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    The Inspiring B. Renee!

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    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! Meet Recording Artist B. Renee!

    Calming, inspiring, comforting, reflective, powerful, gifted, directional, soulful and unforgettable are a few words used to describe one of Gospel's newest recording artists, B. Renee! This immensely gifted vocalist, songwriter and Christian Music Minister joins me this week, and I can't wait for you to hear her talk about her journey----AND **experience**  her life changing music! [Her song, "Committed to Live" is so....what can I say? It was breathed to life upon the passing of her husband in 2012. The song is so soulful, honest and transparent that it will set you at ease the first few chords, says me, anyway!]

    Plus, [as always--like, really!] the BEST in gospel music by artists that you ACTUALLY know, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Get your favorite blanket, brew your favorite flavored hot tea or hot double chocolate mix [add milk!], grab a comfy spot on the sofa, and chillax with your favorite sis: ME!! What shall we snack on during the show....hmmm....I feel like....ummm...let's see....let's do something healthy, like, sliced kiwi, grapes and blueberries? And some fresh baked banana nut bread! Mmmmm....! ;0)



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    Healthy Seasonal Eating; Yes, You Can!

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    Kerry Dunnington, culinary chemist and author of Tasting The Seasons:  Inspired, In-Season Cuisine That's Easy, Healthy, Fresh and Fun will be sharing her recipe design with us for the Fall and Winter Seasons.  Kerry is passionate about selecting recipes that use real, fresh foods sourced locally and in season to optimize nutrition and overall environmental impact. 

    Do you really need fresh blueberries in February?  Is a sweet potato a mainstay of your summer table?  Why?  Yes, these items may be present in stores these days due to various growing seasons across the globe but is the food really top in nutrition if it is picked, held in trucks and transported thousands of miles over land and sea?  Do you know what is seasonal for where you live? 

    For more information on Kerry and to purchase her book visit:  www.kerrydunnington.com

    For more information on how to make better food choices, food for health or a consultation with Dr. Gallagher visit:  www.outoftheboxhealthcare.com

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    Super Foods Series - Boastful Blueberries

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    The Boastful Blueberry – A Super Food With Bragging Rights   Blueberries are one of the super foods we hear a lot about, and with good reason. These delicious, deep  blue summer berries are well-known for their antioxidants, containing the highest amount of any other berries. However, blueberries have some other specific health benefits that are worth talking about. Let's take a look. Link to recipe on my blog

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    RJ Thesman,"Intermission for Reverend G"

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    Three months after a fire ripped through Cove Creek Assisted Living Facility, repairs are complete, but even as Reverend G and her cat, Gabriel move back into their apartment, the retired pastor realizes life just isn’t the same. She continues to minister to her fellow residents — the widower who reads the same book over and over and the woman who waits by the front door for the family who never arrives. Even Gabriel is back at work, making his rounds and forecasting death. But while Reverend G is able to find the words to conduct a funeral service, anticipates the birth of her first grandchild and plans her future with her beloved, Chris, she battles her worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms — memory loss, paranoia, anger and fear. Now, her worst nightmare seems to be coming true. God hasn’t spoken to her in weeks. Has Reverend G lost her connection with God?

    RJ Thesman has been a writer since she flipped open her Red Chief tablet and scribbled her first story. After writing 4 non-fiction books and almost 500 articles, she woke up one day with a novel in her head. That novel became "The Unraveling of Reverend G."

    Thesman enjoys teaching writing workshops and helping writers birth their words. She is a certified life coach, works as a writing coach and as a coach for women who are Starting Over Single.

    Thesman is the mother of an adult son, and she enjoys reading, gardening and cooking - especially anything with blueberries. Thesman lives in the heart of Kansas with her son and an elderly cat.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Everything You Need To Know About Protein

    in Fitness

    What is Protein?

    See also: What is Fibre?

    The word ‘protein’ refers to a type of molecule in food that can be broken down into amino acids. The body needs twenty amino acids - as a biological machine it can create (or synthesize) eleven of these itself.  However there are nine, called ‘essential amino acids’ that the body cannot create and has to gain through the consumption of food. 

    These ‘essential amino acids’ are: Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Valine and Histidine.  

    When we eat, the body breaks down the protein in food in order to create the amino acids that it needs.

    Although most foods contain protein some foods are richer in some of the essential amino acids than others. Usually, therefore, foods need to be combined so that the body receives all the amino acids it needs on a daily basis – part of the reason that a varied, balanced diet is essential to us.  For example, if you ate only blueberries you may start to lack the Tryptophan, Lysine and Histidine that your body needs - introducing some meat and/or cheese into your diet would help to address these deficiencies.

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    Curtis Harwell & Richard Neal Discuss Recipes and Antioxidants and Food

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    USDA scientists analyzed antioxidant levels in more than 100 different foods, including fruits and vegetables. Each food was measured for antioxidant concentration as well as antioxidant capacity per serving size. Cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest among the fruits studied. Beans, artichokes, and Russet potatoes were tops among the vegetables. Pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts ranked highest in the nut category.

