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    Stage Right Returns!

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    Did you miss me?  "Stage Right" returns today after a two-week hiatus that included a trip to Toronto to see Angela Lansbury in "Blythe Spirit."  We'll talk about that production and then read a short play by a conservative playwright (Hank Kimmel, who will be on with us next week!).  We'll also speculate on current events and what plays we should expect to see in the coming months/years.  So much to do; so little time.  But please join us, call in, or write to us (stagerightaudio1@gmail.com).  Remember: life is short; be conservative!

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    Pop Culture crazies - No US flag America - KKK skit

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    Hr1   Can anyone tell me how Rev. Al Sharpton can justify how he can be called a Reverend and still advocate for violence? I don't see this anywhere in my Bible. Hypocrisy from President Obama in Selma. Is voter ID a good thing or a bad thing?

    Why haven't we heard from FFRF re:Bible; God references President Obama made during the Selma speech?

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else. 

    The Monday after Daylight Savings time is the most dangerous day of the year? That's what they're telling me.

    Bus driver leaves 60 kids in a parking lot while she runs an errand.

    What's up with the trend that college kids, like those at UC Irvine, don't trust America?

    Hr2  Surveys say Millennials are less "patriotic" than any other generation. Teach your children patriotism...

    "Gathering students by “affinity group” is code for racial segregation. I thought we eliminated this 50 years ago?

    George Washington University says the Young America's Foundations has committed “acts of violence” against those who don’t identify 
    with their biological gender by not using the “preferred gender pronouns.” Maybe the YAF is just confused? I know I am.

    Hr3  Is the White House seriously discussing the possibility of renaming Thanksgiving “Immigrants Day”? 

    Students Wheaton College say KKK skit was a parody intended to subvert racism, not promote it. What do you think? 

    Catholic Elms College invites civil rights leader to speak. Great! What about his 100% pro-abortion record ? Oops! You mean they couldn't find a different civil rights leader who is pro-life.

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    Vickie Blythe: sweet Americana. Polaris Rose, new album, Telescopes

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    Victoria Blythe combines jazz, folk and pop music into original songs in a style uniquely her own. This Award winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist's thrilling vocals have been compared to Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell and Evanescence. Her song "Dancing with You" won the West Coast Songwriters Song of the Year award and has appeared in a number of movies and on TV. She performs solo and with her Americana band "Calaveras" which she founded with her partner Greg Beattie. She will join us thsi Friday

    Polaris Rose is a Los Angeles Alt Rock duo comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse.  They emerged onto the LA scene in the Fall of 2013 with the release of their debut EP, "The Moon & its Secrets" and released their debut single, “Goddess” in February of this year. Their follow-up single,"Hurricanes" was followed by  “Ocean Songs” on April 22nd, 2014.  Following the release of their third single"OceanEnding", the band was voted ‘LA Artist of the Month’ on LA Deli Magazine. The duo’s debut full-length "Telescopes" is coming this November. The first single, “Perfect View” is currently available and we talk with them this Friday

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    Rick Polson,Ben Gay III,David Raiklen,Cara Cordoni

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    Rick Polson http://goo.gl/AuOc8z
    Ben Gay III WWW.BFG3.COM
    David Raiklen -MIA, A DANCER'S JOURNEY with BLYTHE DANNER KQED Life San Francisco Monday February 23rd 10-11PM. http://www.kqed.org/tv/
    Cara Cordoni Flashlightcoaching.com


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  • Fit Life with Blythe Episode 2 “Unlocking the Mystery of Fat Loss”

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      Check out this short podcast on how to “Unlock the Mystery of Fat Loss”. I challenge every listener to 30 days of commitment! Be sure to tune in and learn about the upcoming Weight Loss Challenge, too!Filed under: Podcasts … Continue reading →

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    William Malmborg joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    Haunted Nights LIVE! hosts Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross welcome William Malmborg!

    William Malmborg has been publishing short stories in horror magazines and dark fiction anthologies since 2002. In addition, four of his novels, JIMMY, TEXT MESSAGE, NIKKI'S SECRET and DARK HARVEST, are all available, as is a short story collection titled SCRAPING THE BONE that features five previously published and five original tales of horror. When not writing William caters to the whims of Toby and Truman, two cats who reside with him in Wheaton, IL..

    Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross are the authors of the successful serialized novel, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, among other works. If you like ghosts, governesses, and grand mansions, check out Night Moves, the 5th installment of The Ghosts of Ravencrest. Visit them at thier websites: tamarathorne.com and alistaircross.com to learn more. 

