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    Bless Mathis and Michael Hernandez

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    Bless Mathis and Michael Hernandez Have you ever wondered about the fleeting nature of inspiration? Sometimes it strikes one so directly that they feel they have no choice but to express themselves through a work of art, or some other endeavor. Other times it seems as though inspiration is non-existent; no matter how hard one searches for it. This has everything to do with the cyclical nature of the universe. Find out how, as we break down the cycles and their effects upon us, in the first segment of "Cyclical Inspiration".  

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    Bless Mathis/ Michael Hernandez

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    Bless Mathis and Michael Hernandez Have you ever wondered about the fleeting nature of inspiration? Sometimes it strikes one so directly that they feel they have no choice but to express themselves through a work of art, or some other endeavor. Other times it seems as though inspiration is non-existent; no matter how hard one searches for it. This has everything to do with the cyclical nature of the universe. Find out how, as we break down the cycles and their effects upon us, in the first segment of "Cyclical Inspiration".  

  • KTR Guest Book Author Tabitha Mathis

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    Today we are having a beautiful aspiring book author who is on her way to the top, it is my pleasure to once again have my friend Tabitha Mathis as a returning guest as we discuss her new projects & more right here on KTR.

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 121: All hail Joakim Soria

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    A bleary-eyed Big Al and HookSlide spend another show talking about the Tigers' bullpen, ponder the pros and cons of the Joakim Soria deal along with the Joe Nathan and prospect fallout, ask how Detroit can 'win' the trade, debunk jinxes and revel in the glory that is Ryan Raburn's throwing arm.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 121 was recorded July 25, 2014, has a running time of 73 minutes, and features Al Beaton and HookSlide.


    Tigers acquire closer Joakim Soria from Rangers for prospects Jake Thompson and Corey Knebel.
    Did the Tigers overpay for Soria?
    Trading prospects is the equivalent of buying lottery tickets. You could hit big, but the odds are heavily slanted against you.
    Are the Tigers scrapping their future with prospect heavy trades? Was the Soria trade a "screw the future" deal thanks to an octogenarian owner who wants a World Series win NOW?
    Should the bullpen have been better addressed during this past off season?
    Joe Nathan is still the closer. But for how long? Would Soria be best used in higher leverage situations earlier during a game?
    How do we define "winning the trade?"
    Fangraphs: Joakim Soria and the value of a postseason relief ace.
    When Dave Dombrowski says it's 'highly unlikely" Joel Hanrahan pitches for Tigers, he's actually saying "Hanarahan will not pitch for Detroit in 2014."
    Some things will never change, such as the Tigers' connection with Lakeland.
    Debunking baseball voodoo: There are no such things as jinxes.
    Ryan Raburn is gonna Ryan Raburn. Just ask Corey Kluber.

    All that, plus tangents galore!

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    How to Overcome Your Fears and Reach Out For Success with Sharon Mathis

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    Overcoming fear can be one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. Fear can take many shapes and forms, and sometimes we need more than a pep talk in the mirror to let go of our fears and grasp opportunities as they come our way. In this week's episode, we chat with Sharon Mathis, a nurse entrepreneur who will answer some of your questions about how to overcome your fears and the challenges that fear represents as well as how to take advantage of opportunities.

    A Registered Nurse specializing in geriatrics, Sharon is currently a consultant for Sandwichcare, a health care professional provider that reaches out to support individuals, families and communities who are seeking support while dealing with difficult times. The organization offers various services including one-on-one consultations. Sharon is also the author of various articles including How I Became a Nurse Entrepreneur, Tales from Fifty Nurses in Business, New Opportunities Require New Attitudes and Don’t Let Fear Block Your Road to Success. Her research interests include elder care, effective communication, problem resolution and bullying- just to name a few.

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 113: Blame it on the Zubaz

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    The prodigal editor returns! The ever curmudgeonly Kurt joins Al and HookSlide to discuss a miserable week of Tigers baseball, including the odd use of Phil Coke, Danny Worth as a shutdown reliever and look through the remains in bullpen and at shortstop.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 113 was recorded May 24, 2014, has a running time of 43 minutes, and features Al Beaton,  HookSlide, and of course, Kurt Mensching.