    USDA chemist Ronald L. Prior says the total antioxidant capacity of the foods does not necessarily reflect their health benefit. Benefits depend on how the food's antioxidants are absorbed and utilized in the body. Still, this chart should help consumers trying to add more antioxidants to their daily diet.

    How Antioxidants Help Prevent Oxidation

    As oxygen interacts with cells of any type - an apple slice or, in your body, the cells lining your lungs or in a cut on your skin -- oxidation occurs. This produces some type of change in those cells. They may die, such as with rotting fruit. In the case of cut skin, dead cells are replaced in time by fresh, new cells, resulting in a healed cut.

    This birth and death of cells in the body goes on continuously, 24 hours a day. It is a process that is necessary to keep the body healthy. "Oxidation is a very natural process that happens during normal cellular functions," researcher Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston, tells WebMD.

    Yet there is a downside. "While the body metabolizes oxygen very efficiently, 1% or 2% of cells will get damaged in the process and turn into free radicals," he says.

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    Berry Recipes and More! Find some new ways to enjoy these Brain Boosters!

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    It’s fresh berry season, a favorite time of year!  Most of us love to sink our teeth into strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  Berries are a rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals which makes them a power food! When pondering how to serve them, some standard favorite recipes come to mind: strawberry shortcake, blueberry muffins, pancakes and pie.  Yet, there are so many more mouth-watering berry good recipes! How about Fireworks Parfait, Simple Berry Sangria or 10 Ways to Stuff Strawberries?  With our guest, Kyla Oberman from Naturipe, co-host Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved) and I are going to shower you with our top picks of new and out of the box ways to serve your family and friends the best berry palate pleasers. Get ready to be filled up for some berry good fun!

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    EVERYDAY ANGELS with your host Marie Elisa

    in Spirituality

    LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes Celine Koropchak, research scientist and a successful blueberry farmer.       Show is at 8:00 pm eastern standard time

    Celine’s childhood was marked by her unique gift of sensitivity. As a child she articulated the experience as the presence of imaginary friends she named “Tovarysh,” the word for friend in the Slavic language.  These divine messengers have remained a benevolent presence throughout her life. With a biology degree from Bucknell University, Celine pursued a career in medical research at Stanford University Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center. She has over 30 publications in infectious disease, biochemistry and cardiovascular scientific journals. Ten years ago, Celine realized a lifelong dream when she became a blueberry farmer. She started with 600 tiny starter plants, now yielding over a half a ton of blueberries each season, supplying local universities, corporate cafeterias, and farmer’s market. One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection, is a collection of messages Celine has received and assembled as a practical tool to help others with awareness, serenity, and greater purpose.

    Sessions with Celine: http://thetovaryshconnection.wordpress.com/

    Email: onewithallofthee@gmail.com

    Facebook: One With All of Thee

    Blogtalk radio number: 347-838-9862, press 1 to

    speak to the guest or host.


    Marie Elisa: divinelyinspiredconversations@gmail.com

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    Celebrating Memorial Day with Simple Joy Part 2

    in Moms and Family

    Traveling this Memorial Day week-end? You're not alone! Memorial Day week-end kicks off the summer travel season with many peple taking to the skies &, more important, hitting the roads.

    Host Jean Ann Duckworth continues her Memorial series with a program on Holiday travel. She offers ways to make your travel safer, shares tips for traveling with pets & takes you into her kitchen to whip up a simple summer dessert your family & guests will LOVE!

    Join Jean Ann as she packs hours of information into one short program! Take this stress out of your Memorial Day week-end when you begin living Your Simple Joy Life!

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    The Anti Inflammatory Diet - Really?

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    The anti inflammatory diet is one that strikes fear in the hearts of many. What is it? Are companies and/or people just out to make money promoting it? 

    Anti-Inflammatory diet:  A list of anti inflammatory foods include:

    a. Berries: especially dark reds and blues like strawberries and blueberries

    b. Vegetables-darker the color the better, including dark green kale and spinach

    c. Whole grains-including oatmeal, quinoa, barley and farro. Avoid sugary or starchy foods that jack up your sugar level.

    d. Healthy oils-found in nuts and fish. Saturated fat found in full fat dairy and meat fuel the inflammatory fire.

    General rule of thumb: if it has a label, stay away! 

    The Weston Price diet is similar. Dr. Weil's program is similar. 

    The body responds to many conditions by initiating the inflammatory cascade. Foods can really make a difference.  Do you need supplements?

    Affiliate link: 

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski


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    Misc Wine Topics / Review

    in Wine

    Join us tonight as we discuss more topics related to the wine industry on All About wine!


    Hosted by Ron, the show is always informative and entertaining and... All About Wine.


    Speak with Ron and our guest on-air by calling during the LIVE show (646) 727-3235, or email your questions and comments to allaboutwine101@gmail.com

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