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    Let's Talk About "Blending Families & Treating Kids as Your Own!" Dyphia & WGW3

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are going to talk about blending families and accepting children that are not your own. How some people know men come with babies/baby mommas and want to be the girlfriend, but not a second mother to his child. How some men will want a woman but don't want to have anything to do with her children.  How people break up to make up and a child has entered the picture yet the person can't get past it.  Call in tonight at 8pm est. to 929.477.1281 and Let's Talk About It!

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    What is Empathic Blending?

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Rosie is going to discuss Empathic Blending and energy exchanges.

    Empathic blending is a type of energy exchange that occurs commonly between people.  It is a visualization technique between two people that causes a slight blending of the aura fields or energy fields of the two people.

    The quality of the energy exchanges we have every day is just as fundamental to our lives as eating and resting and air.  It is fundamental to sustaining our well being.

    The show is sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.bhtshop.com.

    Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Call in early for the queue fills up quickly.  The call in number is 1-714-888-7516.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    Blending Families and Disciplining

    in Women

    The divorce rate is high among American families and therefore has caused a growing rate of blending families.
    The topic of disciplining a child that is not biological yours and how to become a cohesive family -
    Miss Bert has a degree in family counseling and working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy -
    Join Host Miss Bert and Co-Host Quiet Storm as they discuss 
    Would you allow your significant other or person you are dating to spank your child? 

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    Blending "Thou Shalt Not Judge!" with "Christian" Moralism

    in Christianity

    Join us as we unpack "Thou Shalt Not Judge!" and how it relates to "Christian" Moralism in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Raphael Rosch will be on live on the air from Toronto.  He will be helping discuss these topics. 

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    Dr. Jerry Brown and Peter Mingils - Blending God's Work with Business

    in Business

    Dr. Jerry Brown and Peter Mingils - Blending God's Work with Business.

    Helping the country in ways that will keep you thinking. http://www.drjerrybrown.com 

    On this episode, Peter introduces Dr. Jerry Brown.  Join us on this show.

    This one will impact your life in a special way.

    Peter Mingils has been hosting Radio Shows for a long time on Building Fortunes Radio.
    There are hundreds of episodes.  You are about to hear something really special here.

    You'll hear about a special man working in extraordinary ways.

    Here archived versions in the future on Building Fortunes Radio http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com







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    Dr. Jerry Brown and Peter Mingils - Blending God's Work with Business

    in Business

    Blending God's work with business and helping the country in ways that will keep you thinking.

    On this episode, Peter introduces Dr. Jerry Brown.  Join us on this show.

    This one will impact your life in a special way.

    Peter Mingils has been hosting Radio Shows for a long time on Building Fortunes Radio.
    There are hundreds of episodes.  You are about to hear something really special here.

    You'll hear about a special man working in extraordinary ways.

    Here archived versions in the future on Building Fortunes Radio http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com.

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    Blending Your Younique Gifts to Make a Bigger Difference with Sheryl Sitts

    in Women

    There comes a time in our lives that we want more. More ways to give. More ways to make a difference. More ways to impact the world in a really big way. That's when we look around and figure out how to put our gifts to work to empower others. Our guest today, Sheryl Sitts, will be sharing ways of blending your younique gifts to make a bigger difference. Be sure to join us so that you can unlock your gifts to impact others. 

    Gina Parris of Built to Win Coaching will be our Host for today's show. 

    About Our Guest: SHERYL SITTS, MPA, BA, Certified Mediator enjoys helping like-spirited women blend, value, and market  their holistic passions and talents to make a bigger difference.  She has an innate gift for being a portal to possibilities, so she’s great at breaking stagnant thinking patterns and helping you dream bigger for yourself and your clients. To learn more about Sheryl, please visit her webiste at http://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/

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  • Let it Ride or Pump Yo Brakes

    in Indie Music

    SysteMatic Young Lyricist Among Dis Other Nonesense

    Born Jerrold Michael McWilliams originally from California now residing in Minnesota has had music a part of his life before birth. S.M.Y.L.A.D.O.N. did not aspire to be a musician, music called to him and he has answered. God, family, you, hip hop, and then himself. His lyrics are raw, truthful, and relevant to all men and women regardless age or race and will remain so as long as people go through. Speaking in a language that people can understand to reach them where ever they are in their walk, and motivating them to keep pressing. He has a way of making the listener actively engage and examine self and the world around them by masterfully blending God, politics, and social issues. Short and sweet, all glory to God for giving and allowing me to use this gift to further his kingdom and minister to the hearts and minds of his children saved or unsaved. "A higher power gave me the skill to rap divine and go hard so if i quit rhyming then i wouldn't be in compliance with God..." (S.M.Y.L.A.D.O.N.)