    Swept in Cleveland. But there's no reason for DOOM.

    Don't blame the plane or Zubaz for the losing streak, blame the starting pitching.

    The odd use of Phil Coke: Was it do to the team "trying to get him going" or "The Tigers' bullpen was so worn out, who else would you have used?"

    The latest bullpen savior, Corey Knebel, is called up.

    The Robbie Ray experiment was a success, but it was time for it to end.

    Danny Worth, shutdown reliever.

    Any solution at shortstop won't include Stephen Drew. But don't expect Hernan Perez or Eugenio Suarez to be the solution, either.

    Prince Fielder to undergo season ending neck surgery, Ian Kinsler continues to impress. The Tigers will be winning the trade for some time to come.

    Rumors of Dave Dombrowski becoming the next baseball commissioner won't go away.

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 117: What a difference a week makes

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    One week after another BYB podcast full of talk of what's wrong with the Tigers, Al and HookSlide revel in their undefeated week, ask what has changed, are impressed by Rick Porcello and J.D. Martinez, appreciate Torii Hunter's honestly, and wave back at Ian Kinsler.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 117 was recorded June 27, 2014, has a running time of 56 minutes, and features Al Beaton and HookSlide.

    Things were looking dire last week. The Tigers had lost 3 straight to the Royals, dropping 1 ½ games back and appeared well on their way to 3rd place. Seven days later, the Tigers have 7 wins in a row, and are back to 4 1/2 games up in the Central. But what's changed in one week?
    Rick Porcello is off to the best start of his career. Thursday night he tossed his first career shutout and second complete game, raising his record to 10-4 and lowering his ERA to 3.41.
    Dave Dombrowski tells MLB Network Radio the team is confident Joe Nathan has turned the corner, and that if the Tigers do add bullpen help ahead of the trade deadline, it'll likely be for a seventh- or eighth-inning guy.
    J.D. Martinez is named AL Player of the Week, and continues to bash the living Hell out of the ball.
    The Tigers' corner outfield positions are getting crowded. Torii Hunter sees the writing on the wall and tells the media he is willing to take a part-time role if that's best for the team.
    Ian Kinsler homered in his first at-bat in his return to Arlington, then waved to the Texas bench when running to first (with a huge smile on his face).Flying under the radar is Kinsler's bat, which has been just as hot as the Tigers named Martinez.
    Tigers have reacquired Daniel Schlereth, assigning him to Toledo.
    All that, and more!

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    Ke'Shay Love "Mathis Media Hub Radio"

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    For KeShay, becoming the soulful recording artist that she is today was beyond a dream and determination -- It was inevitable. As a young girl, her booming voice and high notes were noticed by many. Her self assurance and stage presence was noticeable even at such a young age. KeShay had developed her own style of singing and performing.

    The beautiful R&B singer has had breath-taking performances at SF Conference Center featuring Dewele & Jon B, Maxwell's Lounge, Elis Mile High Club, Qs Lounge, BHM Concert Series in Antioch CA, and Reno NV just to name a few. The songstress writes her own music for the most part, but enjoys working with other creative talents on her music so she can add additional flavor to her music. Her debut album is due out this year.

    The inspiration to her R&B, upbeat funk style of music comes from such inspirational greats as Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner who were her childhood idols, yet her current aspiration is to be in the studio with Jill Scott. KeShays music mostly comes from personal life experiences and explains that different beats and tracks that she receives sometimes bring back specific memories, which inspire her to write great tunes for her forth coming album.  

     Ke'Shay Love is an actress, known for Set Me Free (2014), Never Alone and Selling Dreams (2014).

