• Fit Life with Blythe Episode 2 “Unlocking the Mystery of Fat Loss”

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      Check out this short podcast on how to “Unlock the Mystery of Fat Loss”. I challenge every listener to 30 days of commitment! Be sure to tune in and learn about the upcoming Weight Loss Challenge, too!Filed under: Podcasts … Continue reading →

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    Out of the Fog: Love Your Body, Lose the Weight with Shannon Lagasse

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    Join Health and Happiness Coach Shannon Lagasse to learn to ditch the diet, let go of limiting beliefs, and create a life you love. Do you feel out of control around food? Sick of defining yourself with numbers on a scale or tape measure? Craving freedom from calorie counting and deprivation? If you're an emotional eater, yo-yo dieter, or just want to lose weight in a way that's healthy and sustainable, you'll want to tune in! Learn the 3 keys for sustainable weight loss. Shannon will also be sharing her favorite tips and techniques for living an awesome life, totally at ease in your body. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Blythe Spirit Counseling Services

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    Old Hickory, TN – When faced with a devastating loss or trauma, every person has their own means of coping, but those feelings of sadness, anger, shock, guilt and helplessness are part of the natural healing process.

    Blythe Landry is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Blythe Spirit Counseling Services, specializing in clients seeking to cope with issues related to grief, trauma and addiction.

    “The people that come to me are coming from a place of darkness, but of course that darkness is always the entry point to the light,” says Blythe. “I help my clients walk toward whatever that light looks like for them.”

    Therapy is a co-creative relationship where change can be manifested. Blythe says her personal philosophy is that nobody’s story is too painful to be heard or healed; people deserve to obtain the tools to overcome their challenges in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and independent.

    “I know my clients are whole with or without me. They just have to recognize it,” says Blythe. “I’ve never had a client not get better and the reason for that is I know they will.”

    When we experience crises in our lives, the majority of people cannot or will not sustain a relationship with us. That’s why Blythe believes there is no greater spiritual experience than to be able to sit with someone in their most vulnerable state. She says it’s her goal to get clients to a place where they don’t need her anymore.

    “We’re afraid to ask for help because we’re afraid there won’t be anyone on the other side,” says Blythe, “When we’re truly ready to receive help, a hand will extend and it won’t let go. I enjoy being that hand for people walking through the darkness.”

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    Let's talk about... hunger for happiness with Shannon Lagasse

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    Shannon Lagasse, certified holistic health coach and emotional eating expert, teaches women struggling with low self-esteem and an unhealthy relationship with food how to love themselves, create their ideal body, and live a fantastically awesome life. 

    By coming from a focus on pleasure and getting to the heart of their issues, Shannon's clients are empowered to find freedom from food fears and fulfill their deepest desires. To learn more about working with Shannon, grab your complimentary Food Freedom Kit, and to receive her inspirational weekly articles on natural ways to get the body and life you want, visit her website:  www.HungerforHappiness.com

    Thank you for joining us today!

    Love & hugs always from all of us at www.40DayLoveFest.com

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    BWD Radio - Kazo - Exclusive Interview

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    BWD Radio – Indie Artist Music Independent Music Radio Station

    They’re not out to impress, but they add color to the grey. They bring fun to the humdrum. They sing from the soul. They sing about what matters. Bassist Mike Silcock, lead guitarist Jake Blythe, drummer Sam Keene and vocalist Jack Heningan.

    Your On The Go Station! 24/7 BWD Radio -  #1 Variety Online Music Radio Station  

    Visit our Newly Created Indie Artist Radio Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/BWDRadio and click on that "Like" button! https://www.twitter.com/BWDRadio_ , https://www.twitter.com/BWDPromotions DIGITAL/PRINT https://www.twitter.com/BWDMagazine "Like" us at https://www.facebook.com/BWDMagazine too! SUBMIT YOUR RADIO READY MUSIC - SUBMIT ALL GENRES for the 24/7 Segment of BWD Radio

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    Mike Pierson George S. Patton Museum Tanks, Firetrucks,Vase

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    This show was prerecorded 8-14-14 and is being broadcast today Friday August 15, 2014

    We were on the way home Texas and had to stop in and say hi to Mike Pierson, General Manager of the Museum. Last February I donated a flag to the Museum that had been literally around the world in Honor of General George S. Patton. I wanted to stop in and see how things were going, any updates on the Museum, see if my name was on the three walls of honor. So we spent about a half telling and sharing stories. Mike was kind enough to fly my LA Maritime Museum Flag over the museum, show me the various tanks in the yard. I discovered there is one Fire truck and a Russian Battle tank converted into a firefighting / Riot control vehicle that found its way from Afghanistan to the US forest service to the Patton Museum. My Favorite story is the VASE so you will have to listen to the show, however it is a GREAT Story.

    I would strongly ENCOURAGE anyone travelling the I-10 to stop at Chiriaco Summit, see the Museum AND eat at the Chiriaco Summit Café. The Museum is top-Notch, the food at the Café is wonderful. I personally recommend the Patton Burger.

    IF you are a Veteran Regardless of service I cannot recommend highly enough stop in and enjoy.

