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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Love in the Blended Family - WE ARE ONE

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    A blended family by definiton is a family that includes children from a previous marriage of the wife, husband, or both parents.  Join us for this session as we have a candid conversation with a family who will share their experiences and opportunities faced with their blended family.  Is the love you share expressed differently with the other children? How do you engage and not seem overbearing?  There are many feelings that surface in the blended family and we will share some insight on that here on Using My Keys!

    Join us and be Empowered!

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    So You're In A Blended Family

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    How do you successfully handle being apart of a "Blended Family." So you split up with your past boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse that you have a child (or children)  with. Now you find yourself in a new relationship, but still have to interact with the mother or father from a past relationship. Maybe you're the person in a relationship where your significant other has a child (or children) from a previous relationship. How do you deal? How do you make things work? How do you live happily ever after? Let's talk about it

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    Emily Bouchard - Estate Planning for the Blended Family & Family Businesses

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    What should you do if you have built a family business but find many of your family dynamics are not serving your business well?

    Emily Bouchard is a specialist in building relationships that allow people to thrive in their lives.  For over 20 years Emily has worked with children, individuals, couples and families building skills to overcome significant challenges.  In 2003, she founded www.Blended­Families.com, LLC, where expert coaches make a positive difference in the lives of stepfamilies. Emily has been featured in major media including The Today Show, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and The New YorkTimes and is the co­author of Estate Planning for the Blended Family.

    Emily is the managing partner of the Wealth Legacy Group (www.wealthlegacygroup.net), their team coaches clients on how to successfully navigate the emotional impact of wealth and family dynamics.

    Contact Emily:

    LinkedIn: Emily Bouchard



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    BLENDED FAMILY NATION - Statistics & Research

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    This weeks program will focus on the GIANT 'Under the Radar' DEMOGRAPHIC that blended families (stepfamilies) are in our nation.
    Hosts Dan Snell and Michael Hillebrand will talk statistics, research, buying power, voting clout and community impact.
    BLENDED FAMILY NATION is the weekly radio outreach of USABFA. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BLENDED FAMILY ASSOCIATION.  Visit www.USABFA.org for membership and information.
    The Mission of USABFA is to UNITE, to SERVE and to ADVOCATE for stepfamilies across America.  Bringing together resources and information in one central place.
    USABFA does so with a message from the heart toward...


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    God Bless Our Blended Family

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    The rate of divorce is high among families affected by disability. But what happens when parents of children with special needs remarry and blend into a new family? Listen as host Vangie Rodenbeck interviews her husband Jason and they discuss their ideas on managing the challenges of step-parenting a child with different abilities, blended children from different families and honoring God in the process.

    Jason and Vangie Rodenbeck live in Cumming, GA. They brought together 3 children from each of their previous marriages. Vangie son, Noah, lives with an autism spectrum disorder. 

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    Functing inside a Blended Family

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    Have you recently blended two families into one family or have you been blended for a while, but things just aren’t quite what you expected? You aren’t alone in your disappointment.  33% of the blended families in North America are feeling the same way.  The reality of it is, that blended families are not like the Brandy Bunch and we will uproot the myths that has been displayed in Hollywood.  Create your own holiday's in your blended family to create great memories and to strengthen the family unit.  Listen in today as Kimberley Hart - Ogburn and Andre` Ogburn talks about Blended Families.  Call with your comments and experiences at 646-716-6296

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    Join us this week for another insightful episode of Love In The House where we will be discussing - STEP/BLENDED FAMILY.

    Definition of Step/Blended Family

    What are the advantages?

    What are the Challenges?

    Making it work.

    Managing the children's fears, worries and expectations.

    Things to put in place when dating/courting.

    All of these and much more will be discussed TONIGHT at 9PM UK/GMT as the Panel is joined with Mrs Tola Onigbanjo, the Author of Steps - It's Time To Quit Step Parenting And Become A Parent.



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    Family Power Hour - "Blended Family"

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    Join Dr. Billie and Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise for useful information about managing your life during times of struggle. "Blended Family"
    Q. What is the definition of a Blended Family?
     A Blended Family includes children of a previous marriage of one spouse or both.
    What problems, issues and challenges do Blended Families face?
    Find out on this week's "Family Power Hour" We'll be discussing:
    Advantages and disadvantages of blended families:
    Blended family discipline Children of blended families Tips on blending two families together We" would love to hear from you what you think. Share your experience and advice.
    Log on, Listen in call us Wednesday, November 13th, 7:00-8:00 p.m. Call :347-945 7246.

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    The family and the sea

    in Film

    The Family and The Sea is an independent G rated True life seagoing tale of a self made millionare who rejected sociaty and took his family to sea ... for 25 years. This radio show series will describe and promote the movie(s) while at the same time answer questions from fans, actors and interested persons. A radicle deprture from customary Hollywood type productions, we feature off the shelf Samsung Wi Fi video cameras exclusivly. Other unique features include, on line casting,audition, editing, promotion and ditribution. We also have a unique profit sharing system where all the actor, exras, staff and crew participate. This flys in the face of conventional feature films often requiring all participants to work for free  Details on thee podcasts and on www.thefamilyandthesea.com 

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    Marlin Family Live Podcast 5-17-15

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    Episode 34; 5-17-15

    Marlin Family Live Show

    The show by the fans for the fans is proud to bring you another installment of the Marlin Family Live Podcast. Host Dann Dunn and Host Andres Salgado need you Marlins the Co-Host of the show, make your voice heard Marlin Family. Call-In to the live sow 646-929-0934 or join us on our social site Twitter @MarlinFamily or on Facebook @MarlinFamilyLive.

    Mike Redmond was just fired, we will discuss why and Marlins options for new managers!

    On this episode on Marlin Family; Andres is back from is west coast trip and we’ll talk to him about all the great ballparks he visited. How many miles of homers Stanton has hit this week! Of course we will bring you our “Hot Fish, Cold Fish” segment, Andres “The Good, The Bad, The What The” segment. We recap all the news and notes from this week with the Marlins and look into next week with the Fish!


    On this episode on MarlinFamily presents A Suns Life we will recap the week that was for the Jacksonville Suns. Look into what is coming up on the next Jacksonville Suns home stand and what they are doing right now on the road.


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