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    The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts

    in Cooking

    We will be talking with the Dean of the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts, Chef Avram Wiseman, and the school's Director Jesse Blonder. The show was pretaped over an early dinner at Brooklyn's Cafe Venezia.

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    Esoteric Meaning of the 1997 UFO Phoenix Lights

    in Education

    Ellie Crystal interviews Steven Blonder author of "Oracle of the Phoenix: Discovering a Tree of Life of Life Amidst the End Time Signs and Wonders of the Phoenix Lights." Steven was a key witness of the 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO sighting and was featured on the Discovery Channel documentary "Lights over Phoenix: Anatomy of a Sighting" and will be appearing on this season's UFO Hunter series on the History Channel. Steven is the only witness or author who has attempted to penetrate the mystery of the lights by deciphering the many esoteric symbols connected to the sighting including those found in Kabbalah and Hopi Mythology. Steven makes the case in his book that the Phoenix Lights marks the beginning of the "End Times" shift that culminates in the 2012 beginning of a New Era referenced in most religious texts and myths.

    Steven's website:www.oracleofthephoenix.com
    Ellie's Website:www.crystalinks.com

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    Rolfe Kanefsky

    in Film

    Rolfe comes on to talk about his movies and more!!