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    in Entertainment

    its all about live music this week as the boys talk about their favorite concerts they have attended & they book their own DREAM-FEST

    plus the usual news & bullshit

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    Can a Bloke Catch a Break?

    in Psychology

    Fat Guy in Spandex is a middle-aged, over educated, under employed, overweight, white guy who loves hockey, NASCAR and dumb-ass, quirky comedy. On his podcast, he pontificates about all things associated with a lazy life, sex, sports and much, much more. It’s psychology and self-help through the eyes and ideas of a guy who has been there and done that!

    Today’s episode looks at: the idea of wanting your ship to come in and all that arrives is an outboard bass boat. Nothing work with a bass boat. When a tanker is what you have been waiting for, well...

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    Blog Bloke: Blog Comments As Conversations

    in Business

    Long time blogger, online privacy advocate, and search engine analyst Blog Bloke describes why blog comments are important but not in the way that many bloggers believe. Blog Bloke offers the alternative concept about comments as conversations, different from that given by the well known blogging gurus. Blog Bloke shares the idea that being a top blogger with the most comments is not the only, or even the most ideal way to achieve success as a blogger. Instead of being obsessed with numbers and top rankings, as the gurus recommend, Blog Bloke recommends being real, having genuine conversation with readers, and building lasting relationships. Indeed, Blog Bloke presents the principle that there are many ways to achieve success as a blogger, and that numbers are simply one of many definitions of success. Blog Bloke shares ideas for building conversations through a combination of social media and blogs, and how thinking in terms of conversations rather than comments changes a blogger's perspective entirely. Learn how to achieve success as a blogger on your own terms, establish deeper relationships, and utilize your blog as a critical part of that conversation development process.

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    The Bloke Show

    in Entertainment

    for blokes , by blokes .. this week - sports most memorable injuries , Origin 2 , local wrestling , 80s action movies , television , stupidity in the news , Chyna's new movie , wanker of the week , champ of the week .. so grab a beer , take off your pants and get your bloke on

  • 01:35

    The Aussie Bloke Show ep6

    in Entertainment

    this weeks main topic is Aussie movies..TV show of the week is The Chicago Code..David's pick of "5 Reasons to" is "visit a gay bath house..details on upcoming PWA show with Dick Togo as well as the usual sports,news,TV,movies & general banter

  • 01:57

    The Aussie Bloke Show ep9

    in Entertainment

    HORROR MOVIES..this week we will talk about horror movies,good,bad & awesome..TV show of the week is Ghost Hunters,so we should have a few laughs with this one..5 Reasons to this week is 5 Reasons to Watch Wrestling..Marry,Sex or Kill..plus the usual Aussie sports,stupid news,comedy,TV & movies,wrestling & some general banter

  • 01:57

    The Aussie Bloke Show ep8

    in Entertainment

    BAD MOVIES..this week we will have a chat about what movies are the worst ever made,in our opinion..5 Reasons To this week is "not to donate to charities that advertise on television"..we will have another "Marry,Sex or Kill",plus the usual Aussie sports,stupid news,some stand up,movie & TV talk & some general banter

  • 01:58

    The Aussie Bloke Show ep5

    in Entertainment

    tonights sports topic is cry babies/complainers/sooks..entertainment topic is martial arts movies..weekly TV show is Impact Wrestling..plus the usual sports,news,comedy,TV,movies & general banter

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    Blog Bloke: Intellectual Property & What It Means To You

    in Business

    Long time blogger, search engine analyst, and well known online privacy advocate Blog Bloke describes the concept of intellectual property and why it is so important to understand. Blog Bloke provides in depth analysis of intellectual property,including the most commonly misunderstood principles, in easily understood language, Blog Bloke offers his ideas on why bloggers need to understand how intellectual property affects their posts and their ideas. He also presents the concepts of idea ownership and how proper attribution of ideas and posts is essential to good blogging practices. He also shows bloggers how to discover if their ideas are being used improperly by others, and how to take action to protect your own intellectual property. Learn how be a better blogger, who respects the intellectual property of others, and how to protect your own ideas from idea theft as well.

  • 01:01

    Blog Bloke: Google Plus Changes And What They Mean

    in Business

    Long tome online privacy advocate, search engine analyst, and blogger Blog Bloke describes the recent changes made to the Google Plus social media platform and what they mean. Blog Bloke provides analysis of the changes, how they relate to other social media platforms, and the reasons for the changes. Blog Bloke offers advice for returning the better features of the previous Google Plus layout and how to utilize the better aspects of the new format. Blog Bloke also discusses the effect of Google Plus on search engine rankings, and also the impact of the changes for mobile users. Blog Bloke also offers his thoughts on the recent updated statements from Google about how they are addressing the constant challenge of spam.

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    Blog Bloke: Avoiding The Most Common Blogging Mistakes

    in Business

    Long time bloggers, search engine analyst, and well known internet privacy advocate, Blog Bloke describes some of the most common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them. Blog Bloke shares his own experiences, missteps, and improvements to his own blogging skills to demonstrate what not to do with your blog. Along with the most frequently encountered mistakes, Blog Bloke offers ideas for becoming a better blogger, as well as how to avoid the traps and pitfalls that await the unwary new blogger. Blog Bloke shows how to find ideas and create original content that attracts visitors to the blog. At the same time, he points out how to stay away from plagiarism of content from other bloggers. Learn the inside story on domain names, hosting, how to select names for your blog, and how to develop meaningful, and lasting relationships through your blog the right way.

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