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    Translating Translational Research: Let’s Get Practical with Dr. Khalid Khan

    in Health

    Dr. Khalid Khan graduated from Medical School in 1989. Currently, he is Professor of Women’s Health and Clinical Epidemiology at Barts and the London School of Medicine. His academic expertise is in patient-oriented health research and medical education. He has published over 200 peer reviewed journal articles making contributions in systematic reviews (meta-analyses), trials of treatments and tests, health technology assessments, and evaluation of educational methods. His book on Evidence-based Medicine has won the BMA medical book competition. He is Editor-in-Chief of British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

    On the next episode of Pelvic Messenger, Dr. Khan will explain translational research, the CROWN Initiative, the impetus behind it, and how to make the most from the vast sea of research being performed.  We will also address certain pre-natal and post-partum topics and myths, including whether or not inducing labor increases the likelihood of requiring C-section delivery.

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    Murali Coryell, E.G. Kight, Ernie Southern & NEW MUSIC Mississippi Heat

    in Music

    Murali Coryell was inducted into the New York State Blues Hall Of Fame in 2013 and was a 2014 BMA Nominee.  He is a triple threat contemporary blues artist who can sing, write and play guitar.

    His new album is entitled Restless Mind and we will explore the life and career of this son of a legend as we hear his music.

    EG Kight’s musical style transcends musical boundaries and has been called “country-flavored southern-fried blues”. With a blend of americana, southern rock, blues, pop, jazz, gospel and funk, she is helping to shape contemporary blues.

    Her  her latest album, A New Day, is to be released on September 16th, and she joins us to share the music early and discuss her wonderful career.

    Ernie Southern started his career in his teens as a New York "street corner" singer with well known Do-Wop acapella group Nick & The Knacks.

    He found the blues during his time in the US Navyy and then performed in rock bands before beginning to share the blues as a solo artist.  He has competed in the Internatonal Blues Challenge along the way.  I wil sit with Ernie and find out more about his career.

    Pierre Lacocque has taken a seat on The Couch twice already.  The first time back in 2010 and then he returned when Mississippi Heat had new music, Delta Bound, in 2012.

    He returns tonight to share with us the about to be released, Warning Shot, which will be available on September 18th.

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    Pork Chop Willie, Jenna & Her Cool Friends, Shawn Holt & NEW MUSIC Dave Fields

    in Music

    Pork Chop Willie is led by singer-guitarist Bill Hammer and violinist Melissa Tong.

    The band is fueled by grooves, grit, honesty and passion as well as a unique blend of down-home and uptown musicianship..  Mississippi Hill Country Blues mixed with a whole gumbo of othr sounds. 

    Their debut, Love Is The Devil, dropped the beginning of June and it is causing waves of accolades throughout the Blues World. 

    I will chat with Bill and Melissa about their visions for the band.

    Out of Knoxville, TN comes Jenna & Her Cool Friends is a 7-piece collection of talented musicians all with one thing in mind...make music that makes people happy.

    Their latest release, I'm What You Get, is a collection of 11 originals.

    I will speak with Jenna Jefferson, and maybe some of the friends: Dave Meer, Michael Crawley, Ben Maney, Keith Ford, Glyn Loyd and Kevin Redding.

    Shawn Holt is the son of legendary Blues Legend Magic Slim. He continues the tradition of the Teardrops...high-energy, hard driving sounds.

    It is all evident on the BMA Award winning album, Daddy Told Me.

    Shawn comes by and we will talk about what it was like to be the son of Magic and how he strives to continue the family legacy while creating a career of his own.

    Then, COUCH KID Dave Fields come by with his NEW MUSIC, All In, which drops the next day.  The album is spectacular and will provide Dave with even more attention fromthe Blues World.

    At the top of the show, COUCH KID Elam McKnight comes by with some special news about an upcoming event from the West Tennessee Blues Society.


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    Tall City Blues Fest, Sadie Johnson and COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Dave Keller,

    in Music

    I first met Sadie Johnson three years ago at the International Blues Challenge.  She and her older sister Sam were there as part of the Youth Showcase with their band The Sad Sam Blues Jam.

    Since that time, Sadie had grown tremendously as a guitar player, even being inducted into the "Brotherhood Of The Guitar" in the last year.

    I will chat with Sadie about her new band, The Sadie Johnson Band, and what her life has been like since she joined TBOTG.  We will also hear some of her music during the interview.

    COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Dave Keller comes by with his new release, Soul Changes, the followup to his Best Self Produced Winning CD, Where I'm Coming From.

    I will chat with Dave about what he has been up to since he first joined me back on April 16, 2012 and his recent nomination for a BMA for Soul Blues Album.

    Lisa and Ronn from Tall City Blues Fest will come by to talk about this year's affair.  After only 3 short years, this festival in Midland, TX is attracting some of the biggest names in the Blues.

    "Musicians You Should Know"




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    Arthur Migliazza, Jim Byrnes, Shrimp City Slim & COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Dudley Taft

    in Music

    Award winning Blues and Boogie Woogie pianist Arthur Migliazza began playing the piano professionally at age 13. 

    Arthur has been inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame, was a finalist at the 2010 and 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, and has shared the stage with many of the luminaries of the Blues.

    Arthu and I will discuss his career, his IBC visits and his latest album, Laying It Down

    Jim Byrnes was born in St. Louis, Missouri – that’s blues country. He grew up on the city’s north side. One of the neighborhood bars had Ike and Tina Turner as the house band.

    Jim and Couch Kid Steve Dawson have been working together for some 6 years now and have produced numebrous albums together, including Jim's latest, St. Louis Times. 

    Oh and you might know Jim from his numerous roles in movies and TV including The "Wiseguy" TV Series and "The Jim Byrnes Show", a syndicated variety series that ran across Canada in 1998-99.

    Jim and I will discuss his music and listen to songs from the new album

    Shrimp City Slim (aka Gary Erwin) is a keyboard player/singer/songwriter based in Charleston, SC.

    He has released 9 albums in his 27 years as a professional musician.  

    He has also promoted The Blues in the South carolina area since 1986, arranging and booking festivals in the area.

    Slim and I will talk about this long career and listen to songs from his latest, Star Marina.

    Then we have COUCH KID NEW MUSIC with Dudley Taft who returns with his new album, Screaming In The Wind.

    Also, Tas Cru will call in to talk BMA Week and Marshall Lawrence will be calling in to share some big news!

    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    Malaya Blue, Christian Collin, Nick Moss & COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Tommy Malone

    in Music

    Malaya Blue has been a singer-songwriter for most of her life, singing gospel music in the church choir and since then she’s gone from strength to strength. In 2011, she guested on blues-rock guitarist Mick Simpson’s album, ‘Cruel World’, singing lead vocals on the track, Find Another You. 

    Her new album is Malaya is ‘Bourbon Street’, a soulful mix of blues, jazz, and classic retro style pop. Malaya and I will discuss her life and career as we chack out tunes from the album.

    Christian Collin is a Chicago based singer, songwriter and guitarist devoted to American roots music. Born in Detroit to a musical family, Christian began playing guitar at age 13 and has never looked back.

    Previously the front man for Molasses, Christian recently released his solo debut entitled 'American Art'. Christian will tell us more about his journey as we listen to his musci.

    We might never have know Nick Moss the musician if not for a kidney injury which sidelined his high school sports career. The blues world would be a different landscape if that had happend.

    Sharing his Blues with the world since his 1999 debut 'First Offense', Moss has had more than 16 BMA Nominations bestowed upon him.

    He has released 'Time Ain't Free' and this one has a soulful R&B feel, with flashes of Nick's love for rock, all wrapped in a big Blues hug.

    I get to sit with Nick to talk about his career and where he has his sights set for the future.

    Couch Kid Tommy Malone returns to share his new album, 'Poor Boy' on our COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Segment

    Lucy Hammond comes by for a COUCH KID NEWS segment

    AND the winner of the Jeff Jensen/Mick Kolassa #WPD Contest will be announced!

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    "Tapping Tony" Stewart: The BBC, The Daily Mail and The EFT Skeptics

    in Self Help

    Professor Tony Stewart recently found his image being shown around the world, literally. Suddenly, he was an EFT Research Rockstar after a BBC and Daily Mail report was broadcast regarding the EFT Tapping work he was doing in a national health care clinic in the U.K.

    At first, the buzz was everywhere! Tapping sites lit up after one the world's most respected news organizations gave a favorable report on EFT, complete with a stellar testimonial by a client! Tony was then beset by personal and professional attacks based upon exagerated terms used by others involved in the news story. 

    In this interview we explore his personal journey from his own early EFT skepticism, to his personal health transformation via EFT, how he was able to convince his clinical supervisors to integrate EFT into the health care clinic and what breakthrough plans he is visioning for EFT in a universtity setting. 

