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    the true word.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, monday nite watchmen report, with me and barney, so come in and find out were u r at in these end days, amen and God bless , see you there at the round table at 9:00 central time.

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    Blessed, NO BUTS

    in Prayer

    Perhaps you know of someone who is particularly blessed. In fact, it seems like their life hit the "blessing" jackpot. However, they don't see it that way though. No, they see that one thing that is missing; they see the lack in their life instead of the fullness.

    People like that always use a lot of; "Yes, but--." If you mention how wonderful it is that they have such and such they answer "Yes, but you know - here's what's wrong with that." When you remind them of another blessing they grudgingly nod their head but remind you of how hard this other area of life is.

    Do you know someone like that? Wait a minute. That's not you, is it? The reason I ask is because there have been times when regrettably, that has been me. I can easily get irritated with someone else for not seeing their blessings but then I realize I haven't always seen mine. To the next guy, I may look like the most blessed person in the world.

    Actually, I AM blessed beyond measure as I take the time to think it through. And lately I have wondered if it wouldn't be a great idea to reserve a whole day for nothing but acknowledging God's gracious, heaping hand of blessings. A day for  Just "thank you, thank you, thank you!" You can do the same. We will spend twenty-four hours savoring every single blessing that fills our life.

    And remember, absolutely no "buts". join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, MOn.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    Blacks taken as slaves are the TRUE BIBLICAL HEBREWS

    in The Bible

    I have been saying this for over 10 years!!  The world is finally admitting the hidden truths of the Holy Bible.  Stay up Jehovah's chosen people and live free in his grace!  Read Deut. 28:68 for more.

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    the true gos[al of God.

    in Christianity

    hello everyone and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service with brother barney from new mexico. as he contues his segment on once saved always saved. so dont for get to come in tonight. and hear the true word of God, amen and se u there @ 9:00 central time. amen and Godbless

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    the true gospal of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line minstrys. friday night @ 9:00 central time, with me nancy and sister judy, as we share the true word of Good and reveal the truth and nothing but the truth by Gods truth we will be set free amen so dont miss out on the word. amen and God bless, and we will see you there.

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    Is being faithful hard? & Advice on how to have a faithful relationship

    in Entertainment

    MDR RADIO is chatting it up

    TONIGHT's Topic in our Relationship Segment is: Is Being Faithful Hard?

    Rather than answer this question, I’ll ask another question. Have you asked your partner if they’ve always been faithful or their thoughts on cheating? Let's weigh in. We have our female panel of guest and our male panel of guest giving listerners a roundtable discussion. Also providing advice on how to bring about the faith and trust in the relationship. Panelist Advice Key Notes!!! * Communication, Keep your relationship private, Create other forms of happiness, Talk to each other, Get to know your mate and Listen to each other views more.





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    Gods true life line ministrys, the true gospal.

    in Christianity

    hello everyone and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, monday night watchmen report, with me connie and brother barney as we bring the news from around the world so dont miss out come in and know were u are at in these end days amen . and God bless, see you there.

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    Avoid Temptations and Staying True in the Faith

    in The Bible

    The enemy goes as a roaring lion looking to whom he can destroy.  Stay mindful of the word and stay in truth.

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    Blessed Be God Ministries With Evangelists Matthew and Sweetline Burnell

    in Religion

    Blessed Be GodBlessed be God  is a Christ centred evangelistic mission, open and inclusive, following the commission set by Christ to spread His good news to all people in all places through sharing the Word, education, seminars, spiritual direction, discipleship training, and community projects.That people get to know their Lord and Saviour and bring them to baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  "you are to open their eyes and turn them from the darkness to the light... so that through  their faith in me they will have their sins forgiven and receive their place among God'schosen people" -Acts 26

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    Blackout/Blackup Kwanzaa with True Allah

    in Culture

    11.28.15 call in #347-989-8767

    Join Blackistand Radio Saturday 11.28.15 as we go into the purpose of the National Blackout (11.27-1.1.15) & why we need to hold back our dollars.

    Also we will Build on why we must learn the dicipline of spending with self.

    "True-Father Born U Allah" will also present some information on the principles of Kwanzaa. 

    Chatroom will be open and as always you can call in @ 347-989-8767 with any questions, comments or to promote.

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    the true gospal of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true lfe line ministrys, wensday night service. with me of course and sister judy. as we talk about the truth about God and why are people hiding the truth . amen so dont miss out . please join us at the round table for this blessing as we speak about the truth amen and God bless