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    Phuck The Police vs Hire/Own Your Police Force ?

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss whether we should say

    "Phuck The Policve vs Hiring or OWNING Your Own Police Force ?"

    It's in our opinion too many people depend on a "public" police force is the only and best option for security....however there are other options. You on a personal level can hire:

    Personal "Private Security".
    Your COMMUNITY can hire "Private Security"
    You can start a BUSINESS and provide "Private Security Services".

    And there you have it.............three solid solutions to GOOD POLICE SERVICE.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call "Its My House Radio" @ 712-432-7768

  • How to Hire a Wedding DJ

    in Self Help

    How do hire a DJ for my event?  

    Here's 10 questions to ask your DJ.  Be sure you ask these questions to at least three DJ's and do your research.  A DJ will make or break an event.  

    Search for DJ's across the country at www.TheSingingFireman.com

  • LIVE! with Cathi---Score YOUR HIRE-ABILITY!

    in Fitness


    Get your head OUT FROM IN-THE-CLOUDS.  We live in a highly competitive world.  You as an employee should always look at ways to improve your HIREABILITY!

    Have you noticed the lives of successful people always seem to be moving toward a goal, whether it's personal or professional?  Not talking about DESK DRONES, but those among you who've found a way to balance work and home and yet always keep moving forward.

    So what are you waiting for...GET MOVING:  add a skill, improve on a skill, revise/update your resume.  Keep your skills and experience current at all times.


    Lead whenever possible...etc.

    Take the initiative on projects...etc.

    Stay POSITIVE...etc.

    Don't be sucked into negative space...etc.

    Disgruntled...YOU'R HISTORY, YOU'LL BE GONE...etc.

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    Are You Ready To Hire A Real Estate Coach?

    in Real Estate

    Maybe you like buying leads, you hate accountability, or you've already got a mentor in your office - or maybe you already know everything that coaching can teach you. These are some of the common reasons that people list that are indicators that they're not ready for coaching. You know what? On an agent by agent basis, maybe some or all of those excuses above are accurate - but unless you're making the income you know you can be, maybe the their just roadblocks to taking positive career action & getting a coach.

    Schedule A Free Coaching Call
    Visit Tim & Julie Harris Online
    Listen on iTunes or Stitcher
    Sponsored by Mojo: Industry-Leading Prospecting Tools For Agents

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    How To Hire A Good Team

    in Self Help

    The majority of Americans report having some sort of stress in their life. The majority report work or money as the main cause of their stress – this can include problems at work, drama involving life balance or even crushing debt. Join us as we discuss the most common causes of workplace stress. Then Dr. Bob Wright will discuss ways to alleviate stress and interesting things some companies are trying.

    Join Wright for the “Bring Out Your Best” show on Dating and Relationships Wednesdays at 12:00PM CST and Careers Thursdays at 12:00PM CST. 

    To learn more about Wright, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or to get involved in our programs visit us at wrightliving.com.

  • How to Hire a Wedding DJ, Band or Singer

    in Self Help

    How to Hire a Wedding DJ, Band or Singer

    How would you describe your style?
    Can we pop in at a wedding you're working?
    Have you been to our venue before
    Song Choices

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    Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team

    in Technology

    Building an enterprise analytics team isn't just about competing for talent. The team that leads a big data analytics initiative needs to include the right mix of technical skills -- experience with data management and development of algorithms, models and applications -- as well as what we call soft skills, such as business experience and the ability to communicate with business unit leaders. Don't forget issues like identifying leaders, and rewarding and retaining your analytics talent in a competitive environment.

    Manav Misra, who leads a 70-person analytics team at Internet service provider CenturyLink, joins All Analytics Radio to share his experiences and his advice with the A2 community. Misra understands that the statistician, the visualization expert, and the Hadoop specialist bring different but vital talents to a team, and that the skills mix can vary from company to company.

    In this event you will learn:

    About recruiting analytics team members, whether they are fresh from college or bring 30 years of data-focused experience, at a time when it seems that every company is searching for the same talent
    How to identify the right mix of skills and experiences for your own organization
    How factors such as corporate demands for tight cybersecurity and the evolution of the Internet of Things raise the bar for the analytics team
    How you can motivate, reward, and retain data science talent

    Join us on Tuesday, September 1 at 3 pm (EDT) and bring your questions for Manav Misra.


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    BBA Live!

    in Sports

    BBA Live! is the flagship podcast of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Listen in as AC Wayne is joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats). As always, we'll go around the league and discuss the most interesting matchups and the latest MLB storylines.

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    UCB Radio: September 30, 2015

    in Sports

    Redbird Dugout's Jon Doble and About.com Sports' Kevin Reynolds talk about the latest in Cardinals baseball.

    United Cardinal Bloggers
    Redbird Dugout
    St. Louis Cardinals on About.com

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    in Music

    "Smoke Sumthin Radio" is the underground voice of The South. Being based between Florida and Georgia we have provided a place where Underground Artist, Producers, Entertainers, Entrepenures, Bloggers, and Future Bosses, come together to network, discuss, and promote. "Smoke Sumthin Radio" is not your average internet radio show, we cover topics affecting our current industry and economy while engaging with our callers, and allowing all of their input. Meanwhile, enjoying different playlist of today, yesterdays, and new tunes. We do value all of our participants, listeners, and callers and continue to thank everyone for their support. Smoke Sumthin Radio Where Everyone Gets to Lite Up Something. 

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    BBA Live!

    in Sports

    BBA Live! is the flagship podcast of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Listen in as AC Wayne is joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats). As always, we'll go around the league and discuss the most interesting matchups and the latest MLB storylines.