    I want to say THANK YOU to Mike and his staff and to Margit, CEO of Chiriaco Summit and her family and staff for their service and their help 

    You can find the orginal show # 86 at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2014/02/08/flag-dedication-at-george-s-patton-museum






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    Sunday, July 20, 8 pm ET The Best of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show brings you Celebrity Chef and author of  a delicious, joyride of a memoir No Experience Necessary: The Culinary Odyssey of Chef Norman Van Aken.   Norman Van Aken is known as the founding father of New World Cuisine, a celebration of Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African, and American flavors. He is also known internationally for introducing the concept of “Fusion” to the culinary world. The only Floridian inducted into the prestigious James Beard list of “Who’s Who in American Food and Beverage,” his restaurant, Norman’s, was nominated as a finalist for the James Beard Foundation’s “Best Restaurant in America.” He has also been a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for “Best Chef in America.” Van Aken has published five cookbooks: Feast of Sunlight, The Exotic Fruit Book, Norman’s New World Cuisine, New World Kitchen, and My Key West Kitchen.    No Experience Necessary spans twenty-plus years of the culinary renegade and pioneering restaurateur’s career, offering a uniquely personal, highly-entertaining under-the-tablecloth view of the high stakes world of American cuisine, told with wit, insight, and great affection by a natural storyteller. With an abundance of marquee names, incuding Emerill Lagasse, Tennessee Williams, Jimmy Buffet and Julia Child, Van Aken's memoir is as byzantine as a Russian novel but lots more fun.

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    Should consumer fireworks be illegal to buy in California statewide?

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    There seems to be some confusion over fireworks in California.  Take Riverside County where consumer fireworks are illegal, except for five cities.  It creates a situation where people purchase fireworks and take them to cities where they're illegal, an in the process they break serious laws.  We'll explain the dilemma, and get your opinion.

    Also in Riverside County some people in Murrieta are forcing buses of undocumented immigrants away from a Murrieta facility.  The passengers were brought over from Texas for processing at Border Patrol station.

    And we'll take your calls LIVE about the 4th of July.

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    Mayor Debate, Lagasse - Milford Radio CT 10/30/13

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    Tonight: Mayor Candidates Get Last Words, Lagasse Family Benefit Organizers, Ninjas, News, Events, and much more!Tonight is a special night at MilfordRadio.com. Both candidates, Ben Blake and Peter Spalthoff, have submitted letters to MilfordRadio to read to the public tonight! This is their last ditch effort to get their points across. We will read them live tonight! You are also welcome to call us during the show and share your passion for one candidate or another. In addition to all the Mayoral stuff, we will have very special guests in studio tonight... the organizers of the Lagasse Family Benefit, if you haven't heard of this family tragedy, or even if you have, you should take a listen to this interview.Tonight's show is very special in many ways, but most importantly it is ALL ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY!We are considered a very small show, but we are proud to not only interview the interesting people of Milford, but we are able to speak to guests such as John Ratzenberger, Dan Patrick, Governor Malloy, Tommy John, and many more. We may be small, but we are badass!Make sure you join us tonight, without you we look like 2 dudes talking to each other with headsets on!This show has been growing very quickly and we want to continue the growth. Please tell at least 2 people about our show, have them listen and get involved in what we do. This show is for you and our community... Also, if you ever have anything that you would like us to cover, feel free to email us anytime: milfordradio@gmail.com

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    Powerhouse Producers on How to Sell a TV Show, Plus, Judge Judy's Bailiff Talks

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    Producers Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead are the dynamic duo behind Powerhouse Productions and the new season of Chef G. Garvin's, "Road Trip with G. Garvin," which premieres Wenesday, May 21st. Their slate of programming inlcudes shows on TBS, Food Network, TV One, Cooking Channel, HGTV, Fine Living, BET, BET J, and Disney. Their shows have won many awards and they have worked with celebrities, such as Patti Labelle, Emeril Lagasse, and Dr. Steve Perry. These powerhouse ladies share some secrets to their success in selling TV shows.

    Plus, Petri Hawkins Byrd is the longest-running court show bailiff in TV history. He gives us the behind the scenes scoop from Judge Judy's courtroom and more.

    Also, Attorney Areva Martin, seen on The Dr. Phil Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Dr. Drew On Call, and Jane Velez Mitchell,  weighs in on some burning issues and tells us about her annual "Pink Pump Affair," full of fashion, fun, and fund-raising for autisic children and their families. 


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    The Scoff and Quaff on the Cookery School

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    Flavor Living Radio  airs Scoff and Quaff Radio from the UK

    This weeks show was presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin, and Dr John Sykes @Johnonebill. The guests this week are Andy Bridle @BridleIP from Bridle Intellectual Property Ltd.talking about intellectual property issues for businesses. Pieter Van Zyl & Stephanie Hayman @TheChequersDeal from Chequers Kitchen talking about their newly opened Cookery School, & then Jane Apps@TheFatCarrot11 talking about her vegetarian food, events & pop ups she will attending over next month. Music: this week: Hot Love – T Rex, As – George Michael & Mary J Blythe, & Mr Soft – Steve Harley







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