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    The Neo Soul Show Presents Jungle Leez

    in Music

    "Woman in Light, Soldier of Mic, Soldier of Love Born to Love, born to share. Music is my religion."

    Those are the words spoken by tonight's guest, Jungle Leez! "Jungle" for the colored, power side of the universe and "Leez" for her side hovering between suave and sophisticated. Born in Cameroon and raised in France, this London resident is paving her way in the music industry with a sound she likes to call "Cosmic Soul" blending hip-hop, regaee, Afro-beat and nu-soul! Inspired by some of musics most influential females, Jungle Leez is ready to make her mark with her voice. 

    Join the Q-man, T. Mitch and MJ as they introduce to some and reintroduce to others this singer/song writer from across the bond! And of course, 30 minutes of #MoreMusic!

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    Emotional Intelligence for Business Growth-Secrets to Success with Bill Steirle

    in Psychology

    Tune in tap in and turn on to our broadcast today to learn the secrets to success on How to increase the bottom line using thinking and emotional intelligence tools and practices.

    Bill Stierle is called upon to support companies to communicate effectively and to mediate high profile and sensitive disputes in the areas of business, personal conflicts, entertainment and government. Since 2000, Bill has brought his unique blend of determination and creativity to ending bitterly fought lawsuits. His demeanor, empathy and interpersonal skills enable him to be a great communicator. He has the rare intellectual ability to synthesize complex issues and distill them in a form easily understood by the participants. Known for his exceptional understanding of interpersonal dynamics and the ability to grasp the most complex issues he has been continually sought after to resolve the most difficult matters in the area of business disputes, medical malpractice, class action, personal injury and family law cases. Bill has the ability to reduce the emotional load in the dispute and allowing him to identify the most effective and timely means to achieve settlement. As a master of the process and settlement, he has a unique talent for blending his understanding of the parties’ needs with his extensive knowledge and experience regarding the way people think, behave and the understanding of each participants beliefs that may be preventing resolution. 



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    900 Voices, beautiful song/video promises to make you smile, and maybe even cry

    in Spirituality

    Grammy® winning composer, Laura Sullivan, called out to the world to join her in a powerful plan to make a music video. Her request was simple. Take a video of yourself singing her song We Are Love and send it to her. The response was overwhelming.

    900 Voices, promises to make you smile, and maybe even cry. 938 people, 27 languages, 1 song.

    People from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Croatia, Korea, Kenya, India, and many other countries, participated by making videos on their cell phones and sending them to Laura and will make you so happy. Elena from Bulgaria, still in her hospital gown, sings and sweetly kisses her newborn son. A group of children in Uganda, who were once homeless, sing and dance like they are the richest kids in the world. A fire department of tough guys from New Jersey gives it their all.

    The result: EPIC. 27 languages included in one song and video about love and unity. The video was released on April 9, 2014. It received over 50,000 views, and was accepted on the Ellen DeGeneres online Tube channel the first week of its release.

    “I was hoping to get a lot of participation, but what I received back was beyond my wildest dreams. People from all over the world and from every walk of life sent in incredible videos.  Watching them moved me to tears. I hope I have honored these hundreds of wonderful people by including them in the video.” says Laura.

    The resulting video, with the blending of the many voices, faces, and languages, creates a powerfully moving experience that shines a light on the unifying power of love in our world.

    50% of the music proceeds of 900 Voices are going towards the national nonprofit Little Kids Rock. This organization partners with economically disadvantaged school districts to run music programs. To date they have served more than 325,000 children in 13 states.