those special moments that make doing this job so rewarding.  Avonelle Wing S.R. VP of Double Exposure will be our guest to discuss everything you would ever want to know about the first gamers convention of the season here in the New Jersey area.

    From Registration to logistics and special events we hope to get the skinny on all this Convention has to offer our listeners, so make sure you are here with us on Tuesday night because lets face it this is gonna be great!