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    Hungarian Culural Heritage in California

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    This program addresses the lagacy that those Hungarians left behind in California who arrived here before the American Civil War, and those who came after the Second World War. Some participated in the civil war, some started vineyards, others established churches or became the leaders od Hungarian cultural centers.This is an English Hungarian bilingual program.
    Ez a program azoknak a magyaroknak a hatrahagyott Californiai orokseget mutatja be akik vagy az amerikai polgarhaboru elott erkeztek ide, vagy a masodik vilaghaboru utan jottek Californiaba. Volt aki reszt vett a polgarhaboruban, volt aki szoloskertet alapitott, volt aki Magyar kulturkozpontnak lett a vezetoje es volt aki egyhazat alapitott.   

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    Raymond Ibrahim

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    aymond Ibrahim is a historian and writer of the Middle East and Islam, and author of The Al-Qaeda Reader (Doubleday, 2007). Born in the U.S. in 1973 to Coptic Egyptian parents, he was raised in a blingual environment, and is fluent in Arabic. He is currently working toward a PhD in Medieval Islamic history at Catholic University. Ibrahim's op-eds, essays, translations, and al-Qaeda related analyses have appeared in various publications and syndications.