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    Tabitha R Mathis. Born on the sunny side of South Florida. Where all the beautiful palm trees wave as the wind blows. Attended school at A. L. Lewis Elementary, Campbell Drive Middle, and Homestead Senior High. Had a chance to see a wrecking storm that made history called Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. She is a survivor. Moved to Cairo, GA in 1993 where she attended school at Cairo High. Cairo was known as home of the Syrup Makers. Graduated from Cairo High. Went to school at Thomas University in Thomasville, GA. Bainbridge College in 2008-2010. She is  a single mother of 5 wonderful children. Grandmother of two amazing little girls. Her  spiritual goal as a Christian, is helping people when she can.
    Tabitha is a great motivational speaker for the support of  abusive women and children. At this moment, she is  trying to get her own single mom workshop established.
    She is the author of “The Betrayal of A Man, 5 Beautiful Angels, Betty Loves The Letter B, The Princess and The Tyger, and The Little Green Apple. All are sold kindle, amazon.com, Barnes and Nobel, Books A Million and many more! Excited to be in a stage play in Ft, Lauderdale in March 2015.

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    The Exotic World of Roxanna - Host Joanne Mathis

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    “My music is romantic adult contemporary pop flamenco,” Roxanna states emphatically when she describes the muses for her debut album, ‘Exotica’. Indeed, it is. The songs are filled with lush orchestrations, sweeping pop sensibilities and simmering sensuality, all with a decidedly Spanish flair. 

    While it may have looked easy to get to where she is today with the release of ‘Exotica’, the reality of it all has been years of hard work, determination and perseverance. “As an independent artist, I’ve accomplished things that many developed artists haven’t,” Roxanna says. “Including making a music video with Matthew Rolston, having an actor from a soap opera, or having Chris Botti, the best trumpeter, to perform on my album, and all the musicians who perform on my album and in my concert. Money doesn’t buy all these things, you have to have the talent and people have to believe in you.”

    Roxanna uses her considerable vocal gifts to tell stories of romance, heartache, healing, passion and sensuality. She debuted her first single, Unforgotten, a year ago. The song garnered acclaim and was just a hint of what was to come. Her followup single, Close Your Eyes, is a sweeping ballad that starts with a gentle piano and soars on the lifts of a huge orchestra like an eagle on an updraft. “Close Your Eyes was originally written by Lindy Robbins and Mark Portmann,” Roxanna says of the song. “The reason I chose to sing that song was I love the lyrics, I connected to the lyrics from my days as a nurse. The line, ‘I’ll be here till the sunrise’, that’s what the nurse’s duty is, to be there until the end, until they need you. It was originally written for Celine Dion and she didn’t want it so I took it.” Celine’s loss was Roxanna’s win as the song has become her first Billboard Top 40 Chart hit.

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 123: What happened to the offense?

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    This week Neil Weinberg joins us to talk Tigers, Rick Porcello, Brad Ausmus, and all things stats and advanced metrics. In the second half of the show, HookSlide and Big Al ponder where the Tigers' offense has gone, why it's disappeared and if it can be fixed.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 123 was recorded August 8, 2014, has a running time of 1:23 and features Al Beaton and HookSlide.

    Special guest: Neil Weinberg of New English D and Fangraphs.  Neil can be found on Twitter at @neilweinberg44.


    What happened to the offense?  Tigers scored just 6 runs during the 4 game series in New York, and just 2 runs in the 3 losses combined.
    How to fix it? Who is to blame and is there a quick fix?
    Austin Jackson: Has the trade of Jackson, who was big part of Detroit's offense, hurt more than anticipated?
    It it far to criticize Miguel Cabrera?
    Alex Avila: Hhas the criticism over his bat gotten to the point where it's beyond over-the-top?
    David Price: Thoughts on his first start? Was Price the pitcher you expected?
    Jim Johnson: Thoughts on the the Tigers taking a flier on the former All-Star closer?
    Royals creeping closer: The second place Royals are hot again and have crept within 3 games of Detroit. Time to PANIC?
    Dave Dombrowski: Out of the running for MLB commissioner. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief.
    TV Ratings: The team with the highest local TV ratings (with some of the lowest rights fees) is the Detroit Tigers. Their 8.38 household rating is almost a point higher than the second place team, the Cardinals.

    All that, plus tangents galore!

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