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    Was Firing Bo Pelini the Right Move for Nebraska?

    in Sports

    I will discuss/debate whether the University of Nebraska made the right decision in firing Bo Pelini with the creator of the College Football Junkie 2014 blog, Nebraska alum/Big 10 honk Jake Anderson.

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    Judy Stern RMT on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    Today on Women of Wisdom, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Judy Stern RMT!  She went from being a person who was a perfectionist, over-achiever, had to be in control all the time to someone who became happy, healthy, more laid back and found a lot of self love, this is Judy Stern. Judy is dedicated to helping and guiding many people on their journeys to living happier, healthier empowered lives! You are invited to connect with our host, Win Charles @ www.authorwincharles.com and when YOU are ready to be a guest, email her w.charleswisdom@gmail.com  and put GUEST in the subject line, we will get right back to you.  FOLLOW this program @ www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: With Actor & Judoka Bo Svenson

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    Sunday November 23rd, 2014. 6 pm Pacific Time

    Join us as Restita & Robert welcome Actor and long time Judo practitioner, Bo Svenson!

    Best known for his role as Sheriff Buford Pusser in the "Walking Tall" movie series, Bo has been in many movies and TV series. He is a 4th degree black belt in Judo, having earned his 1st degree black belt at the Kodokan Hombu Dojo in 1961 while stationed there as a Marine. 

    He is also accomplished athlete in other sports, having competed in world championships, Olympic trials, and/or international competition, ice hockey, yachting, and track-and-field. In addition to his black belt in judo, he holds rankings in karate, and aikido, and he is a licensed NASCAR driver.

    Call in to speak with a talented actor and accomplished martial artist!  Our show call in number is (347) 677-0699.

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    Bo Stern, author of "Beautiful Battlefields"

    in Books

    No one enjoys going through the struggles of this life, and no one enjoys suffering.However, as author Bo Stern writes in Beautiful Battlefields , God uses our darkest moments to shape us into the peopleHe wants us to be. “Though we would rather avoid battles and suffering, God does someof His most beautiful work through the hardest seasons in life. In fact, there are some thingsthat can only be accomplished in us through battle.”While we struggle with certain things every day, Stern is convinced that everyone, at somepoint on the journey between here and eternity, will be called upon to face what she callsa “Really Big Battle,” whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or relational. Like any of us,Stern has faced numerous challenges in her life. However, in 2011, her family came face toface with their Goliath when her husband was diagnosed with ALS, also known as LouGehrig’s disease. The terminal diagnosis of a loved one can be enough to shake anyone’s faith, but Stern trustsGod is using this experience for something bigger.Stern believes God will always bring beauty from each and every battle, but sometimes it takes looking at thesituation from a different perspective. It becomes necessary to look at what is happening through God’seternal lens in order to see that He is doing something very specific and wonderful. It could be He is trying todevelop a deeper dependence on Him or possibly create in us a compassionate heart toward others who arehurting. Whatever His purpose may be, Stern firmly asserts that beauty comes from the battle.

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    Episode 153: C-Bo and the OG Chronicles

    in Music

    Legendary West Coast Mafia Don C-Bo returns to the Murder Master Music Show to speak about his latest album and much more. 

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    Brawlin Bo Cooper joins Sign Guy's Wrestling Show

    in Sports

    Vendetta Pro Wrestling star Brawlin Bo Cooper joins us for the first time. He is one of the finest competitors you'll find on the west coast and works for one of the better companies on the west coast. He's wildly popular with fans in California so find out more about Brawlin Bo Cooper.

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    Best known for his role in the 1976 cult classic "Breaking Point," Bo Svenson is now utilizing his talents on the other side of the camera as the director of "Don't Call Me Sir!" a biopic of the life and career of groundbreaking judo legend Rusty Kanokogi, starring the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo Kayla Harrison and we would love to set up an interview with you to discuss this inspiring film!
    Born in Sweden, Svenson's acting career began after moving stateside and joining the USMC. Honorably discharged after six years of service, he soon secured the role of lumberjack 'Olaf Gustaven' in the hit TV series "Here Come the Brides," and cult classic hit "The Inglourious Basterds." 

    Film roles include his role as 'Reverend Harmony' in Quentin Tarantino's action-thriller "Kill Bill Vol. II", as well as a cameo in Tarantino's 2009 film "Inglourious Basterds" as a tribute to his previous role. In addition, he has appeared in nearly 60 films during his long career, including two of the "Walking Tall" films as Sheriff Buford Pusser; North Dallas Forty, Heartbreak Ridge, Speed 2: Cruise Control, and others.
    Besides his acting and directing work, Svenson is an avid martial artist, holding black belts in judo, karate, and aikido. During his martial arts career, he won the 1961 U.S. Armed Forces Far East Judo Championship's Heavyweight division. His involvement in martial arts has earned him a spot in the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon him in 2009.

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    Online Marketplace Zaarly: Building Communities on the Ground, with Bo Fishback

    in Entrepreneur

    Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Bo Fishback, co-founder and CEO of Zaarly, the online marketplace for high-quality, vetted home service providers. He’ll share his story on how Zaarly has evolved as a small business and what’s next for the company.

    As the former vice president of entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, Bo is passionate about small business. He created Zaarly to help bring communities closer together and to highlight the products and services of the small businesses that are the fabric of that community.

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    The Final Say - with Sarah Stern

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say every day, Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Sarah Stern, Founder and President of EMET (The Endowment for Middle East Truth), joins the show to discuss the Klinghoffer Opera protest.

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    Barrington Scott "Bo" Henderson(born June 10, 1956 in Washington, Pennsylvania) is an African-AmericanR&B singer. He has been a member of the R&B group Lakeside, and was a member of The Dramatics for a year before becoming a lead singer of The Temptations from 1998 to 2003. Henderson replaced Theo Peoples as one of the group's lead singers. Henderson left The Temptations in 2003.

    Henderson's first solo album, Best Kept Secret, was released in 2003. He continues to tour, sometimes performing with fellow ex-Temptation such as Glenn Leonard. Barrington is working on his second CD tentatively titled Bodacious that includes tracks by Ira Ward.

    Barrington's mother, Joyce St.Amie, was an electric jazz singer. Barrington grew up in the music industry, travelling with his mother and stepfather, "Crack", who was a noted jazz pianist. Barrington began playing the drums as a pre-teen.


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    Anny Stern Collection of Jewelry beyond the heart of Brazil.

    in Christianity

    Greetings From Insanity to Sane thank you for listening in every week my guest today is a woman with a deep desire from within to hand craft pieces of jewelry that she is no stranger to,which is part of her heritage.Anny Stern grew up in Brazil, where she was surrounded by the beauty and vast variety of semi-precious stones. These vibrant and energetic stones are natural to the area, and have been fascinating her for years. She remembers recognizing the stones by their names on the jewelry stores since she was a young girl. Anny Stern Fashion Jewelry are being showcased at prestigious locations and very high end boutiques. She designs her pieces in hopes that customers will enjoy wearing them as much as she enjoys making them. Each stone is chosen with love; Anny Stern can feel that the stones talk to her like they know what they want to be

    ~~For additional information on Anny Stern, please visit www.facebook.com/annystern

    Instagram: annystern_fashion_jewelry,  http://annystern.com/

    Come out and support Anny Stern as she speaks about her life in Brazil and how she birthed her collection.See you there.


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