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    The Pet Place Radio Show Orig. Airdate 11-22-2014

    in Pets

    This morning Marie is going to talk technology.  She loves reviewing new products that can help keep pets safe so she have invited Lorien Clemens from PetHub to stop by in a bit to give us all the details on a new product that will help locate a lost pet quickly. Then, after our halftime break, she’ll be speaking with Dr. Matthew Wheaton, the veterinarian who treated a puppy who chewed off its foot after its owners left it tethered and unattended in the back yard.  This practice is unsafe and illegal yet it is still so commonplace.  It’s a sad story that needs to be told, and fortunately, it has a happy ending.  

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    Rapid Fire Radio-BillMartinezLive-Jan 16th Seg.#2.HOMESCHOOLING

    in Family

    #1 Michelle Pohl ?began homeschooling her kids three years ago after life took an unexpected turn.  She blogs at BloomingWithJoy.com and is author of eBook Motivate Kids to Clean: Chore Card System.  She serves the homeschool community in Missouri with weekly encouraging messages.

    #2 Cindy Baker is a homeschooling mother from Allen Texas. Cindy is a practicing attorney with an MBA and experience as an adjunct professor.  She recently founded a school related parenting website named Schoolmatters2me.com. That is schoolmatters, the numeral 2, me.com.

     #3 Larry Blythe-Larry Blythe is the director of Apologia Online Live Academy , the largest homeschool science curriculum in the world which works with over 600 students with online, interactive, and live education for Jr. High & High School sciences, and for Bible studies and Christian Apologetics.  




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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Blythe Spirit Counseling Services

    in Psychology

    Old Hickory, TN – When faced with a devastating loss or trauma, every person has their own means of coping, but those feelings of sadness, anger, shock, guilt and helplessness are part of the natural healing process.

    Blythe Landry is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Blythe Spirit Counseling Services, specializing in clients seeking to cope with issues related to grief, trauma and addiction.

    “The people that come to me are coming from a place of darkness, but of course that darkness is always the entry point to the light,” says Blythe. “I help my clients walk toward whatever that light looks like for them.”

    Therapy is a co-creative relationship where change can be manifested. Blythe says her personal philosophy is that nobody’s story is too painful to be heard or healed; people deserve to obtain the tools to overcome their challenges in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and independent.

    “I know my clients are whole with or without me. They just have to recognize it,” says Blythe. “I’ve never had a client not get better and the reason for that is I know they will.”

    When we experience crises in our lives, the majority of people cannot or will not sustain a relationship with us. That’s why Blythe believes there is no greater spiritual experience than to be able to sit with someone in their most vulnerable state. She says it’s her goal to get clients to a place where they don’t need her anymore.

    “We’re afraid to ask for help because we’re afraid there won’t be anyone on the other side,” says Blythe, “When we’re truly ready to receive help, a hand will extend and it won’t let go. I enjoy being that hand for people walking through the darkness.”

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    David Wheaton in The Players Lounge with Alex Ramirez

    in Sports

    May 13, 2014 - David Wheaton in The Players Lounge and Passing Shots with Pete Ziebron and Craig O'Shanessy

    Wearing his stars-and-stripes bandana, Minnesotan David Wheaton was a serve-volleyer who produced his best results on fast courts in a 12-year pro career. He attained a career-high No. 12 singles ranking (22 July 1991) and won three titles from seven finals.
    Wheaton had his best year in 1991, when he reached the Miami final (d. Agassi, Edberg; l. to Courier), advanced to the Wimbledon semi-finals (d. Lendl, Agassi; l. to Becker) and finished the year by winning the $2 million first prize at the Grand Slam Cup in Munich (d. Chang).


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    Devon Grant - PA Gov. Cabinet & Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

    in Culture

    Join us for a conversation with Devon Grant, Executive Director, of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. This cabinet exists to make recommendations to the Governor on policies, procedure regulations and legislation that assist people with disabilities in Pennsylvania, serves as a liaison to individuals with disabilities, and as a resource to entities under the Governor’s jurisdiction, ensuring equality for people with disabilities in all facets of state government within the commonwealth.

    Devon holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, and a Juris Doctor from Western State University, College of Law, in Fullerton, California. Prior to his appointment to his current position, Devon spent almost 10 years in the Reconsideration Unit of the Department of Public Welfare. 

    Some of his adventures include riding cross country on a motorcycle, climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan, and skiing in the Alps. Devon lives in Palmyra, with his wife and 3 children.

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you every Friday at 12:00 pm EDT/EST by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families through advocacy, resources, and community education.

    For more news and events of interest to the PA disability community, visit PA Disability News.

    Come back every Friday at 12pm EST/EDT for PA Independent Living - Thanks for listening!

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