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    Health and Safety Officer: Infection Control/ Bloodborne

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    Hosted by Orlando Willis. The health and safety officer shall ensure that the fire department’s infection control program meets the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1030, Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens,NFPA 1581, Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program. Training credit is available for this segment. Check out our website for details.

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    Pharmacy Business Updates – R.J. Hedges & Associates

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    R.J. Hedges & Associates has a dedicated team, devoted to providing complete turnkey healthcare compliance programs for our clients. We offer easy-to-use Policy and Procedure Manuals and Programs that contain all requirements for Medicare Quality Standards; HIPAA Compliance with HITECH requirements; Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention; OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen requirements; Human Resource Management, and Immunization.  All compliance programs come with computer based training as well as program updates (as regulations change).

    R.J. Hedges & Associates has hundreds of accredited facilities across the country. Company President, Jeffrey Hedges, has extensive experience handling Medicare accreditation and HIPAA law compliance. In addition, he speaks at NCPA Conventions and other professional forums on topics such as the “Idiosyncrasies of HIPAA Regulations and Their Effect on Independent Healthcare Practices”. He is the co-author of the NCPA HIPAA Security Handbook and has written numerous articles.

    In addition, Jeffrey offers ongoing continuing education seminars and presentations on topics including:

    “The 2013 HIPAA Compliance Regulations” 

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    Fire Medic Perspective Episode 13

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     Rom Duckworth sits down with Capt. Jerry Myers to ask "Bloodborne Pathogens: What do we REALLY need to know?" We have to sit down every year, but what is new in 2013? Are we teaching what we are supposed to? What does and Infection Control Officer even do? What is the role of a supervisor or company officer in an exposure? Call in and ask your questions to our experts!

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    Pharmacy Podcast Episode 58 Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Program by RJ Hedges

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    R. J. Hedges & Associates Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Program provides your pharmacy with the proper policies and procedures needed to remain compliant with immunization guidelines.

    Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Policy and Procedure Program includes:

    Easy to read and follow policies and procedures with necessary documents needed to implement an immunization program

    An outline/plan to implement a 10 - 15 minute vaccination process

    Guidance to help you and your staff perform efficient, compliant and professional immunizations

    Instructions for properly documenting and recording physicians’ standing orders

    A Bloodborne Pathogen Plan that specifically addresses applicable OSHA Rules and Regulations

    A Hazard Communication Plan that specifically addresses applicable OSHA Rules and Regulations

    Facility Safety Program

    Training videos

    Workflow management


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    Double Down on TB in Jails and Prisons

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    Janice B Hill, RN, MPH, is a correctional nurse leader with nearly 3 decades of experience with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Largo, FL. She is an active nurse educator frequently presenting on juvenile standards for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. She was instrumental in the development of Florida's Model Jail Standards Medical Inspector's Course. In addition, she is on faculty with the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Tuberculosis & Refuge Health and a Southeastern Public Safety Institute Instructor on Bloodborne Pathogens & other Communicable Diseases. In this episode she will be talking to Lorry about the state of the corrections system regarding Tuberculosis (TB).

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    We're Talking About Why You Should NOT Fear H1N1 OR The Vaccine with Microbiologist, Jason Tetro

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    Has the H1N1 virus got you in a panic?

    Do you have pressing questions about H1N1?

    Do you have concerns that you'd like to be put at ease for regarding H1N1?

    Microbiologist, Jason Tetro will be talking all about the H1N1 Virus and why we don't need to panic or fear the vaccine.

    We will open the phone lines and Jason will answer YOUR questions and concerns about this virus.

    This is your chance to get your questions about the H1N1 virus answered by an expert.

    Jason is adamant that the public NOT panic about this Virus and this is going to be a very positive and powerful evening.

    Jason A. Tetro has been in the scientific community for over 20 years. He has worked on diagnostic technologies and developed expertise in the food, water and bloodborne fields.

    After various stints in industry and the government, he returned to research at the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology, where he currently acts as a Specialist in Technology Design.

    At the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology, he works to develop novel methods to identify and mitigate infectious disease risks.

    He has over 20 publications and ruffled more than a few feathers with articles in peer-reviewed journals on such topics as SARS and avian flu, book chapters, position papers for reports and newspaper columns. He also has regular appearances on a local Ottawa television station where he discusses microbiology with the public.

    Call-in Number: 347-326-9577

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    Your Spirit and Destinee (Health Review and Musical Segment)

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    This show features excerpts from Bloodborne Pathogen traning, and a musical segment.