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    Blog Talk Radio

    in Business

    Blog Talk Radio is like giving you your own online radio show.
    It connects to Itunes for automatic podcasting and makes it easy to
    do online call in interviews.    

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    Blog Talk Doc Intro

    in Health

    Welcome to the initial broadcast of Blog Talk Doc. Here you will learn about the most effective, cutting edge, unique and powerful information from the world of Natural Medicine from the expert in this area, Dr. David Orman. 

    Learn about herbs, treatment methods, psychological aspects, natural approaches to prevention and so much more. Send in your questions and if we use them, you win a FREE bottle of Dr. Orman's best selling, Doc Wellness Supplement.

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    The News in Jersey: Broadstreet Ads

    in News

    This week we sat down with Kenny Katzgrau from Broadstreet Ads to talk about some of the latest news in online advertising.

    In his most recent blog post, Kenny discussed some of the shortcomings of standard banner ads, especially when it comes to smaller, indie publishers who find themselves in competition with larger publishers.

    Kenny worked on Yahoo's Right Media Exchange prior to co-founding Broadstreet with John Crepezzi in March 2012. The Broadstreet team consisted of John Ward of Red Bank Green, Kenny Katzgrau who had recently left Yahoo, and John Crepezzi, formerly of Patch. They set out to build a powerful set of tools for the independent and modern digital news publisher − tools that could be used to network and build a more expansive business than previously possible.

    For those of you who missed the live broadcast or didn't get to ask your question, please continue the discussion in the comments section of the post on the NJ News Commons homepage!

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    Dj Blog Network - Public Relations Service

    in Blogs

    Dj Blog Network - Public Relations Service I can help you get your Business out there 606 653 0321 or djblognetwork@gmail.com and you can visit me at djblognetwork.com and Thank you for being a great part of the Dj Blog Network.

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    9 Minutes to Weight Loss with Blog Talk Doc

    in Health

    Learn Simple and effective ways to help burn fat.

    9 Minutes to Weight Loss with Blog Talk Doc

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    Social Media Bootcamp -To Blog Or Not To Blog

    in Marketing

    We are sure you have been told that blogging would be great for your business. However it presents some challenges as to time factors, what to blog about and perhaps evening understanding what blogging is all about. So that is where we are going to start…..at the beginning....

    David Trippany and Mary Anne Cipressy of What's Up SWFL's Social Media Bootcamp  will be discussing the difference between blogging, blog and blog post....benefits of blogging, time factors and just what you should be blogging about. The benefits and the opportunities that arise from blogging could be the very boost your business needs to take it to the next level. Happy blogging!   

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    the paranormal blog

    in Paranormal

    today topics are absolutely random 

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    Dj Blog Network Update February 20 2015

    in Music

    Dj Blog Network Update February 20 2015 this audio presentation is about some updates for the Dj Blog Network and Public relations services and how I can help you whether you new to blogging or been blogging for a while and for more information go to the Dj Blog Network.com or feel free to call me at 606-653-0321 thank you for listening to my show http://djblognetwork.com 


  • Understanding Facebook Ads

    in Social Networking

    If you are doing your own Facebook marketing then this show is for you. Before you place any ads it is best to have a understanding and foundation so that you have greater success.

    There are many misconceptions we hear about Facebook ads so we are going to shed some light on these so that you have a better understanding of advertising and marketing before you determine that your ads are or are not working for you.

    We will be discusing "Reach" andwhat is really means. We will also be disscusing ROI so that you have a better understanding of what to measure. We will also be discussing cost as many think the cost is much greater than it can be.

    For a small business who cannot afford other advertising and marketing options,Facebook ads are a great way to grow your audience and market to them. It is a great way to reach your target market and people who are already interested in your product or service.

    You can learn more abbout social media marketing by following us on Facebook at Social Media Bootcamp


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    The King Mike L Blog Show 2

    in Comedy

    The King rants again.

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    Amazon Ads and Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

    in Internet

    In this episode we introduce a new character... Lizzy Brown! Ryan is MIA, so David, Fabio, and Liz discuss the Amazon advertising platform vs. running an Amazon store. And all of the great tips and tricks we can pull out of our resident wordsmith Liz! And more than likely a few side rants from David. 


    Some links that were talked about on the show.

    Amazon Web Store.

    Fillment by Amazon (Amazon Bot Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KRjuuEVEZs)

    Amazon advertising

    Amazon Web Services

    Ling's Used Cars & Car Leasing (What NOT to do! :)


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