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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable With Bleeding Green Nation's Brandon Gowton

    in Sports

    With the Eagles' 2015 season on the line, Bleeding Green Nation Editor-in-Chief Brandon Lee Gowton visits Philly Pressbox Radio to preview the Birds' must-win contest against the visiting Washington Redskins and discuss the future of running back DeMarco Murray and quarterback Sam Bradford. Bill Furman and Jim "Chet" Chesko will also squeeze in some Flyers and 76ers talk on this special holiday episode; the Orange-and-Black are playing pretty well! In addition, there's our Philly sports trivia question and prize giveaway courtesy Carl's Cards and Collectibles. It's all brought to you by shopforkisses.org, the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation. Join us!

  • The Clubhouse - "Bleeding....Melodies...!"

    in Radio

    The Clubhouse - "Bleeding....Melodies...!" 

    Special Guests: Singer/ Songwriter  Xavier Lewis and Rap Artist Necessary

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    Time to Stop The BLEEDING

    in Business

    How many new employees are starting today in your organization?

    How long do you think they will be with your organization?

    What do you expect from the new hires and why?

    Are you giving your employees (new and seasoned) the tools needed to meet your expections?

    Hiring the right person for any open position in your organization does take time and money. How much time and money do you have to spare?

    Tune in and gain insight to these and other questions.


    YPI P.E.A.K. "Radio over the E.D.G.E." will spotlight human resources, workforce preparation, and topics relating to management and leadership.  The show's core focus is on the recognition, understanding and development of human potential.  Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia.

    Contact YPI Consontants - 631-320-0217 / info@ypiconsultants.com

    Send your comments to peak@ypiconsultants.com

    We are offering a discount on The E.D.G.E. Program for our listeners, contact the office for details. 631-320-0217.


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    Bleeding Hearts

    in Spirituality

    At some point in all of our lives we will experience the loss of a loved one-whether a good friend or relative. It is hard to lose a person you love. Many times, it becomes difficult to even move forward in life without them, but we must. This message was prepared to minister to those that have experienced loss. I pray it blesses you.

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    "Bleeding Kansas" & actor David Wilson Barnes Talking Hell on Wheels #60

    in Entertainment

    On Episode 60 Kinte & Yardley discuss episode 11 of season 4 "Bleeding Kansas" with with actor David Wilson Barnes who plays Martin Delaney Air Date 11/8/14

    "Bleeding Kansas"

    David Wilson Barnes @sogodwb https://twitter.com/sogodwb


    David Wilson Barnes is an actor, known for Capote (2005), The Bourne Legacy (2012) and You Don't Know Jack (2010).

    Hosts: Kinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteF 
    Yardley @militant_marker https://twitter.com/militant_marker 

    Voice Mail Number: (323) 596-7469
    Live Call in Number: (347) 857-3385 press 1 to enter the host queue
    Show Twitter https://twitter.com/TalkingHell
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TalkingHellOnWheels
    email Talkinghellonwheels@gmail.com
    itunes download https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hell-on-wheels-season-2-talking/id903544222?mt=2

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    Jasmine Christine Scott: Author, Graphic Illustrator, Maid, Cook, and More

    in Writing

    Jasmine Christine Scott, a/k/a JCS, the author, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, where she still resides. As the mother of three, she is also a “maid, cook, playground, encyclopedia, teacher, and lover”, in her own words. With the luxury of being a stay-at-home Mom, she is allowed the liberty to write, illustrate, and promote to her best abilities.

    Her first love is art. In the beginning, her intention was to illustrate for graphic novels, but having character composite sketches works just fine for her. However, Epic Fantasy and Sci Fi will always be a must. It seems, that no matter what genre one reads from, there are lackluster books.

    To insure she didn't make that mistake, she joined what used to be known as Authonomy.com, a British-based website that allowed the opportunity to be published by Harper Collins. It didn't work out because those running things were only interested in Romance and Erotica, but, she soon learned that her writing is truly a gem.

    Her first released series did well, with the exception that she did not release her third book from The Anguished Immortals Trilogy. Then, my first book to my second series did so well, it almost seemed like there was nothing that could be said. For three weeks, Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts-Adrianna is Mine sat at the number 7 spot for 3 weeks, and briefly, before she pulled the book due to it being published, it stayed at number 1 for a week. According to JCS, “That's an accomplishment for a site like that.”

