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    The Uncle Mike& Tom Show #117 w/Blk Jeez

    in Wrestling

    Another Packed Show! Joining us this week just days before CZW's Cage of Death, BLK Jeez talks about being in COD for the 2nd time, the current state of CZW, Sozio as Champion, The return of JAPW, his thoughts on the IWC "reporters and podcasts" and lots more, a really fun interview as BLK Jeez holds nothing back!! Ed in San Antonio then joins us with his Live review of Shine 23. We also have Full Live reviews of 2CW, Chikara and ROH from over the weekend. Plus all the Indie news of the week, results and the major shows and preview of this weekends biggest Indie events! Its your Thursday Indie Fix!

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    Wrestling Heads With Blk Jeez

    in Sports

    Will Be With #ROH Superstar Blk Jeez As We Talk About The Tag Team Tounament And Alot More About His Career

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    Blk Media & Blk Images: Bottomless Pit of Wealth Part 2

    in Education

    What up 9MIND Sacred Sistuhs and Others? Peace, prosperity, excwllen health and wisdom be upon we and those love 4ever. Tonight we will continue talking about how Black Media and Images are (always) used to program Blacks (African Americans) and Coloreds (mulattos) while enriching and expanding the wealth and empires of non Black Kabals globally. Many who had already enriched themselves in the trafficking and enslavement of Brown, Black, Yellow and White flesh. Many have sought to be free from exploitation and control but for some reason we called Black/AA (enjoy) being OWNED by everyone but ourselves.

    And I would simply like to know WHY? 

    Again I will offer my 9MIND perspective on why it is in 2015 the richest and wealthiest Black Americans in the world have (no) Blak Media of their own that rivals the Media Corporations such as NBC, CBS, ABC, TBS, CNN, MTV, BET, Viacom, ect... that they certainly love to work for? Now the exception would be a station called BOUNCE but it confines itself only to current and vintage Blk movies. Not any news format that discuss Blk issues and situations that pertain (only) to those of BlK hue. Now I do watch Bounce from time to time but it is clear to me that this station is there so the early BLACKLOITATION MOVIES that helped program Black Americans into base behavior and endless negative sterotypes that we still promote and face TODAY will forever be seen and memorialized. WOW, TV, a invention we are now addicted to and we assumed was our (friend) but has been strategically used to destroy the self esteem of Blk men, Blk women and program our Blk children and distort our true purpose for existing and most of all ONENESS. Alright then, Let's get it innn..... 


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    Blk Media & Blk Image: W/MaSir (corporate bottomless) Goldmine

    in Education

    What up 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood and Others? Peace, prosperity and protection upon we all and those we luv 4EVER!!!

    Want to address the topic of why Blk Americans loved to be own and how although we set the trends of the world, are seen as the mosted gifted and talented Blacks in the (world). None of our talent or gifted is owned or marketed by we and therefore is never passed down generationally to our offspring ensuring we the equivalent or greater wealth that those who have capitalized off "OUR TALENTS' born in adversity, struggle, oppression and obvious exploitation have garnered.

    Blacks do all the work have all the ideas and are used to make (everything happen) here and abroad and yet we in 2015 or going forward and backwards at the same time. How are we yet so POOR when we have given our very SOULS to make the greatest NATION in thw WORLD great for everyone but ourselves?

    Let's talk about it. 

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    Interview with TNA Rashad Cameron aka BLK Jeez

    in Entertainment

    Ladies and Gentleman, in 2012 he wrestled for WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor in a matter of six weeks. He also wrestled in Japan and at Extreme Reunion. Our very first guest of 2013, Blk Jeez steps into the Wrestling Wrealm Dungeon Edition to talk wrestling with the Brains of the Operation Cameron Gee and Mr Main Event Brian Waters. 

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    Service to Community & Voting, How BlK Americans Fall Short

    in Education

    What up 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood and others? Protection and peace that surpasseth all understanding or overstanding be upon we the ELECT here to restore JUSTICE, TRUTH & HONOR as the only (true) AND RIGHTFUL religion upon this glorius abundant earth in which we have been blessed to incarnate into as a SCHOOL for the SOUL while it is contained in this vessel we call FLESH. This evening I wanna touch on why many indigenous Blk Americans don't vote or feel obligated to State or government service to their fellow man or community while at the same time claiming to be pious/religious, (conscious) ? or some other elevated lofty title like Dr, Reverand, Pastor, First Lady, Duchess, Deacon, Goddess, God, Empress, Genearal, Minister, Major, Arch Imam, Rabbi, Moreh, Mother,GrandMaster, MC, Grand Father and ect.... I now realize that with any (title) comes great responsibilty and both spiritual as well as a community obligation and not just one. All of Mans needs will be spiritual as well as physical so we who claim to be SPIRITUAL should also be prepared to meet the needs of ourselves as civil servants and community guardians.

