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    Afronerd Radio's Mid-Week in Review Show-Wednesday at 6pm EST-Pulp & Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    It's hight time that we keep matters simple, folks.  Welcome to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Join your hosts Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they decipher the following current event stories:  thanks to Gawker.com, it appears we get further insight into the mystery man that operates one of the leading international shock sites, WorldstarHipHop.com; picking up from where we left off from the last show, Dburt believes that he has coined the naming of a theory he dubs steamroller or "locomotive" politics pertaining to the Dolce & Gabbana designer babies controversy (incl. a daughter of a same sex couple that ironically does not support gay marriage); Is ESPN's Stephen A. Smith right about Blacks needing to defect to the GOP (Dburt says "yes" but you knew that); Japan chooses a Blasian Miss Japan and many on the homogeneous island are not pleased; highlighting news of a 100m set aside for African tech entrepreneurs with hopes of creating a million jobs in the continent; X-files returns to FOX after a 13 year lapse.  And lastly, more racial stories that are national and international in origin (Starbuck's failed race initiative; Brazil's colorism microaggressions and a Chinese restaurant in Kenya refusing Black patrons...in a Black country).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    ICYMI-40 Days & Counting Until Avengers 2! Oh & It's The Grindhouse airing @6pm

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    Welcome to the latest edition of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse (The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio, thereafter at 7pm) featuring your hosts-Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt.  For the Comic Shoppe segment, the topics to be rousted about are:  our thoughts about the recently banned Batgirl variant cover and how the character has been portrayed over the years; the IGN website provides you with their own What If? casting for an Avengers film circa 1985 (think Burt Reynolds as Tony Stark); a recent Comics Alliance piece highlights cartoonist, Ronald Wimberly's lament at being told by an editor to lighten a character of color's skin; our impressions of the CW's comic to TV properties-last Tuesday's Flash episode, the premiere of iZombie and more spinoff talk for the Atom (and others). And lastly, it appears that President Obama's Lilly Ledbetter Act is working because Thor as a woman is selling better than Thor (Odinson)!  

    Up next, there's Afronerd Radio starting at 7pm. The topics to be grilled on the barbie are: Dburt name checks the theory of "locomotive" (or steamroller) politics relating to the Dolce & Gabbana designer babies issue (incl. the daughter of a same sex couple that doesn't favor gay marriage); a Blasian women becoming Miss Japan causes controversy with some Nipponese folk; highlighting news of a 100m set aside for African tech entrepreneurs with hopes of creating a million jobs in the continent. And lastly, the hosts attempt to discern and dissect the latest racial stories that have hit the scene in the last few days (Mississippi hanging, UVA student beating, Taraji P Henson's son gets profiled, etc). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.   

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    She Became a Success instead of a Statistic

    in Self Help

    Abandoned by her mother and partially raised by her drug-addicted father, Tieshena Davis was set to become just another statistic. However, instead of letting her circumstances define her, she let them motivate her in a different direction. Now, as a trainer, consultant and author, she uses her story to help other women turn tragedy into triumph. 

    She is the author of the best-seller, Surviving Shocking Situations: Finding Courage to Succeed In Spite of Life's Painful Moments. In the book, 14 other women share their stories and how they personally beat the odds. She offers tips for listeners on how they can do the same.

    Blasian Quinta of SIN TV drops by to dish about all things entertainment. What’s trending? What’s hot? Blasian and Karyn will talk it up!

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    Nikki from Blasian Baby Talks about Political Correctness in Motherhood

    in Family

    Blogger, mom influencer and mother of a bi-racial son, Nikki talks with us about life as a single mom, political correctness in our mom to mom relationships and more. Listen in and get enlightened - Talk about real life with real moms. Visit blasianbabynotes.blogspot.com

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    Race & Interracial Relationships

    in Romance

    We discuss the origins of race, why we all look different, and how the reality is there IS no race.
    Interracial relationships were once completely taboo and forbidden by society.   Today, we see interracial couples everywhere.   However, are there still issues with racism and stress on interracial relationships due to societal and familial pressures?
    We'll talk about both about what it's like to be part of an interracial relationship as well as the children whom are a result of such a relationship.  Also, the racism and bigotry encountered by such couples today. 
    We'll be joined by Blasian Q, a social commentator. 

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    Multicultural Care

    in Family

    Onica's family is multicultural- she is West Indian and her son is Black and Asian. Her blogs are for awareness for the Asian and Black Community, which means families and individual Blasian heritage. Some of her blogs chronicle experiences of curiosity to disolved. Onica will share cultural expressions regarding child care and her expriences with it. Also, she will share how her Black motherhood is challenged.  http://blasianbabynotes.blogspot.com http://asianblackco.wordpress.com
    "Child Care Mix" CD by Massimo DeAngelis http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PXOOTIMVR

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    Episode Two: Interview With Chenese Lewis

    in Entertainment

    Interview with actor and host of Plus Model Radio Chenese Lewis.
    Opening Theme: Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba
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    Episode Three: Interview With Kathy Eubanks

    in Women

    Kathy Eubanks is currently director of training for Voyager Group,LLC, a company that delivers cutting-edge motivational training.She has a passion for educating people and giving them tools to find their greatest potential and joy. Her programs are designed to help people improve their lives, health, relationships and leadership ability by improving their attitude. Kathy has 20 years of experience educating adults who are aiming to improve their opportunities. In addition, Kathy is the author of When It‘s You Against Them: Keeping A Positive Attitude Despite It All. She has appeared on a national morning television
    show and done numerous radio interviews. She has even hosted a radio talk show. Kathy holds a Masters of Science degree from Wayne State University. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and on the Board for the Michigan Chapter. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband and three daughters.
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    Facebook: facebook.com/jadori
    Email: condicast@gmail.com
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    Real Talk Radio Episode 11 -What Do You Love

    in Music

    Beach Blasian and Ghost ask listeners to tell everyone what they love about the opposite sex. Music from 

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    Real Talk Radio Episode 9- Trade Phones?

    in Romance

    Would you trade phones with your boo for a day? Yes or No? Beach Blasian and Ghost wanna know. Plus music from Kanye West and MORE! REALationship tip

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    Real Talk Radio Episode 6- Long Distance Relationships

    in Romance

    Ghost & Beach Blasian talk about Long Distance relationships. Beach Blasian gives her Realationship Tip. Music from Shella Da Blasian, Chris Brown, Slaughterhouse & More

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