    Tony is a Professor of Public Health at Staffordshire University and practices as an NHS Consultant. He is a published author and won the prestigious BMA award in 2011. He is an AAMET Master EFT and Matrix Reimprtinting trainer. More info can be foundout his work at http://www.eft-therapy.org/

    As well as practicing EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and clinical hypnosis, Tony also carries out and publishes clinical research and trains therapists to practice them. Tony and his colleagues published the first clinical study of a dedicated EFT service within the NHS and the first ever clinical study of Matrix Reimprinting.

    Interview by Craig Weiner, DC  for The Transformational Dialogues, with more interviews available at  www.EFTtappingTraining.com

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    D Boi da Dome Interview

    in Entertainment

    Our special guest today is the popular recording artist, Baltimore based rapper D Boi da Dome. Since bursting on the scene D Boi has been releasing a steady stream of music videos and mixtapes pushing himself to the top of DMV music circles. He was voted the Best Male Rapper in the Baltimore Music Awards (BMA) in 2012 & 2013

    Tune in as Diamond K Interviews people in the world of Business and Entertainment. The Diamond K Show brings you News, Interviews and Social Media Content daily via YouStreamRadio.com

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    Samantha Fish, Mr Sipp, Dr Izzy & Michael Pollitt

    in Music

    Just a few short years ago, Samantha Fish was unheard of...now the Blues World all know her name.
    She won a BMA in 2010 BMA for Best Debut Artist.  She has been touring the world and making new fans everywhere she goes.
    Her new album, Black Wind Howlin' is set to drop on September 10th and Samantha will join me to talk about her meteroic rise and the new music.
    Mr. Sipp...the Mississippi Blues Child. His real name is Castro Cole and he has done many genres over his short life.  Now it is the Blues and he is so skilled, he made the final stage at last year's International Blues Challenge.
    His new album is It's My Guitar and it is filled with some stellar songs and wonderful guitar playing.
    Castro and I will talk about his varied career and listen to his music.
    From Colorado, comes the Dr. Izzy Blues Band. Dr. Izzy has taken her trials and tribulations and laid them out in song. 
    Blind, a single teen mom, an abusive dad, she fought all the naysayers to become a Chiropractor and then to turn back to her true love, music.
    Dr. Izzy and I will discuss this incredible journey while we check out music from Blind and Blues Bound.
    Finally, we head to Australia to speak with Michael Pollitt, who is also known as Mr. Black & Blues.
    He has toured the world sharing his music, and all this after a surfing accident broke his neck back in 2006.
    His concept for Mr Black & Blues was formed during that year of recovery.
    He has been spending his time between London and his native Australia, he has released Morning Light and now his latest album Blow These Tracks: Live On The Blues Train.
    I will chat with Michael about his career while we check out music from the album.

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    Kurtz, Morganfield, Blues411 & NEW MUSIC Vincent Hayes Music

    in Music

    Dayna Kurtz has been performing live since she was a teen and has not always followed the musical rules.
    Over the past decade, the Brooklyn-based vocalist/writer/musician/producer has built a formidable body of recordings, won an international reputation as a riveting live performer, amassed an extensive file of rapturous critical raves.
    Her latest release Secret Canon, Vol. 1, recorded live to tape in New Jersey and New Orleans, spotlights Kurtz's sublime interpretive abilities
    In March, I had the honor to speak with Big Bill Morganfield. 
    During the BMAs, I met Mud Morganfield and told him since his younger brother had come on, it was time for him to join me on The Couch and he agreed immediately.
    His album Son Of The Seventh Son has catapulted Mud to the top of many Blues Charts and earned him three BMA nominations.
    Mud and I will chat about his life and his music and how his dad would feel about him following in his footsteps while we listen the album.
    Vincent Hayes first sat on The Couch in July of 2011 after he and his band had been nominated for Best New Debut Artist at that year’s BMAs.
    He comes back bringing with him his brand new album and if all things work correctly, this will be the WORLD PREMIER of new Vincent Hayes music.  Vincent has told me it is different from anything he has ever done, so the anticipation is huge!
    First Monday of the month means Chefjimi and the Blues411 Report.

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    The Hostal Malure Morning Show

    in Pop Culture

    Garcelle Beauvais catches her husband cheating, Toni Braxton recording new duet album with Babyface, Miguel blaming BMA producers for failed jump, & more!

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