    It's going to be another informative show folks, another show designed to get we all to THINK about what our true obligations are on this EARTH when it comes to ourselves, the planet and all life forms that cohabit with we on the earth. Bad people and only be tyrants when we the good sit back and refuse to take responsibilty for the world we live in. To be soveriegn requires one to be morally and socially responsible at all times through out the duration of ones LIFE. While a slave ie... dependant need only OBEY the orders and commands of it's MASTER/'S

    Which have YOU been based off how you have lived your life?


    And which where YOU the BEST at being?

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    OGT UnNerfed Survival Guide to FALLOUT 4 ..... it's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

    in Entertainment

    So ummm Blk Ops III  came out ......... SO WHAT!!! ( and a big SO to Star Wars BF too!) The New Fing Tight as Heck FALLOUT 4 is HERE!! And let me tell you it's ALL THAT And A FAT BAG OF ......... Chips ( and weed)! The things you can do see and interact with is sagering. From starting up and maintanig a town or towns along with the reg mods (in game) for your guns and Power Armor .... wwwwooooooooo and the PC style Mos are cooming to PS4 and X Box One ........ Man oh man can you say OMFG .... look it's Dogmeat . Join us this week as we find out what make us and FALLOUT 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.PS. Oh by the way people have found ther REAL homes in this game!!!!!! take that COD !!!!!!


  • 9Mind Cosmic Frequency Thursday Night In The News

    in Education

    Peace, luv and blessed protection be upon all of the 9Mind Sacred Sisters and those that we luv. 2night is news and my best FB post. We will begin and end this evening show with a song by Jonny Rebel called; If I Could Be a N For a Day. Some may find night show offensive
    so will be rated R. I 4/1am in full agreement of the ngr word being put back on the table and openly used by whoever want's 2. Why? There are way to many ppl of color, Blk an other now residing in USA who seem 2B clueless about whts true feelings toward their native Blk populace. It's as if some have conveniantly chosen 2 4GET critical patches of American history dealing with race problems that resulted in mucho lost of life and bloodshed and yet both Blks an whts pretend such horrors of history against the Negros never even occurred. The words of this song should cause us  to seriously ponder how Blks are truthfully viewed globally by Albion-Aryan-orion EuroPEAN w/Klans but other ethnic groups who do not view themselves 2B what BA's are although sharing similar complexion an even features. These groups once in the USA are secretly encouraged to not intergrate with us. More an likely for economic reasons. BA's seem to walk around truly clueless that no other Black or Coloured races ie... ethnic groups want to be us geneticaly but do want to come to AMERICA and usurp we socially and economically. BA's under the spell of dejavu refuse to even consider that we are seen globally as inferior ngr stock by every ethnic group allowed to immigrate here, yet it is conveniently kept on the hush so as to not awaken the sleeping BG's... enslaved in AMERICA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8EwzisBEHc


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    Humane Sacrifice: Food 4/4th Dimen Dem-i-urges

    in Spirituality

    Peace, know thyself and spiritual protection 9MIND Sacred Sisters and Others.

    Yes I'm back and no it's not SUNday lol. Had to retitle this show because I tried to do this show at 3:00 or 3:30am this morning but Blogtalk Radio would not allow me to go LIVE they way I wanted to. When I started the show this evening and opened up intending to simply answer a question someone sent to me in a private email concerning my language and the use of what they perceive to be foul words that i use like coons, bytches, n*gg**, herillas, sheboons ect... and other such unflattering descriptions, it was necessary for me to take the show off topic and address this question at lenghth. These deragatory terms i oftentime use or how I address the legions of fallen BLK (& Brwn) DEVILS (called demiurges) masquarading in Blk bodies pretending to be WE but or not WE. You have excepted the demiurgers in the form of Preachers, Teachers, Producers, Actors, Actresses, Comediennes, Politicians, Talk Radio Host, Entertainers ect... calling you these names and others. So I merely use what you yourselves have generationally accepted and aproved of. I discuss YOU (not me) for I see not myself as liken unto anyone that I have encountered. I AM (not) what you are. And I base this off how I have seen you treat one another as well as me when you perceived that I was the same as you or less. The walking dead ( who many of you be) hold no place of honor or nobility, so when I discuss such on the 9MIND show then I use the expressions that best describe the characters and behaviors that I have encountered as well as witnessed amongst those labeled as A.A. aka Negro but have deEvolved into something for less and clearly LACKING LIFE or LOVE.


  • Why do most black men & women wear weaves or perm their hair

    in Entertainment

    Livelinks Chatline - 917-268-8884
    There is a lot of talk of blk women wearing weave and perms  for some odd reason no one talks about blk men doing the same thing. Prominent blk men like louis farrakhan, Al Sharpton, James Brown, Malcolm X, Sugar Ray Robinson , and many other have permed their hair .