    Visit JCS at: www.byondepicent.com/

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    78th metal show! Another intense out of control definitely not Political Correct friendly show! Thanking the fans and the bands while celebrating that we have over 11,000 tracks permitted to play - from underground bands and over 90 labels and PR firms. This is an offensive, very RUDE and ruthless show! Featuring bands worldwide, and never backing down, bleeding the work for the fans! 

    200 more tracks added to the vault!

    More requests from the listeners taken and playing what they want to hear! 


    The playlist is found under 78th show on the Shredding Metal Beasts Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shredding-Metal-Beasts-675259772549628/

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    77th metal show! Another intense out of control definitely not Political Correct friendly show! Thanking the fans and the bands while celebrating that we have over 10,600 tracks permitted to play - from underground bands and labels and PR firms. This still is an offensive, RUDE and ruthless show! Featuring bands worldwide, and never backing down, bleeding the work for the fans! 


    The playlist is found under 77th show on the Shredding Metal Beasts Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shredding-Metal-Beasts-675259772549628/

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    This One Step - Older Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

    in Psychology

    Monday -              Release YOUR Pain

                            Let Go of YOUR Suffering

                            Break YOUR Silence

    Monday’s show is dedicated to survivors who need to take that one step and reveal the truth.  Please don’t think of this special step as being exposed to the world and fearing the worst from people if you tell us what happened to you as a child, but instead know that you have been traumatized enough.  You never did anything wrong.   You deserve and should demand that this load of crap that has been dumped on you be cleaned off of you and out of you!! This trauma is no longer yours!!  Take your poisonous secret, put it in a bag and throw it in the trash.  It is out, gone and never to return because you can’t be a victim ever again!!!  He no longer has that power over you!! 

    It is very true that the damage that he or she has caused is very real and you probably feel tore up from the floor up, but that is just it!  You are now able to heal.  You have stopped the damage and the profuse bleeding and the painful recovery begins.  The healing path is stretched as far as your eyes can see and in fact, the ending is never seen by our eyes, but the path is a different path.  It is a life being surrounded by people who support us and we seek healthy people and make healthier choices. 

    Welcome!  And it all begins with This One Step.

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 152: Bernie Sanders Supporters Kicked off Tinder

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Bernie Sanders' Supporters Kicked off Tinder

    Side Topics:  Iowa Democratic party altered caucus results.  Chicago Stock Exchange being sold to Chinese company.  Marco Rubio - an example of mediocrity bleeding all over the main stream.  Ron Paul slams Ted Cruz.  Twitter supposedly is stepping up efforts to ban Terrorist users from their social media outlet.

    All This in 30 Mintues!!

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    get an A+ in COUNTRY: Curtis Clinton in the OVAL OFFICE: 120 Million Write-Ins

    in Elections


    We need to get smarter in how we spend and waste our money. Everyone has heard of the $100+ Millions grabbed by Sec Of State Hillary Clinton and now we learn that Jodie Arias’s trial cost us $3,500,000. Today and 4 years to come, we will be feeding a killer, instead of remunerating the victims in our Nation, and there are plenty of them. JUSTICE is not served by bleeding dollars from the Lesser Than Able AND the Middle Income Group for a criminal murderer, guilty from the GET GO. When GUILT is Overwhelming Evident, What is Justice. and how is it preserved. Not in this case. We as a Nation have Inadequate and Incompetent Prosecutors. I Without a LAW Degree, have Pro Se‘d several cases and multiple MOTIONS, winning 60% and 90%. And Justice was not served in my losses. Untruthful Attorneys won at the cost of truth & Justice. If in the White House, I wiil allow us to propel Justice in all cases. OBTW, have you heard any of the POLITICAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES talk about Violence Against Women. Did you see The Wolf Of Wall Street

    and how Jordan Belfort forced his way onto Naomi – Margot Robbie – at the end of the movie. Where was her defense? She was Resigned to his forcing himself on her. Resignation is not an answer; it is not an option; it is rape. And yet, we allow it. So men, Americans stop it. The rest of the male population: stop it. If ever elected and selected into the OVAL OFFICE, I will be known as the President of All Victims: The Pres Against Violence Against Women: The Pres of Just COURTS and JUDGMENTS - BETTER LAW and SMART LAW. I would also like to be known as the Pres of The EARTH, of WILDLIFE, of ANIMALS, of ORPHANS, of FAMILIES, of WORKERS, of STUDENTS, of SCIENCE, of FAIR TAX, of ECONOMY, of BUSINESS and of the PEOPLE.  I have had enough of these things. bwell   c2it  CurtClinton  please be wise with your BALLOTS.